"Philosophy" Table of Contents

The Universal Philosphy

"HOW TO LIVE" by Neomaya DeJesus Davila
Finally a successful and undebatable combination of Science and every religion.

How to live

A thought

What is a thought, and how do they work. I believe that "Thoughts" should be a subject in school. Thought patterns, why we think the way we think, etc. Besides breathing, what else do we do all day every day.



How appreciation produces bigger and better situations with bigger and better things.


2 Worlds

2 Worlds

The thought process

The thought process and Mark 11:24.

The thought process

The current moment

The "current moment" is everything. 

"The Now"

Retraining your mind

Parts 1-3

Parts 1-3 have to do with learning the foundation of this new way of thinking, explains why we're thinking this way and it's benefits, a quick mental exercise, and meditation.

Parts 1-3

Parts 4-6

Parts 4-6 shines a light on life's "battles", how toxic complaining / not accepting circumstances is, and show you a physical diagram so you can see exactly "the thought process and its outcomes" start to finish. 

Parts 4-6

Parts 7-9

Has to do with manifesting actions from other people, being positive as often as possible, and the difference between "Mark 11:24" and "Counting your blessings". 

Part 7-9

Parts 10-12

Parts 10-12 deal with you body. There's my "All Mental Diet" whereI lost and kept of 54 pounds. Healing yourself without medicine. And the big one "How to get money". 

parts 10-12

Parts 13-15

Parts 13-15 talks about how appreciating what you have produces bigger and better, my "Pre-sleep rituals", and why finding the silver lining in any situation is not only possible, but it's a must. 

Parts 13-15

Part 16

At the end of the day, any goal or situation involves you coming out with the outcome you wanted or not. Winning or losing. This section is simply titled "How to win". 

Part 16

Talking to God

Part 1 "The Watcher"

Connecting with God on a deeper level. A conscious level. Keeping it real, and acknowledging the watcher. 

Part 1

Part 2 "Thoughts become things"

This is where you the phrase "Thoughts become things" combines with God. Using this phrase alone can get you whatever you want out of life. Using is with God can only amplify things. And speed up the results.

Part 2

Part 3 "The Conversation"

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

part 3

Part 4 "Poor connection"

Part 4 talks about ways to connect with "The Watcher". Whether it be the circumstances in your life, the negativity surrounding you (ie. news, social media) or whatever, connecting with "The Watcher" can be difficult. Some would even say impossible. I don't see anyone else tackling this problem, and it is a problem, so I'm on it.

part 4

Part 5 "Putting in the effort"

In Part 5 I get down to the meat and grits. The actual conversation between us and God. There are many distractions. Some are listed and explained in full detail so you know how to get past them. Just remember, each moment is special and deserves it's own effort.

part 5

Philosophy Summary Video

I had to condense a 2 hours seminar into a 10 minute segment for a show I was preparing for. I never thought it could be done. Then one day I just clicked on the camera and started recording. That turned out to be one of my best videos. But in the spirit of constantly improving myself and my work I continue to make it better. Here is the latest version of the speech I normally give.

"The Resume"

I was asked to squeeze a 2 hour seminar into 10 minutes and I did. Then they asked me to make it into a 4 minute poem. And from that, came this.


"HOW TO LIVE" by Neomaya DeJesus Davila

Finally a successful and undebatable combination of Science with every religion.

I always thought the Bible should just be called "How to live". After all, that's what it's trying to explain. That's its overall point. But since that's not the name they chose I'm using it for myself. 

Where should I start?

I could literally go on for days. This "philosophy" that I've put together is a combination of Biblical, and Scientific resources, combined with answers that have come to me through meditation. I've taken out all of the parts of Science and Religion that can be questioned. I removed everything from both that cannot hold up in a court of the law today and only left the parts that are undeniable. 

I am not the first to stumble upon some of this information, but I am the first to put it all together and give it to you like this. In my own way. In a way we can all relate to no matter race, age, or religion. In a way that leaves, unanimously everyone (including me), wanting more. 

During my seminars, after the greeting, I start like this:

I'm going to start with a series of easy common sense questions that apply to everyone. 

