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"Retired life" Coach - Carmen Farmer


ICF Accredited Enjoyment Coach/Retirement Coach/Life Coach


You’ve decided to retire. Now what?

Do you want to feel more engaged, fulfilled, and energized? 

Retiring YOUR Way! answers the question, “What will I do with the 40-60 hours per week I was dedicating to my career or raising my family?” You can discover how to make retirement enjoyable and meaningful and chart a path for your future. As the song says, “The best is yet to come.”

Will you become the artist you always wanted to be? Or perhaps a writer, an animal trainer, a mountain climber, a photographer, a chef, a world traveler, a master gardener? Will you find meaning and purpose by volunteering or working with elders, children, or social or environmental activists?

• Get guidance for this opportunity-filled stage of your life journey.

• Reconnect with your your passions and values so you can fully enjoy your retirement in style.

• Find joy, inspiration, fun!

• Dream big – this is the time to be who you really want to be. If not now, when?

Invest in your future and join me in an exciting journey. You deserve it after all your hard work. Now it’s time for you! Are you ready?

If you want to step into the best years of your life, email me at to set up a free “Jumpstart Your Retirement!” discovery session.

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Carmen Farmer