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Self Empowerment Coach - Rob Imperato


Rob Imperato is an Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Workshop Facilitator and Professional Life/Business Coach.  He is an expert in multigenerational communication …. (working within family and corporate structures to help each generation gain a greater understanding of empathy and level the field of communication)

He founded Self-Empowerment Coaching LLC in 2008 with the vision of helping others to help themselves.  His mission is to guide others To see the BEST in Themselves so that they can BE the Best of Themselves.

Self-Empowerment = Sustainable Results

An astute non- judgmental listener by nature, Rob makes a deep connection with his clients, creating a partnership of trust and equal commitment

Rob understands deeply the challenge of a Life Changing Transition. After experiencing his own life changing challenge of surviving cancer — which prevented him from continuing in his career — he had to reinvent himself. He decided to turn his Life Transition into a Life Ambition.  And training to become a Life Coach brought him to his Life’s Purpose and Greatest Passion, helping and sharing with others.  

The positive energy from our passion is our greatest form of advertisement.

 Rob is committed to: 

Coaching individuals experiencing a life-changing transition – whether by choice or uncontrollable circumstances (Medical, Divorce, Employment, Retirement, Bereavement)

Guiding those who feel stuck and want to move forward

With over 25 years in corporate Human Resources and Merchandising Management, negotiation union agreements, training, developing and managing a substantial work force, Rob helps corporations and their employees (pinpoint the hurdles and help them overcome those obstacles. To greater employee fulfillment, retention and productivity.

Multi-Generational Corporate Training includes Developing Leadership Management Skills and Techniques, “Coach vs Boss” Delegating, Team Building, Employee Development, with the goal of greater employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

Partnering with parents who struggle with the challenges of Parenting in this fast moving digital Age. Offering Skills and tools to strengthen the family bond, the foundation for a successful journey into adulthood.

Facilitator of Elementary to Middle schools age students programs to offset the effects of Bullying, Peer Pressure and Self-Defeat.  

           Our birthright is that of being happy!

As a multigenerational coach Rob is especially committed to helping our youth achieve a better sense of who they are, not who they hear they are, by identifying their core values and natural strengths. To this end, he created and the Life Management Skills Program, an in school and after school program, targeted at 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th grade students; to help a create a better sense of self-worth and self-acceptance, developing resiliency and coping skills, THE FOUNDATION FOR SELF ESTEEM: to offset the effects of Bullying, Peer Pressure and Self-Defeat. Offering hope to those who feel hopeless!

Children deserve to be happy, but from the core not from the store!

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Self Esteem Coach - Lizette (Snyders) Volkwyn


Keynote Speaker, Truth and Creditability Expert, Master Life Coach and Sales Trainer

I am a dynamic individual with an energetic vibe, not settling for 2nd best.

Specializing in Sales and Product Training, Business Coaching and Human Lie Detection gives me life in FULL HD. My offerings includes training in all the above, creating specialists in their fields enabling them to read between the lines and giving them the edge in their industry. 

Attitude is everything, and now is not the time to think in the box, we will have an eternity to think in the let us live life beyond the obvious...

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Phone: +27 (0) 72 431 2023



Sexual Healer - Nicole Ananda


Certified Surrogate Partner, Reiki Master & Transformational Life/Sex Coach

Founder of Ananda Integrative Healing Group

I am a holistic healer and transformational life coach specializing in sexual dysfunction, social anxiety, intimacy blocks, empowerment, social skills deficit, touch deprivation, low libido, grief/trauma, shame, and communication. I utilize life coaching, energy healing, Tantra, touch & cuddle therapy, and surrogate partner therapy to help my clients unblock themselves, realize new possibilities, and create the lives of their dreams.

I'm an empath and an intuitive healer, and I am currently apprenticing to become a shamanic practitioner. I often receive messages from Spirit for my clients, and many of them experience powerful kundalini awakenings as a result of our work together. The main tool that I use to help my clients heal themselves is Love. I feel honored and grateful to have the opportunity to walk alongside those who are struggling and help them to heal themselves in an environment of compassion and non-judgment.

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Spiritual Coach - Denise Povernick


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CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER & NUTRITIONIST. CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER & SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH Also an expert in understanding the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Experienced Teacher / Public Speaker & Radio Personality / The Wellness Universe Influencer.

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Spiritual Healer - Tricia Mitchell


Psychic Biz & Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Trainer, Speaker, Peacemaker

If you're tired of spinning plates & feeling pulled in all directions, I'll support you to regain balance and start enjoying life again. By drawing on my life experiences, professional tools & spiritual gifts, I'll guide you towards letting go of stress, sleeping easier at night, feeling less frustrated, more connected with your family, and more effective in your business. Life does become easier. 

My journey so far

A manager in my twenties, working more than a 1.0 FTE, while proving I was “worthy” of the job. I coordinated student support, & staff, recruitment & selection, spun plates, fought fires and burnt out. Stressed, bullied, & used alcohol to cope. I eventually left. 

In my thirties I was a sign language interpreter & ran my own agency. Working in all domains - legal, health, social care, mental health, education, employment, I interpreted more than ‘4 weddings & a funeral’. Emotionally burned out; I was bullied (an abusive marriage), stressed & used alcohol to cope.

(There is a pattern emerging)

In my 40s, my body began to show symptoms that all was not well. Finally I began to see the patterns. Read Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfections. I began to let go of the emotional baggage I’d been carrying to start the process of healing on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. Life felt lighter without the armour I’d been wearing, yet vulnerability still seemed scary. I trained in a number of therapy & coaching techniques to heal myself, which I now use with others. 

If you want to book a session with me, message me, email or call.

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Phone: 07593 122523



Tricia Mitchell