Why you should...

What you should be doing daily, and why you should be doing it.


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Fun Facts about life


Her are some facts about life that get overlooked daily. But if there were highlighted daily, you'd definitely see things in a better light. You'd find it easier to "find the silver lining in situations, and be watering better seeds.

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Mental Exercises


A detailed list of mental exercises, how to use them, when to use them, and when to switch them up.

"Mental Exercises" table of contents

"You should" Table of contents

What you should be doing daily, and why you should be doing it.

Over the years I've come up with a lot of "Do's" and "Do nots". The ones that are universal to all humans, and the ones that have helped the most people will be listed here.

"Appreciating a bucket"

Why you should appreciate a "bucket" (car).

Appreciating a bucket

"Facts" table of contents

Her are some facts about life that get overlooked daily. But if there were highlighted daily, you'd definitely see things in a better light. You'd find it easier to "find the silver lining in situations, and be watering better seeds.

I'm everywhere

42 has been a number that has played a critical role in my life. It was my dad's, mine, my little brother's, and my son's football numbers. My dad's badge number. The freeway I drove down almost every day from the age of 17 till current, and the list just goes on. 

Plus it appears in most movies and TV shows. Here are a bunch of examples. 


Other Philosophers

Here are other Philosophers and inspirational people that I learn from.

Other Philosophers

Positive / Negative Coexistence


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The Water Test

I got this from the movie What The Bleep Do We Know. It's the movie most millionaires live by but about 98% of everyone else has never heard of, or is to closed minded to entertain. A clip of this movie can be seen on youtube by clicking here.

The water test

Quotes from the quantum

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


"Mental Exercises" table


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Appreciating a Bucket



How am I supposed to appreciate my bucket and expect to get a Lamborghini out of it? My car lets me down constantly. It's appearance, it's reliability, just the thought of it makes me upset. 


The Lamborghini that you own and enjoy only exist at this moment in your mind. So when it's time to go to work in the morning, which car would you prefer to have. The one that only exist in you imagination, or the one thats been getting you to work. That car you're bitching about makes you happy on so many different levels but rarely gets the credit it deserves. I've had buckets before. I've preyed to God just to get me to my destination without my car breaking down. Most of us have. *Side note: when your talking to your car saying "come on baby work for me" your talking to God. That car and everything else around you is made of energy. Pure God/Universe. Anyway, I've been in that situation so many times it's unreal. But now that I think back, I can count on two hand how many times i've actually said thank you when I do arrive at my destination without a break down. I'd be so caught up in what I'm doing next that I would just park and get out. I constantly had buckets from my senior year in high school until my daughter was born. Thats over 1,000 days that my cars got me from place to place. I went through 3 cars so I had at least 3 break downs, but that fails in comparison to the amount of days that those cars worked for me religiously regardless of how much I doubted them. I had one car that overheated on me every time I drove it for a whole summer. But once I put water in the radiator, it got me to point B. So although your car may not look up to your standards on the inside or outside, or you're constantly worried about it breaking down remember this while driving. It's not broken down, you're driving it. It's doing it's job. You running scenarios of how it's going to break down and when it's going to break down is just manifesting and attracting a break down to you (Mark 11:24). It's completely counter productive. 

Also remember that the only thing on the mind of a shark is eat. You wanting better is just the God in you expressing itself. It's not only natural but it gives you something to do, look forward to, and reach for. Plus it's never going to stop so just deal with it. When I have something and I want the upgraded version of it soo bad that i'm pissed off wondering why I don't have it yet, I just remind myself that that's the God in me. And that my current situation is exactly where it needs to be right now. "Everything is perfect." 

Plus, lets say that you're really in love with your car. And every day you say to God/The Universe "I love this car, it's the best car ever, Thank you so much!" The emotion felt is being sent out throughout the universe. The 3rd Law of motion demands that the action of that emotion being sent out must have an opposite and equal reaction. Which means that feeling (understood by us as thoughts) must come back to you to be felt again. So lets say you're in love with your red Mercedes. In order for the universe to get you to think/feel that same exact emotion again it cannot give you the same car. If you have a red Mercedes you will be ecstatic. Getting a second red Mercedes will make you happy, but the 3rd law of motion demands an equal reaction. The only way for you to feel that same excitement would be for a better car, by your standards, to be given to you. So appreciate your car regardless. And watch your situation improve.

