Life Coach categories that start with the Letter "H"

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Healing Coach - Laura Mayer


MA. OTR, Founder of SoulDancing Healing Practice and Creator of Audacious Attitude Adjustment™

"I work with successful people who despite outward success, still feel miserable. I help them find joy, peace and purpose without sacrificing success."

With a rich lifetime of struggle, courage, and transformation fueling her commitment to serving those in need, she has been healing souls and opening hearts for many years. As an occupational therapist, author and healer, her intuitive gifts and open heart provide the perfect doorway to transformation. She encourages others to take the leap of faith and heal whatever no longer serves them. She is living proof that this level of healing happens. 

A Kickass Attitude Adjuster, Laura brings you back into alignment through the practice of audacious attitude adjustments, clarity, and purposeful solution. You move to a place where you love yourself more and make change for the better. 

We will step forward together, uncovering old wounds and energetic blocks–discovering truth–and recovering your essence. Finding your open heart is our goal, and I promise you, it will be the rise of your life.

My work spans three decades—as a licensed occupational therapist in the field of psychiatry and pediatrics—and more recently as a master teacher/master healer. I am a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery, Spiritual Indigo Healing, Reiki I & II and author of Unlocking the Invisible Child and co-author in Adventures in Manifesting Series, 'Healing Within.' 

I followed my heart-transformed my life, one audacious attitude adjustment at a time. 

Health Coach - Lynn Burns


Founder of LB Inspired LLC, CEO of Burns & Partners LLC Celebrity, Professional Health Coach Agency

MAKE A HEALTHY INVESTMENT with Burns & Partners - a Health Coach Placement Agency connecting health coaches with celebrity, professional and high profile corporate clients. Burns & Partners is a Health Coaching Concierge Agency that places health, nutrition and lifestyle experts with individual Celebrities, Professionals, Corporations, and Medical Facilities. We connect our clients with ideal, top tier health and nutrition specialists in their niche fields. We provide unmatched excellence, bringing unique programs to suit our client's individual preferences and goals.

Burns & Partners' mission is to be the leading Celebrity and Executive Health Coaching Placement Agency that will help to transform the world, and create a ripple effect through the knowledge of health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle management.

Contact Information

Phone: 734-260-7989





Horse Therapy - Jennifer Malocha


Horse Assisted Empowerment and Success Coach

Jennifer Malocha is a nationally quoted Certified Horse-Assisted Abuse and Trauma Coach, Author, Reiki and Shamanic Healer and Transformational Expert Speaker. 

Jennifer is on a mission to heal individuals and families dealing with grief, trauma and negative relationships, by enabling them to let go of past hurts through horse-assisted coaching. She has been featured as a horse assisted coaching expert on media outlets like Uplift Radio, Rise Up for You, Money Hour, Huffington Post, Google News and NBC. 

Jennifer also provides high impact, unique corporate team building events like no other. Through partnering with horses teams are able to learn how to communicate on a deeper level which in turn creates greater productivity, reduced sick days and an overall happier more creative work environment.

Jennifer is the founder of Wuhoo Coaching and a sought after facilitator of world class retreats, specialty workshops and speaking events around personal empowerment. She is dedicated to introducing people to the exploratory and healing process of working with horses. Her high impact training as a Horse-Assisted Life Coach has inspired and empowered hundreds of women and men across the nation to authentically release deep trauma, establish healthy boundaries without anger, create more life balance and to live a life they love. 

Her ultimate vision is to use her gifts, experiences and training to spread world peace amongst humanity on a global scale.

Specialties: Empowerment Coaching, Personal development, Lifestyle & Personal Transformation Coaching, Energy Healing, Motivational Speaking, Corporate Team Building.

Contact Information

Phone: 206-601-2485



Hypnotherapist - Maureen Pisani


Are you settling for routine, average, generalized therapy?
I have a Personalized Breakthrough Therapy Approach - Just for You!

Hypnotherapy can facilitate change in:
★Self-confidence, Self-worth, Self-esteem
★Health issues
★Medical issues
★Pain management
★Sleep issues
★Stress management
★Test Anxiety
★Lack of motivation
★Fear of failure or success

I offer Therapeutic Services utilizing these modalities –
★Neuro-Linguistic Programming
★Therapeutic Guided Imagery
★Time Line Therapy®
★Past Life Regression
★Emotional Freedom Technique

What others are saying about me....
“...She (Maureen) is the only hypnotherapist that meets our scientific requirements at the Brain Research Institute, and in the Departments of Radiology, Digestive Diseases and Neurobiology within the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA because we require a cohort of superior expertise in her field as well as being fully versed in tier-one scientific and medical research, which she has. Her work and dedication has informed our research; and historically our research has informed the scientific world and medicine for over a century. In addition, part of the task lies in discovery, another part lies in presentation, to that end, Maureen’s talents as a multilingual speaker has proven to be invaluable.”
Billi Gordon, Ph.D.
~Dr. Gordon is a Research Associate at The Oppenheimer Family UCLA Center for the Neurobiology of Stress and was named one of the world’s 30 most influential neuroscientists alive by OPD.

A little bit about me.....
I specialize in Pain Management- Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Financially. I offer workshops & presentations on each of these topics!

How to work with me...
I offer private counseling sessions, workshops & presentations for self-improvement & success. Everything discussed is confidential.

Contact Information

Phone: (619) 252-2253