1. We, as people, think all day long? TRUE
2. Some of those thoughts are good and some are bad? TRUE
3. There are past, present, and future thoughts? TRUE
4. Some of these thoughts seem real enough to startle you, cause anxiety, etc? TRUE
5. Everything you've ever achieved in your life, you saw it first in your mind? TRUE

6. Everything you do, even your reflexes, require intelligence/thought calculation, etc.
7. The thoughts in a successful person's mind, before making their next successful move, are probably about success? TRUE
8. A non-successful person, as their life falls apart in front of them, is not thinking about all the success they're gaining? TRUE

*Now lets put all religion and belief systems aside for a little bit because we all know that there is a possibility that after you die God, or whoever you believe in, could say to you "You had it all wrong. I appreciate you trying, but you had it all wrong." 

Even the most religious person has that thought buried somewhere in the back of their mind. As long as the possibility exist as an option, "it is an option". We're human! With that said lets put aside everything that can be questioned or debated, and only address the things that are unanimous amongst all humans no matter race or religion. 


-Everyone wants to stay positive. But most people can't. 

-Some people can't break themselves out of the stressful mind frame. 

        Learn how to break yourself out of it. Explore different ways. Try something new. There are only 2 ways to spend your day thinking: positively or negatively. Either stress about life's events... or don't. 

When you break it down, it's really that simple. But you have to first acknowledge this before you can effectively change. And this change is not that simple. In fact, it's said to be the hardest work a man (or woman) can do. It takes time. The brain is a muscle and has muscle memory that needs to be adjusted. It needs to be changed from what it's use to thinking, to what you want to be thinking. But once change is made, your stress is greatly reduced which leads to a better life, and a better lifestyle. 

But like I said, it's hard work and seemingly impossible without adapting some new concepts and principals about the world and and how to think. But that's the whole reason I created these pages. 

There's no changing religions, or anything like that. I just looked deep into the obvious (like those 7 questions above) and found ways to make this transition (from stressing to almost stress free) easy. 

So is it worth it? 

A better, nearly stress free life for you and the people around you (i.e. your kids). There's no physical labor involved. All you really have to do is stay positive. Isn't that what you want to do anyway. 

With all these tips and tricks to help you along the way, just give it a try. Learn something new about the things you already know. And even if you don't believe that you can manifest situations into your life, isn't it worth it just to be able to walk around day after day with less worry and stress than you have now. Even if you worried just a little bit less wouldn't it be worth it. If you don't like it or you just want to give up, then hey, you gave it a shot. Staying positive wasn't your thing smh. You can go back to being negative for the rest of your life or you can try something else. No wait... there is nothing else. Just positive and negative. You decide!

-"Write your story, with your pen, on your paper, in Gods time." - Neo

Getting started, here is a 8 minute video summary of the philosophy for those of you who don't like reading lol


Thoughts Become things:  
Whether you focus on having debt or not having debt, your focusing is on debt and you're giving it your attention. So debt will grow in your life. Look around you... where you're at right now or your present situation isn't who you are. Its a result of your past thoughts collectively manifested in to the present. Whether you think so or not, whether you believe it or not, your part of this system.

ie. Saying FML brings more reasons to say FML. Same goes for LML (Love My Life). By the way I coined LML just for this example :-)

Creativity Page

A thought


Here is a picture of a thought being sent out from your body.

Every thought you have comes with an emotion. And every thought (strengthened by it's emotion) gets sent out across the entire universe. The 3rd Law of Motion demands that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Which means the universe will respond and do whatever it has to do to make that thought travel back you to (opposite) and be thought again (equal reactions) 

ie. "I’m pissed off, why wont all this madness stop". 

We've all thought that before. So think about it. Each thought/emotion sent, gets mirrored/sent back to you equally (3rd Law of motion: all actions have an opposite and equal reaction). 

When you have that thought, the universe responds by doing whatever it has to to make you think that thought again. So what have you just manifested into your future? More events that make you feel/think "I’m pissed off, why wont this madness stop". 

I try to remind myself that with every thought I have, the universe says "your wish is my command". 

i.e."Damn these bills are piling up" (your wish is my command). 

"I hate the way I look" (your wish is my command). 

"I’m paid, and life is good" (your wish is my command). 

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Its actually pretty simple. But hard to apply when your furious, or depressed. 

And that.... is the test. Will you pass or fail today, in this moment? And what tomorrow are you manifesting.

Counting your blessings:

Remembering to remember is the hardest part of all of this. With life coming at us at 100 mph its hard but critical that you stop and smell the roses. Count your blessings. 