Now go outside and look at your car (or any other object you have). There are a millions of other cars in the world, some seemingly better than the one your looking at. But if its a bucket Toyota, then it's the biggest baddest and most important Toyota on the planet. At least to you it should be. Who else matters. If a famous millionaire knocked on your door right now and said "I'll trade you my brand new Mercedes for your Toyota. The Mercedes is parked in India at my vacation home. And I'll be taking the toyota now." You're going to pause and think about it. That bucket Toyota suddenly means more to you, than the Mercedes, because it's there. You can see it, and touch it, it's yours. Sure the Mercedes sounds nice and runs better but it may as well be on another planet and you got work in the morning and stuff to do. And if he said "it's a no brainer, I'm taking the toyota now, here are the keys to the Mercedes" as he's ordering his people to put it on a flatbed tow truck, your going to fight for it. The same goes for the shirt your wearing. It may seem like a regular shirt but it's so much more. If you were standing in the supermarket or in public and God said "ok, that $90.00 shirt you want is now yours. It's still at the store but it's yours to pick up. But you have to give me the shirt off your back right here in the middle of this store." You'll suddenly realize how important the shirt your wearing is. At that moment it's the most important shirt on the planet. The most important shirt that ever existed. Hold on to that since of pride. Remember to remember it as often as possible with as many things as possible every day. Because thinking "this is the best and most important ___________ on the planet" will make the things you have, transform into something better. You can have 50 cars, but you can only drive one at a time. And the one your driving in is the most important car on the planet. If it were to disappear from up under you while you're driving on the highway, you'd eat concrete and die. So yea, that seems pretty important to me.

I know that in order to get better things you have to first appreciate the things you have. And I know that can be hard with run down or broken down things. So I come up with systems like these to help you and me improve the things around us. Nothing I say involves speculation. It's all just a different way of seeing things. That's self improvement. Making lemonade out of lemons is a gift we all have. We just have to remember to remember to do it. With the day to day activities it's hard. Trust me I know. But that's life.

*Same applies to all the toys. Houses, cars, etc.

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Choose Your Words Carefully

Choose Your Words Carefully

Every single thought you have, every single thing you say, God says "your wish is my command".

"I hate my life"- your wish is my command

"My boss is an asshole" - your wish is my command

"My spouse is no good" - your wish is my command

"My car is a piece of shit" - your wish is my command

"I'm struggling financially" - your wish is my command

"The bills keep piling up" - your wish is my command

"I cant handle this" - your wish is my command

"I love my life" (aka LML) - your wish is my command

"I'm so proud of you" - your wish is my command

"Look what i've accomplished" - your wish is my command

"I am a winner" - your wish is my command

"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly from many unlimited sources" - your wish is my command

Now..... what are you thinking about the most. cause that is literally creating your tomorrow. If u don't believe me look around you. what you're seeing is a result of your past thoughts. 

The brain is a muscle. and using muscle memory u can change what the brain is use to thinking about into more positivity. and change your life accordingly. Watch what you say, and watch what you spend time thinking about. true positive thoughts are 10 times more powerful than negative thoughts, but the negative seem to occupy more time on our minds (i.e. worrying). And speaking is way more powerful that thinking. Keep this in mind, not just today, forever. And teach your kids. 
And stay discipline to key words. Will, soon, gonna, and words pertaining to the future are poison. Saying to yourself and God "I'm gonna get that job someday" is no good. In order for God to properly answer that prayer and make you repeat "i'm gonna get that job someday" he cannot give you the job. If he did you would be saying "Thank you for the job". That opposes the 3rd law of motion and thats not what you ordered from the "catalog of the universe". You ordered whatever experience necessary that would lead you to say "I'm gonna get that job someday". Which is not having the job. 

And remember, there's no wanting involved if it's already in your hands. See it as though it's already there

-The universe is always working with you, never against you. It's up to you to determine what it's working on. i.e. "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." In order for the universe to get you to mirror (3rd law of motion) the thought "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." it has to keep that wish from you, right? The universe is always working with you, for you. So watch what your focusing on. Chose your thoughts and how you word them wisely. 

-Bowing to your knees and praying is good and all but phrases like "please help me" and "why haven't I" only produces more nights of bowing down and saying/praying "please help me" and "why haven't I". Choose your words carefully!

