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Addiction Specialist - Jim Pehkonen


Life Architect, Amazing Life Design

Jim Pehkonen is a Life Architect (Certified Transformative Coach) who specializes in working with business owners, upper managers, and entrepreneurs to dramatically transform their life. 

His approach introduces out of the box modalities to help entrepreneurs understand the impact of their thinking on the bottom line results of their business. A little shift in thinking can have a monumental effect! 

Jim’s personal style is intuitive and unique. His natural coaching instinct enables his clients to achieve tremendous results rapidly. He has the ability to pinpoint and transform individual limitations that others struggle to see. He is committed to helping his clients experience levels of success and fulfillment in a unique and incredible way.

What can you expect:

Together, we go for the jugular of change…an intense process based upon you and your life, not a canned program. Your life shifts within a year. Not for the faint of heart, for the fully committed ...

As the story unfolds and is understood anew, you will develop an awareness of the impact on your current life from a different angle. When you see the impact anew, it no longer holds on you and within a new freedom you step into your authentic power … your life shifts into an incredible experience.

AND you can learn to have fun along the way!! Coming from a guy who in the 2002 Olympics drove a Zamboni!

Contact Information

Phone: (801) 913-5191



ADHD Coach - Michelle Harbin


We positively help adults with ADHD in the workforce to go beyond their current successes.

Adults Positively ADHD has been established based upon the premise that all adults with ADHD have amazing gifts, talents and creativity to offer their individual employers or their own business. 

Working with the strengths that ADHD offers, while working around the challenges will offer a positive experience for everyone. 

It is our mission to offer a strong foundation of organization to these adults with ADHD; to help transition teens into adulthood; as well as educate corporations on their workforce with ADHD. 

It is a big mission; however, the plan has been well designed by talking with our potential clients FIRST in order to gain a solid understanding of their frustrations and pain-points. We are confident that we can provide the proper solutions to their frustrations in a POSITIVE way.

We are Adults Positively ADHD!

Contact Information

Phone: 970-761-0673