We've all heard these saying before. But most of us take if for granite. It's human nature. Think about it, the house your living in probably meant the world to you just before you got it. 

A few years later, it's just a house. Same goes everything else: toys as a child, cars, jewelry. It's human nature. But we need to stop and think about how lucky we are to have these toys (in the end, there all just toys that we can't take with us). 

Your house could be falling apart right now. And all you do is complain about it. "This needs to be fixed, that needs to be fixed, this house is falling apart" and the universe says "your wish is my command". 

What you focus on will grow in your life. Try focusing on something better. 

Separate yourself and definitely don't be that person who tells all there dramatic stories to everyone you run into. Your literally setting up your tomorrow with those thoughts. Negative people hate talking to me cause at the end of their stories I always say, "well unless you can build a time machine, we might as well get past it". 

All that happens to you, good and bad are just lessons to be learned from. Oprah said it best: God will whisper in your ear at first, and if you don't listen he'll tap you on the shoulder. If you still don't listen, he'll hit you in the head with a brick. And if you still don't listen, he'll bring the brick wall down on top of you. If it doesn't feel right, it's probably wrong. 

Counting your blessings

"The Coin"

"The Coin" section has been made into a video: click here.

I've been referring to "The Universe" a lot and I want to get into that for a second for clarity. 

I like to break everything down to the simplest form, and there there's always duality. There are 2 sides to everything and the most deeply rooted break down of duality is either existing or non-existing. You can't break it down any further than that. 

Everything that exist was created from what science calls the Quantum Field. It's the "empty, dark, nothingness that cannot be described because there's nothing there to describe". It's the realm of non-existing that all things, that do exist, are created from and die to. Sound familiar, 

Theologians call this God. I'll refer to it as both from time to time cause I don't want to sound like I'm preaching or being bias to any 1 religion. 

Either way everything, even a sound has a birth and a death. Born from the realm of not existing where it will return to eventually. 

In the beginning god said let there be light, thus creating the first form of duality. The lightness from the dark. From that 1st form of duality there spawned Male/female, tall/short, left/right. Even the smallest dot has a top and a bottom, front and back. So on one side of the coin you've got God, or the Quantum Field aka the realm of nonexistence. And on the other side you've got consciousness/or vibrating energy waves. Everything that exist is made entirely of vibrating energy waves. If you look at your finger with a powerful enough microscope, all you'll see is vibrating energy waves. 

Keep this in mind as we go along. 

The realm of nonexistence/God is one side of the coin, and you/consciousness/things that exist are on the other side of the coin. But isn't it still the same coin? "God lives in me as me", all major religions are unanimous about this and state it several times in several different ways. Science uses Quantum Physics to get the same point across. Everything that exist is made of vibrating energy waves, just vibrating at different frequencies. Some harder than others, some giving off a different color light than others. 

Back to Manifesting:

Ok, the part everyone wants to know. How do I get rich?
1. Don't give money that much power. Balance your mind, body and soul. 
2. Be patient. All wishes take time. The seed first needs to be planted, then nourished. 
"To whom much is given much is tested."

Why do we hallucinate?  

Do we not run mental movies in our minds, all day long, that we write, direct, produce, cast, star in, etc. 

Some seem more real than the physical world we live in until we wake up from them. Some seem real enough to stop your heart. Then when we wake up from this "day dream" or thought, its gone. It disappeared. We all do it. 

So now that we've established that we do hallucinate all day every day, why? 

Theres an average of 60,000 thoughts a day per person. All day long think, think, think, why? 

Your thoughts collectively produce your future. 

*Its funny when I use to talk about this stuff some people look at me as if I'm talking about some form of dark magic (smh). They were literally scared to continue listening. But as you read you'll notice that there is no guessing. No choosing of sides without hard evidence. Everything I say we can all relate to. Cause its true. And all that is questionable, is also absent. I chose not to deal with things that can be debated. Just the facts!

Experiment 1


Dream Big

I would ask people what there dream car was, and I made sure that they dreamed big. No Lexus, go for a Bentley. Then I'd ask them to picture themselves driving it. It was unanimous that everyone would spend the first 1 to 3 seconds actually in the car enjoying it, and the next 7 to 9 seconds trying to figure out what they would have to do to get that car. Getting a second job, selling the house, etc. And during that time frame I could clearly see there faces change from excited, to concerned. Then I would explain to them 

"you spent just a few seconds enjoying that thought, that moment, and bringing that car closer to you. Then you doubled or even tripled that time proving to yourself that you can't have it. So not only was more time spent sending out an "I cant have it" emotion to the universe, but it had strength behind it." 