-“Thoughts become things” isn't something new. It may be new to you but it's been around forever. But it’s like if I went to a village in Africa and began to explain the internet to them. I can’t physically show them the internet. So they’d just look at me the way you are now. I can tell them how to get a cell phone or computer, and how to find some wifi so they can experience the internet for themselves, but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think. The same way those villagers would look at me, kind of like I'm crazy, that's how most people look at me when I say thoughts become things. “Thoughts becoming things”, is just like the internet to the villagers, it’s real although you can’t see or touch it. And it’s not just a major part of every second of our lives. It’s literally shaping your future like play-doh. The greats have known about it since the beginning. The successful have hinted at it everywhere they could. Songs, books, Television/movies. But it's such a radical idea that people avoid voicing is directly do to critics, scrutiny from their peers and followers, an fear of what the public eye with think about what they're saying. Not me. I was born not caring what the world had to say or think about me. I care in a way that I don’t want to be disrespected, and who does, but that feeling quickly shifts to my energy profits. Energy is like money to me. Just give it to me. I’ll decide weather it’s positive or negative by how I take it in. So expect me to bring you the real!!!



Very important!!! Confidence is Key.

Do I think I’m the best in the world at what I do?

Hell yea I think I’m the best in the world at what I do. It’s not about arrogance! Everything I do, I try to do a better job than anyone on the planet could do, whether it be cooking, writing, or whatever. Stop and think about it for a second. In order to do something better than anyone on the planet you have to vigorously critique yourself making every detail perfect. You’ll have to try your absolute hardest to pump out the best product you possibly can. Now can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought like this. We would be surrounded by the best of everything! 

Everyone has their calling and cooking definitely isn’t mine. So my best wouldn’t cut it at The Ivy, but you wouldn't find me trying to work there. It took me a while to find it but writing is my thing. Minus the grammar and spelling lol. And when I go in, I go HARD! You’ve seen my pages

W.S. told me a story about laying bricks, in philly, when he was younger and encouraged me to read “The Alchemist”. Every since then I’ve laid every brick, in my life, as carefully and as perfectly as I could. And every single thing that I’ve approached with that mentality has changed dramatically for the better. It keeps you in the moment and gives you an uncanny deep rooted level of pride in your work. 

That true, deep rooted, unshakable confidence is in short demand these days. Most conceited people hate themselves on the inside. And songs like Lil Wayne’s “How to Love”, and  “Runaway” by J. Cole were awe-inspired of the modern day female’s insecurities. 

Overall we as people need more confidence in ourselves. What better way to get it then to do a better job at everything we do. Pour pure pride into your work. No bad can come out of this. It’s what you call “A Win Win Situation”.

*Let me tell you about most of the chicken we're being served these days. 
1. The chicken goes from birth to full grown in just 6 days.
2. The chemicals used in the chickens causes them to have no beaks or feet.
3. Picture the PO Box slots at the post office. Now imagine each one has a hole in it used like the medieval torture device called "pillory stock". 
Now imagine your beakless feetless chicken put in that device, in mail slots for 6 days, while being injected with God knows what. Then it's cut up, inject it with more, and sold to us every way from fried to frozen.

All of this is due to greed. The CEO's that care more about their profits then they do anything else. It takes a sick person to do some of the things they do to earn a buck. But if these companies wanted to be the overall best at what they do they would have to take everything into consideration. Their customers health should be 1st. You would think that they would want to keep the customers alive but their research teams have that covered. Plain and simply put they don't need to keep customers alive. Not as long as there are more people being born. 40 years of pumped up meats then a person dies from it, how many more customers have they gotten in that 40 years. Like I said, it takes a pretty sick person to do that to the animals, but these vultures don't care in the slightest what it's doing to us people. A person who strides for the best couldn't let this happen. Being the best means being the best overall. Not just in the financial department. Plus I'm pretty sure a healthy organically grown chicken has to taste better then the "6 day bird" does.

These companies are putting their customers health almost last (only second to last to the chicken's health). And it's just excepted by the world leaders. BECAUSE IT IS THE WORLD LEADERS. And don't act ignorant and say "I wonder where he's talking about. What companies?" You passed at least 2 or 3 on the road today. They're not looking out for you. So look out for yourself. 

*Side note: Isn't it funny how it's a lot more expensive to eat healthier. There's no such thing as coincidence!

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Count Your Blessings Video

Create new paths

I was having a conversation with a potential future business partner and they asked me how I saw this whole "Philosophy" thing playing out. 

I said to them:
    "Do you know what this will do for the world. Everyone will start getting what they want? Then they'll keep getting what they want cause they'll know how to get it. You're talking about people curing themselves of illnesses, getting themselves to a way better place financially, dreams coming true, etc. You're talking about a new earth!" (something along those lines lol)

So he says to me "what about your life? How will it change? Take your brother for example (we were talking about college football before this).

