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Childhood Abuse / Trauma - Angela Olah


The Life Change Specialist: Touching Lives & Creating Space for Women to Live an Audacious Life through Fitness and Life Coaching.
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Communication and Relationship Coach - Carmil Surritt


Master Coach - Mastering the Mature Masculine Coaching at The Mankind Project

Though Carmil focuses on executive and life coaching, he also does public speaking. His main seminars and workshops are Living in the Question and Finding Your Why.

With wise mentors backing him, he has gone down several roads in his career to find coaching to be his best talent. He enjoys helping others fight through life in a personal way many coaches aren’t comfortable with.

Due to his unique approach, he won’t provide a generalized coaching experience. He understands each client is unique, and in turn, each coaching session should be just as so.

His strongest talent is listening, which allows him to focus on his client’s greatness, blocks, wants, needs, beliefs, goals, and aspirations. Through listening to clients, he provides the ideal environment to get to the bottom of situations and work together to transform thoughts into actions, which will in turn provide results.

Recently, Carmil has been working with the I Am Happy Project, which focuses on happiness and how it can affect personal and business life. He wants his clients to be excited about life and what will happen next as a result.

He believes where there is happiness, everything else falls into place. As a coach, he will offer you the tools to regain your sense of self and your ability to have mastery over your thoughts, find your uniqueness, and figure out what gives your life meaning. He will do so with wisdom, humor, and compassion.

Many of his clients have come to him over the years feeling lost, confused, and not worthy of making their life a joyful and rewarding one to live. In a short time, the exercises, tools, and perspective he shares with them has guided them in making a measurable difference in their lives.

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Phone: 530-368-2058



Career Coach - Halimah Bellows


Professional Development Coach and Career Counselor with over 18 years experience in educational and vocational counseling, including: academic advising, job development and placement in human services and educational settings, extensive experience teaching and counseling clients of diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, dislocated workers and clients with disabilities.

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Conscious Life Coach - Sheila Applegate


Authentic Leadership Training, Integrative Coaching and Certification

Helping Corporate Leaders optimize professional achievement & enhance personal fulfillment through Mindfulness Coaching. Is your core desire is to integrate the highest level of gratification into your relationships and career? 

I offer you a foundation of compassion, professionalism and respect, creating a safe environment for you to explore and transform. Opening to the full expression of your authentic self will enhance both your career and relationships leaving you feeling more fulfilled in all areas of your life. You will discover deep clarity, heightened inspiration, and expanded understanding as you learn to effortlessly navigate with integrated precision. 

With over twenty years of experience as an Entrepreneur and expertise in the field of mindfulness and meditation, I offer a unique skill set perfectly combined to lead you to an integrative lifestyle allowing you to passionately embrace both your relationships and career thus achieve your highest potential for fulfillment.

I also offer Authentic Leadership training as well as customized wellness retreats to strengthen your team’s communication, cohesiveness and collaboration. Engaging effective communication and celebrating diversity within your team will inspire innovation and amplify productivity.

If you are a life coach or clinical therapist interested in taking your practice to a whole new level , ask me about the Consciously Awesome Coaching Certification Training program. 

Specialties: Leadership Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Leadership Development, Personal Fulfillment, Coaching Certification Training, Emotional Intelligence, Integrative Consciousness Career Transitions, Teaching, Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation.

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Phone: (315) 677-3265