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Finding your purpose - Marlie Love


Christian Life Coach

Marlie Love Life Coaching helps professional millennial Christians embrace their worth and step into their life purpose, by unleashing their hidden potential!

Marlie Love was once a professional millennial Christian that didn't know her worth and purpose. Instead of retreating and settling for a life others told her she needed to live, she began to seek. As she grew her relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, she found her purpose. Her purpose is to teach others how to awaken the purpose that lives within them.

Marlie obtained her graduate certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri – Columbia in May 2016. She received her Bachelors degree in general studies from Southeast Missouri State University in May 2010.

Marlie has written an e-book detailing her five-step purpose plan titled "Five Steps to Find your Purpose and Destiny: A Guide to Help you Find the True You." 

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Phone: 636-751-5680



"Mr. Fix it" - AnswerMan Specialty Services Julio Briones


A real life "Ray Donavan". You got a problem? He'll fix it!

Personal Crisis Manager / Prison Consultant / Speaker / Author

Founded by Julio Briones in 2015, AnswerMan Specialty Services, LLC is the premier Personal Crisis Management Company in the Region. Whether you are going through a divorce, arrest, addiction, have elderly loved one to figure out care for or any combination of these issues, we can help. 

Julio has developed his services by using his personal, professional and volunteer experiences. He began in the US Army by helping his fellow soldiers deal with the realities of divorce brought on by infidelity; also, with the aftermath associated with having to relocate out of state while having to deal with custody and parenting time. After receiving an honorable discharge, he found himself in trouble with the law and, as a result, spent just over 10 years incarcerated, having to figure out the system and helping his family, as well as other families, maneuver through the day to day of the prison system.

He later volunteered at drug treatment centers and helped many formerly incarcerated develop job and other life skills to re-integrate into society. This led to the opportunity for him to sit on a Labor and Workforce Development Committee that focuses on prisoner re-entry. 

Upon his release and for years after, he worked in home care, developing the training programs used to teach case managers and home care office owners on how to properly put into place short and long term plans for those with older family members across the country.

Julio has also co-authored a book that is part of a best-selling series in which he discusses the importance of preparation when it comes to crises such as divorce, arrest, incarceration and having a loved one that is dealing issues such as addiction or are in need of other care due to aging.

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