So I said:
"I'll of course buy him a house on campus. He's gonna need security everywhere he goes, riding in limo's, etc. The stadium where he plays football is going to have to be double checked rigorously. Basically ODU just got rocked. ODU just got hit with me and J. The whole campus and the way things go around there are about to change.
I stopped for a second and was stuck deep in thought. Then I said:
"That reality over there (referring to the scenario I just ran), that reality that I've never really thought of or pictured before… I'm now a part of that. Everything I want I just see it as though it's already done and keep seeing it that way until it's physically in front of me (3rd law of motion / Mark 11:24 / you have to see it before you do it). If that really is my future, then I need to water that seed for 1. For 2… I just started something! If thoughts become things I need to see my whole (future) life and every aspect of it daily. Not just the vacations, big boy toys, etc. Everything! Which especially includes my family. We're very close. This conversation was a real eye opener. 

I always say try to envision a homeless persons thought patterns displayed on a heartbeat monitor. His overall disposition is depressing. He knows he'll be homeless tomorrow just like today and yesterday. He'd bet money on it if he had any. In life you get what you truly expect. So his pattern would be pretty much stagnant with very few small bumps. If he stopped for a few seconds and imagined himself financially stable with a family and a home the feeling he would get would produce a huge rift in that stagnant line. And since the thoughts creating that line are shaping his future he now has put a major rift in what the Universe/God is creating for him. Of course he would have to spend a lot of time focusing one that (watering the seed), and act on the signs the universe gives him to actually make that dream come true, But none the less he has definitely started something. Sadly enough he'll probably assume that that would never happen or he's too late for that, and not properly water that seed. And we all know what happens when you don't water a seed whether it be a seed in the ground or a seed in a womb. 

Think about it:
If you're the grand creator and you're looking down on this homeless person thinking: "I'll give you what you truly expect" (which is largely based off of the things you think about the most). "I'm sad that you focus on what you do, but I must give you what you truly expect." As you look down at your homeless person you pretty much know what kind of world you're going to create around him. The same depressing deprived world you've been creating for him because his messed up situation is all he can think about. So you're use to dishing out the same things to him. You get into a grove of dishing out the same things to him. Then all of a sudden, Boom! Out of all the depressing thoughts you're use to collecting from him to create his future you get hit with this beautiful love filled thought. It can't be ignored. All the thoughts get collected and majority wins good or bad. The majority is still bad but that rift cannot be ignored. Maybe he finds a $5 on the floor, or maybe he runs into a old friend from high school who offers him a job. It's the actions he takes or neglects that determines the next steps in his life. That little bit of good fortune can be appreciated and lead to more bigger and better good fortunes or overlooked by all the bad around him. What you see and your current situation is a result of your previous thoughts. If you want to see the future, look behind your eye lids.

Back to my convo with the investor:
The biggest thing I took from that conversation was the fact that I wasn't seeing that part of my future. I meditate (more like proactive manifesting) on several other parts of my future and after those dreams get realized I just create and realize more. But now that I have seen it (aka planted the seed) I'm now a part of it. It has been created and is slowly creeping it's way toward me (in accordance with the Laws of Attraction by use of the 3rd Law of Motion). I just depends on how much/often and the quality I water that seed with. So if you're shaping your future shape the entire thing. Down time, in-between time, good times, etc. Run every scenario with no question. Kind of like if you received a photo in the mail from a future you (your future in a frame). Believe it with no plan B. If it had already happened would there be a plan B. Nope! You have to see it before you do it.

Create new paths. Really becoming a part of it and knowing it's now a part of you helps tremendously when you're watering your seeds. 
What seeds have you been watering lately?

Plant more seeds!!

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Give Credit Take Credit


This is a picture of a thought leaving your body.

Ok, real quick breaking things down to it's simplest form there are things that exist and the non existence. Everything that exist is made of energy. You, me, air, thoughts, ideas, and emotions.
This is a picture of a thought leaving your body. 

All energy is just vibrating waves. Energy coincidentally has the same scientific definition as religion gives God. By the way I don't believe in coincidence, but like luck, i'll use it to get a point across. 
I say all that to say this, God is in and part of everything the exact same way energy is. God is everything that exist. Literally.

