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Midlife Coach for Men - Terry P. Burgess


I help highly motivated mid-life aged males improve their lives by empowering them to move upward in all facets of life.

Is your career or personal leadership skills not producing the outcome you expected or want out of your


Do you feel like coworkers are passing you up of the food chain at work? Do you feel like you are stuck

on a monotonous daily routine hamster wheel?

If you answered yes to either question or you are questioning what the next steps or tasks in life, I can

help you.

I provide midlife males (Ages 30 to 60) and others with coaching and proven plans to help people to

empower their lives by taking massive action and improving their personal leadership, life, and career

skills. These actions will help you to become more engaging, productive, successful and empowering

strength to move upward and forward in your life’s next chapter!

Contact Information

Phone: 270-493-0967