Think better

My attempts to "Think better", then make "better" better


I have to improve myself daily. Then I love to share with the world what I found.

For some reason I’m up obsessed with improving myself daily. But not as Neomaya Davila or Neo Positivity. I try to improve the human condition because doing anything else would be just painted over rust. And I thought it would be great to document the most recent chapters of this journey as they are the most critical and most enjoyable.

October 24th - November 24th 2018 "Netflix"


The source from which "Movie Mondays" was created. 

I learned a long time ago that when I set my mind on something I have to do it that day otherwise it will fade away never get accomplished. Sound familiar? So on October 24, 2018 I told myself for one month I would see life as a movie. 

With all movies we have expectations however if the main character makes a left turn instead of the right turn we had hoped for, we get over it quickly and get back to enjoying the movie. In real life for most people, especially the ones still stuck in the rat race, that’s damn near impossible. Notice I said “still” stuck, as in, “not forever”. 

In life when we receive bad news we don’t like it. I call it “when we don’t get our way” but that is just to motivate myself not to be so petty. At the end of the day everything that happened was meant to happen. Do you know how I know? Because that’s what happened! 

This means there’s a plan. Which means, to be mad at what happened is to be mad at what God had planned for you. And being how he can hear all of your thoughts, that’s probably not where you want to spend your time mentally. Seeming ungrateful for what you do have. Which is, at the very least, access to enough food and water to keep you alive, and the means to read these words (i.e. Internet, computer, phone, etc.)

So I tried my hardest for one month to just see life is a movie. When things went as an predicted, I let it go. Every time for one month and I promise you at the time that was the greatest month of my entire life.

I was showered with gifts from God/The Universe both physically and mentally. This included me hosting Thanksgiving for like 20+ people at my crib, which you guys know I love to do. Smiling big with loved ones. I didn't even know most of them were coming. lol

So I needed more! More improvements on my life. 

November 26th - December 26th 2018 "Affirmations"


The month of December was devoted to affirmations. I would choose phrases and sometimes single words to say in sets of 10, as often as I could remember to each day. Just as a quick example, say the word “yes” 10 times. Try it!

If you did it… Then I need not say more. You felt it.! And you just contributed to pulled yourself closer to a situation where you’re feeling that awesome feeling again. 

December trumped November as my all-time greatest month and ended with not one but two big bangs. Christmas and New Years. Epic! 

Dember 27, 2018 to January 27, 2019 "Reminders"


January's subject and title came to me pretty quickly. It came to me by like 12:20am on the 27th. I used this manifesting trick where I would feel accomplished. Like I had already came up with the answer I was looking for and it was Good. 

The answer came to me in the form of a question, then answers. “How can I amplify last month's performance” as far as being the best me. The answer immediately hit me. The affirmations work perfectly when I remember to do them. So find a way to remind myself better. 

Now you guys know that I have two tattoos on my arm, dollars taped up places in my house, along with a million other reminders but after day 2 they all become just background. This has been my number one issue since I started trying to figure out this whole “manifesting” thing. 

“Can you stay positive in the face of the negative” is the ultimate test in every situation in life, and is handled situationally. How you react mentally daily, to that situation, will forever dictate how that situation will continue to play out. 

And I’ve got a great grasp on that, I’ve gotten really good!

Remembering to remember to do these mental exercises is the biggest issue. If I told you to snap your fingers 30,001 times a day for the next 10 years and I will personally hand you a million dollars, you’d fail. There’s 60,000 thoughts a day per person aka too much stuff going on to remember. Guess what… I’m 9 years in and I’m the most dedicated person I know of. And you see what all that hard work has yeilded. Let’s Go!!!!

Sorry, I just had to water a great seed real quick lol

In January 2019, I Started using the “Reminders” app on my iPhone. Yes the universe has me back on iPhone again lol. 

I had 10 reminders go off the 1st day. Each of them was a phrase and they felt great. That idea turned into 10 affirmations and 10 positive phrases a day. By day three I had 46 reminders set up and was looking for “more better” to incorporate.. 

The reminders app was working so well on my Apple watch an idea hit me right in my forehead. Take a beautiful picture of an ocean, “My” beautiful picture that I took of the ocean and put the word “Yes” on it. Make that the background of the watch every time I look at it. 

Making it “more better”, make it a slideshow of the greatest pictures I can find with the greatest affirmations and reminders I can think of. Now every time I look at my watch I see a new unexpected picture with the perfect word right smack in the middle. There’s over 100 pictures customized with inspirational goodies. 