No matter what race or religion you are we all can agree on something. We have freedom to make choices. When we pray, or ask for something in life, God (or "The Universe") deserves and should be praised for providing us with the opportunities to meet our goals. But you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. In other words, it's completely our choice to take advantage of the opportunity or let it pass us by. Every goal we've ever achieved in life, every single one, we were given an opportunity and we took it. Some opportunities we passed up out of fear or whatever but i'm talking about the one's we took and succeeded. Don't we deserve credit for that. God can put a million opportunities in front of you right now and if you let them all pass you by then what are they? Just things that could have happened. Which loosely translates to nothing! So out of this formula of opportunity given (by God) + opportunity taken (by us) who's part is really important. 

*Disclosure!!!! I know a lot of religious buffs (and my haters) are going to take these words and twist them somehow into me disrespecting God but you can't deny common since. Your boss, your spouse, anybody can open all the doors and give you all the opportunities in the world and they mean nothing unless you take them. The same goes for any opportunity given by God.

So in addition to thanking the big guy upstairs for the opportunities he/she gives you, also thank yourself for taking them. 

In my life journey lately I'm finding myself in all kind of exotic places, meeting people I never thought I could meet, and doing things that I never thought I could do outside of my imagination. And I realized something along the way. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me. But I'm more grateful that got up committed and took full advantage of them. I could have said "no" like I use to. I could have made up an excuse and told myself "next time". But I didn't. I'm grabbing life by the horns and I'm being the best Neo that I can be. And honestly, Im pretty sure I'm being rewarded for it daily with more exciting opportunities. 

*In the spirit of thoughts becoming things, me saying "Thank you God for these wonderful opportunities" then saying thank you to myself for being outgoing, open minded, and courageous, will only produce more days when I'm saying "Thank you God for these wonderful opportunities" then saying to myself thank you for being outgoing open minded and courageous and not lazy! So many of us are tired from work or the kids or whatever and we use them as excuses not to jump on certain opportunities. Don't be lazy. It's a horrible pattern forming lifestyle that's hard to break. Take it from me, I'm the king of relaxing ;-) just ask my friends and family.

So all in all, you should thank yourself as much as you thank God, if not more, for the experiences you've experienced. True without the opportunity there would be no choice to take it or not, but there's 2 sides to every coin. Without the choice the opportunity is nothing but a "what if". They are codependent on each other just like everything else and it's opposite in life. But the opportunities can keep coming every hour for years and never get chosen. The choice only comes after the opportunity and literally gives it life. That's what makes it more important.
So stop every time you look in the mirror and say "Thank you". 

*Side note: Here's something you'll notice while looking at yourself, in the mirror, and thinking the words "Thank you". Right as your saying those words you'll hear and feel the words "your welcome". Try it now! 
I'm definitely looking into that one cause you can feel it.

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Handling Haters

Here are some things that haters have said about me (some I've overheard myself).

And here are my responses:

Hater: Look at this guy flying airplanes and shit like he don't got nothing better to do.

Me: I don't! I get such a joy out of flying that I can't think of anything better to do. Literally! My loved ones are in school and at work, etc. and I fly. I'm doing things that my whole life I didn't think was possible. Flying and hovering helicopters upside down, hovering planes... I never dream it was possible and now I'm mastering the art in my spare time. 

Listen, a helicopter has 4 channels each with 2 directions. That's 8 total ways to move those 2 joysticks. 3 channels are easy to fly, if you're good, but the average gamer can't last 6 seconds with a 4 channel. I know cause I put all my friends on my simulator before I let them fly my stuff. And to this day none have lasted more than 10 seconds. 
When you're upside down all the controls are reversed except 1 and the 1 that's not reversed changes depending on which direction the helicopter is facing. Are you kidding me?! 

Flying is what I truly love to do. I'm very passionate about this sport. I'm proud of myself, I'm happy, it's literally the best thing I can think of. 

So yea you're right. I literally don't have anything better to do. But it's not cause the reasons you thought ;-)

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Know Your Worth


Money does make the world go around. If you’re one of those people who say “I don’t need money to be happy. Money doesn’t run my life” (and I get them everyday) then go to church and put all of your money in the collection plate. Every penny you have drop it and walk away.