January takes the lead, as the “Best month ever!” :-)

January 28th - February 28th 2019

Nice. This section ending on the 28th. I swear I didn't plane that lol. I'd be crazy if it were leap year. 

February I'm calling "Maywhether Progress reports". It's a mix of 2 of my greatest mental exercises. 


Talk shit! It is what it is. Mentally (only in your mind) be like Floyd. Most people will frown on it but it works. The greats know their great whether the scream it out loud or think it. 

Be great in your mind but use his technique wisely. Talk fast and move on to the next statement before the ego gets a second to question your current statement and fill it with bullet holes. Saying "That came easy to me" will only last 1 second before the ego reminds you of the sacrifices made to accomplish the deed. Small or big the ego will find something. Follow that statement immediately with "It's light work" or "this is what I do", then keep going. The next thing you know you're in the mirror ready to take on the world lol. 

You know me, in the spirit of making "better" better, I Added to the Maywhether exercise. I talk shit directly to God. That's right. Bring in the watcher. Feel God/The Universe watching you like someone texted you that you're on a hidden camera show live right now! Feel him watching, look in his eyes and tell him, demand to him that you are the shit! 

You'll immediately be hit with a couple of ideas proving that you are in fact "the shit". 

Sorry for my language but I need you to see where my mind is when I create. 

Progress Reports: 

This is basically giving God progress reports at least once a day.  

Never bite the hand that feeds you. Because of this, it won't all be bad. And I say this because most people are very willing to complain about their situation. Halfway through you'll be prompted to divert to speaking about things that you're thankful for. Don’t ignore the DM (direct message lol) from God to turn that frown upside down. Speak! Speak openly and appreciate him listening. 

Put these 2 exercises together with the spice I laid on the Maywhether exercise and you have a winning combination. Remembering to remember is the only hurdle. And there are 60,000 hurdles a day on average per person. I'll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned. 

Why you should think a certain way is so important.

Theres a better way of being, and a better way of seeing. If what you're doing is working, that's great. But lets tap into your full potential. 

I don't have the fancy college degrees. I meditate and the answers come to me. 

And it aligns perfectly with some of the  greatest writers. 

But the way I deliver it is my own. And it's what got me to where I am today.

The real recognizes the real. 

Without all the diplomas on the walls, all I can do is share with you what I've done and what I do. 

Episode list

Lead by example, then share the examples

I keep finding myself in these situations and I just feel like I have to share. There's a short story section below were I'll be sharing these situations and how Neo Positivity has me handling things. It's like a better person than me is taking over verbally and handling things in a more positive and productive way. A way where everyone wins. 


Video answers to the most popular questions

This is what I think I was meant to do. Answer question. I enjoy this the most and this is what my upcoming radio show is going to do.

Video answers

Lead by example, then share the examples

1. Think before you speak

2. Them: "Neo stop giving away T shirt"
     Me: "I don't want your money!"

1st half
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2nd half

3. Do what you want, when you want.

Video answers to the most popular questions


Address people purposefully trying to get under your skin

Q: Sometimes people will do whatever it takes to get under my skin. Do you have any advice on how to deal with that in a positive way?


Breathe, take a step back, and recognize you’re being tested. Not to get all preachie but its a direct test from God. “Can you stay positive in the face of the negative?” God is here but in this physical world you can’t see, or directly interact with him. This is one of the only ways to truly feel him. And it feels good to feel like he’s taking time out of his Godly day to test you… and then wait for the results. Will you shoot the messenger/ the delivery man of Gods test thus failing the test. Or will you pass and do what God wants you to do? Which is to enjoy your time on this earth (that’s why “enjoying” feels so good). Give that situation back to God. The one who placed it in your lap in the first place. Understand that that person knows not what they do. They are a “middle man” to game between you and God. You manifested them to say that BS to you in the first place cause you’re simply use to occasional BS. We’re all guilty of that. Accept it and move on. 

That type of mentality gives you the “know how”, which gives you the confidence to pass any test. Which means handling anyone who tries to take you out of your zone. 

Now this won’t be easy! Especially at first. And it’ll take a lot of practice. As in “the rest of your life”. The only way to stay good at jogging, is to jog often. 

But it’s no longer about them. It’s about you! Which is how it should be. Every second you spend in a negative mindset is literally taking food off your kids table. If keeping it about you and God, in every situation, makes the lives better for you and the people around you, then it’s a no brainer.

And it’s Universal 

And I want to address you manifesting this activity into your life in the first place. Expect better

Expect 7