Since money does make the world go around people tend to classify themselves and others by what they make. As a police officer I was making over $80,000 a year. Which means I was bringing in around $6,500 a month. One day I looked down at my body and held my arms straight out to my sides and I said to myself proudly "I am worth $6,500 a month".  Now that's nothing to shake a stick at from where I come from. But when I said it out loud I instantly felt like I was lying. Like that feeling you would get if you said to yourself that you’re standing on the moon. When you do that you’re subconscious kicks in and says “no you're not”. I felt like I was telling a lie to myself and I could not figure out why. Then it hit me. I looked down at the carpet in the room I was in, all around the room, and up the walls. I realized that I'm worth so much more than that. This house is mine. The happiness that this house brings to the people in it and around it is due to me. Even if you have a mortgage and the bank owns the house, the banks could come knocking tomorrow, or the world could end tomorrow. Either way right now, in this moment, you are providing a place to live for your family. 

This house, my kids, my relationships, the people I help daily, the people that take my advise, improving their lives, and pass it on to others, etc. That transfer of energy is all being given off by me. And its positively affecting and changing people's lives for the better everyday. They’re making better decisions and inspiring the people around them to do the same. The amount of things that are going on right now cause of people I’ve inspired or taught a positive lesson is crazy. When you look at it like that $6,500 a month being my self worth just doesn’t cut it. And, $6,500 a month or $80,000+ a year could be spent on a million different things. But the fact that I'm making the right choice to spend it on a nice home, gas, electric, good food, internet, etc. so that my children and I can enjoy our lives better, that in itself, is worth so much more than $80,000.

This is why I felt like I was lying to myself, because I was. How much money you make doesn’t define you. As a kid I would imagine that I somehow earned “an orange card”. It was excepted everywhere on earth and had unlimited money. I could just swipe and go. That’s when I realized that money ain’t shit. If everything is paid for I don’t ever need to think about it again. The same can’t be said about a loved one or a relationship. 

If I was to pay all of your bills (food included) for the rest of your life, what would you do? After relaxing, eating, and watching TV got old you would get bored and ancy. You’d feel without purpose and want to do something. 

Maybe you’d just need to get out, take a walk around the block. Well you never know who's watching. Someone could see you walking and say to themselves “I really need to stop procrastinating on my afternoon walks. I’ll make sure to go walk today”. Even if that person procrastinates again and doesn’t go out today, at the very least you’ve added another notch in their “procrastination guilt belt” for being lazy. That interaction you had with that person, without even knowing, may only be a drop of water in the ocean that it may take to get that person to get up and go. But what is an ocean, but a bunch of drops of water. 

Maybe you remind someone of their son or daughter that they need to make amends with. Maybe you reminded them of a Doctors appointment they need to make. Maybe you’re the highlight of a secret admirer’s day. You see that in movies all the time when a girl jogs by in slow motion glowing with beauty lol. I could go on with a thousand different scenarios. 

The point is, you have endless reasons to be proud of yourself. Don’t use money as one of them. If you got it and you’re happy about your financial situation then sure list it in the reasons to be proud of yourself. But the other stuff is more important. I’ve learned lessons from Eckhart Tolle that I am going to pass on to everyone I meet for the rest of my life. It’s that good. This man will effect millions in a super positive way. Had I been the only one he gave the information to he would’ve already effected over 300,000 documented people. That’s not including word of mouth. Now that’s something he could be proud of if he didn’t have a penny to his name. 

*If money was the only gauge then 98% of the world would not really be too proud about what they are. 

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New School Curriculum


Every since I learned that the current school curriculum was specifically designed to give limited general information on everything (useless to most) so the powers to be could maintain a high number of factory workers, frie cooks, and shelf stocker I've been determined to come up with something better. So I did:

The New School Curriculum

1st period: Physical Training
55 minutes: 8:00 to 8:55
-Military style training and team exercises
-Bright and early start. Get the juices flowing
-Build team and leadership skills
-Build physical stamina increase health
-Hand to hand combat training (plus anti melee weapons in high school)
    -Includes some legal info physical activities

2nd period: Health and Medical training
30 minutes: 9:00 to 9:30
    -1st aid training (plus legal)
    -Self health knowledge (the more we know the harder we’ll work to maintain our bodies)
    -Some Science

3rd Period: Educate, and Parenting, and History
55 minutes: 9:30 to 10:25 (same classroom)
    -Educate lessons - Some English/Language lessons incorporated
    -How to treat others and the effects
        -PASE system, etc.
    -Parenting 101 (giving a reverse look at how parents see situation giving a better understanding. 
        -Life lessons and reduced friction at home
    -Includes some legal lesson in self behavior and parenting
    -Some history (so it doesn't repeat itself)

4th period: Math and Finances
55 minutes: 10:30 to 11:25
    -Normal math lessons
    -Personal Finances
    -Basic business finances backed with history lesson in finances
        -Includes some legal lessons in finance

5th Period: Nap time and Lunch
55 minutes: 11:30 to 12:25

6th Period: Thoughts
45 minutes:12:30 to 1:15
    -Why we think the way we do
    -Thoughts become things
    -Thought patterns
    -Science / Quantum Physics

7th Period: Meditation
35 minutes: 1:20 to 1:55
    -Follow Thoughts class with meditation like following a mechanics class with working on a class

8th Period: Elective
45 minutes: 2:00 to 2:45
-ie. Spanish, Music, Dance, 

9th Period: Chosen Profession
55 minutes: 2:50 to 3:50
    -Can be change up to 10 days in and at the halfway point
    -Can be changed as many times as necessary
        -A student who chooses the medical field and stays in from 5th grade through 9th grade will enter his freshman year as a level 5 medical student.
        -A student who switches all the way through to their senior year will graduate without a level.
        -The 1st 10 days of a career will spell out completely what is involved in the learning process.
            -Doctors will know what to math and science to expect to learn within those 10 days.

Now I realize that things like Science are missing. But I've lived a more eventful life then most people and I can't think of a single time that knowing what Endoplasmic Reticulum is, or anything else about a cell has helped me out. Sure the basics need to be touched on but having it 5 days a week for 12 years is absolutely ridiculous. Especially when I knew I wasn't going to be a scientist. Knowing our bodies and the way it will respond to physical and/or mental trauma is way more important than 99.999% of the things I learned in Science. That last 0.001% was about the human body.

I am pushing for this and am also open to suggestion. "Thoughts" is the most important subject of all in my opinion. Stress is the #1 cause of all illnesses cause it weakens the immune system. I could give you a million reasons why "Thoughts" class is the most important but that alone should have you convinced.
Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

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Why Trust More

Q. Why should I trust more? Everyones been screwed in their lifetime, each time making our ability to trust even harder. And why could being guarded hurt?

Trusting people is a lot easier than you think. And a lot more productive to your happy future. This is a principal that has taken me to the next level. When you're expecting to get hurt or screwed over, that's what's going to happen. Giving your energy and attention to getting hurt or screwed over will only produce getting hurt or screwed over (refer to video).

This is how I see it and I suggest you do the same. Lets say i'm in a relationship. Having complete blind faith in that persons monogamy is amazingly refreshing. I could either worry about it and make up fake scenarios in my head thus manifesting a piss poor future, or just have faith that God put them in my life for a reason and it is without a doubt a good reason. Some relationships don't work out. If my significant other and I do not make it, for whatever reason, then that is exactly what was meant to happen. I can't argue with that. To argue with that would be to argue with God's plan. Plus having faith in that person and your abilities to manifest good or great situations, relationships, and experiences into you life will only manifest great situations, relationships, and experiences into your life. As I always say, I lead by example. All of these principals I have tried inside and out and tested thoroughly. This one is so full proof that I live my whole life by it. I lay all my cards on the table and know that I got this. An extremely paranoid person said I was stupid for doing so. I read his FB post about how he continues to get screwed over repeatedly, where my business and personal relationships are better now than at any other point in my life. In addition to me literally manifesting trustworthy people into my life, I've noticed a lot of new faces trusting me with the most intimate details of their lives. It takes a while to get use to. Some of us have been screwed over really bad in our lives. Just remember 3 things. 

1. Not trusting someone hurts. That feeling you get when your running those crazy non-existing scenarios is pain. And it's unnecessary.

2. Not trusting someone manifests reasons not to trust someone (Take responsibility, stop blaming others).

3. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. If your spouse cheats and you break up, that's how it was written. Go with it. It's all part of the plan. It may hurt, but the "everything happens for a reason" mentality can work wonders when taken seriously. "NOT WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT", for all you people who think everything happens for a reason until something bad happens SMH. Everything that happens, is exactly how it was written. In order for you to exist God is giving you his attention. The attention God gives you is like money. Spend it on what you want, but whatever you choose to spend it on will come at you like you ordered it off of eBay.  

$300.00 Scarf


Why would you buy a $300 scarf? I could think of better things to spend $300 on.

Someone very close asked me this question and it opened my eyes to the real reason I did it. I mean, I knew why before lol. But I had never felt it until I answered the question. And this is how I answered.


Lets say I give you $300.00 right now, and you wanted to stretch it. Just to use round numbers we'll say you go get $10 clothes from Walmart. That's 15 $10.00 shirts, and 15 $10.00 pants right? NOPE! Because I know your going to at least spend $100 on food over the next week or so, and BS with your friends. So now your down to $200.00. That 10 shirts and 10 pants right? NOPE! I know you're going to get some shoes. There at the very least $50 a piece (can't have $10.00 shoes lol). So now you have 5 shirts, 5 pants, and 2 pairs of shoes. They're only going to wash once and still hold that fresh color (hopefully smh). So for 10 days total (mix and matching outfits of course) your walking around feeling a small since of pride. Your clothes are fresh and new and your shoes are looking good! And your thinking "I feel good. My presence is clean, this may be Walmart clothes but it's all good. They don't know that. As far as looking new, I'm good for at least the next 10 days. 

Now let me get you that $300.00 scarf instead. Everywhere you go, you're checking on it. You really don't want to spill any food or drink on it, not one drop. Gotta make sure both sides are even because if not, it might fall off onto the dirty floor. People are looking at you like "damn, that scarf stands out". Let me tell you, people may not know Gucci colors off the top of their head but it'll kick in soon. You'd be surprised how many people will be at home chillin and go to the Gucci website to see how much that scarf cost that they saw "that girl" wearing. Then when they find out, they're thinking "DAMN, she had a $300.00 scarf on". You got people giving you energy when your not even thinking about them. Collect that energy like money, trust me. Anyway, besides what other people think your confidence is up. You know for a fact that no matter what people may think or say, your wearing a $300.00 scarf. Basically your feeling like your the bomb, like "Damn, I'M wearing this!" And to top it off your going to wear that scarf every night it's cold until summer, then you'll wear it again all winter next year. So this isn't a 10 day semi happy fling. This is ecstatic happiness/confidence booster that is going to last as long as that scarf is in your possession. Now which one sounds better to you?

Even if you don't believe that thoughts become things (which you should and if you don't you will eventually lol), think about it. Which would make you feel better long term? There's no question. One option (Walmart) last 10 days, if you have great detergent then 20 days max. I'll even give you 30. Time wise that doesn't compare to this winter and next winter. And the quality of life in this is no competition. Feeling "I look good in my new Walmart gear" is nothing compared to "DAMN, I'm rockin a $300.00 scarf". Trust me. I speak from experience. And there's nothing wrong with wearing Walmart clothes a year and 30 wash cycles after you buy them. I do it! I'm talking about getting something NEW. When it's time to pamper yourself a little bit.

And if you are part of the small but growing group that does believe that thoughts become things, think about what feeling your manifesting into your future. Every feeling (thought) you have is sent throughout the Universe and that exact emotion must be sent back to be felt again, it's the 3rd law of motion, it has no choice. So which feeling to you want to feel again in your future?

A. "Yay, I'm wearing a nice thrifty outfit that looks nice and matches well" (while trying to convince yourself that you're truly happy) or 

B. "Yay, I'm wearing some expensive ass clothing an I love it. I feel great". 
Hands down there is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPETITION between the two. 

If you don't have $300.00 to spend on a scarf, I completely understand. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about if I was giving a gift to you. And I choose to give you a $300.00 Gucci scarf, think about this page, and these writings, when your thinking to yourself "I can think of better ways that I could have spent that $300.00." NO... Your way seemed better short term. Mine has you feeling on cloud 9 for as long as you don't lose or mess up that scarf. And it guarantees more of that unbelievable feeling that everybody has yearned for every since seeing celebrities or hero's on TV or in magazines (etc.) when we were kids. We've all seen it, and we've all wanted it. Sports heroes, and Entertainer's flashy lifestyles. Well guess what, Birdman is worth over 100 million dollars and manages one of the greatest entertainers of our time (lil Wayne). And he has that same scarf. And wears it in videos to. Now that scarf is around your neck. The stuff he has, is not only available to you, but your wearing it now. You own it. And this may sound harsh but most people at that point, including me, say to themselves deep deep inside (with realization as the tone) "I'm good enough to have this". You were more than good enough to have this before. You just didn't think so. 

*Note: Keep in mind, I'm not going to give a man who can't feed his family a $300.00 scarf. I'm going to feed his family, then give him the scarf. I've been blessed, and I make it my point to bless others. But in Gods time. Not when a bum outside McDonalds asks me for $5 to get a meal, then when I offer to take him inside and buy the meal for him he says "no, I want cash instead". S.M.H.!​

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

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