Each thought sent out has a strength level that is determined by the emotion behind it. The big question is, why won't our mind let us hold those thoughts for longer. Every time you run this experiment with yourself the same thing will happen. Go ahead, give it a shot. Your mind will pick it apart. 


Because thats not whats happening in this moment. This moment is everything. But we'll get into that in a bit.



Appreciation produces bigger and better!

If you dreamed about having a new red Lexus, and you ended up getting it, the rush of feelings and emotions it gave you could not be gotten again if the universe gave your the same red Lexus a little while later. Sure you'd be happy, but that initial great feeling that you first had could only be mirrored if the universe provided you with the upgraded/newer model or something better. So you've got to dream big. And never settle! Unfortunately the same applies to the negative thoughts. Thats why things get worse sometimes. If you keep focusing on a bad incident or event, and sending out that signal to the universe, it has to give you worse to mirror that feeling. We've all had a bad day get worse smh. Now we know how to take it over and turn the day around. Be the watchman at the gate. As the negative thoughts come through, take them over. Remember, they only exist in the mental world. A world that you have Godly control over and you can end any scenario any way you chose. So choose wisely. When you try to picture winning the lottery, your subconscious will immediately say "you won't" or "you can't". Try combatting it with "but what if I did". Try it now. You immediately get a an uplifting feeling of relief. I urge you to practice this as often as possible. And try not to see it as your mind working against you. It's doing what its programmed to do. Bring you back to the now. This moment. There's a good reason why your subconscious does this. And Remember, everything happens for a reason, even your thoughts. Don't get upset that the negative aspects of things keep coming up. Let them come, stay positive, and soon they'll start to come positive all the time. Imagine going a whole day with barely any negative thoughts. That is something I thought to be impossible for most of my life. But once achieved, I never want to go back. And now that I know how, I don't have to. And neither do you.

Facebook live stream "Appreciation produces bigger and better"

"Appreciation Produces" Video

Appreciation produces bigger and better!

Experiment 2


What the would do with unlimited money?

I would ask everyone what the would do with unlimited money. 

Here are the two interesting points about this one. 

First, everyone, after buying up everything lol, they ended up doing the things they do now. Swimming in a pool somewhere or ,at the end of the day, they were sitting down watching TV with their family somewhere. Sure they were in mansions and on vacations in exotic parts of the world, but there were doing the same things that there doing now. 

The second thing was that said the same thing at the end of their story. They all said "Honestly I can't imagine having unlimited money." And that's what triggered something in my mind. If thoughts become things, and everyone is subconsciously doubting themselves and shooting themselves down, how can i fix this. And it took a long time and lots of meditation for me to figure this one out. So here we go.

2 Worlds


There are obviously at least 2 worlds that exist

First realize that there are obviously at least 2 worlds that exist. The physical world that we live in, and the imagination (or mental) world that we run scenarios in all day. And we all know that both worlds can seem equally real. Picturing a tragedy can really get the blood pressure going! 

So, Picture yourself in your dream car. The 1st question that usually pops up is, how much does that cost, or how much does it cost a month? 

Now, where does that car currently exist. That car you own, that car you walked into the dealership and paid cash for like it wasn't nothing. That car only, currently, exist in the imagination world. 

Ok... How much money do you have over there? How much cash is at your disposal in that imagination world. UNLIMITED! 

Now that got me really thinking. If thoughts become things, which they do, thats been proven scientifically and its written biblically in all cultures. If thoughts become things, and I have unlimited control over what my thoughts, then i can literally write my own future. There's nothing that can stop me. God can take my life right now, but if i want to think about a red apple on the table, no one or nothing can stop me. 

From here you can research "The Secret" (movie or book) and get a gist of manifesting your future. They're on the right path, but there just hitting the tip of the iceberg. We are all just energy vibrating at different frequencies. 

The Double Slit Experiment

The Double Slit Experiment proves that our consciousness, our light, makes the energy around us react a certain way. The camera being present, in this experiment,  literally made those particles act the way we would expect them to. They acted in accordance with their viewers thoughts who, by the way, didn't see the tape yet for at least and hour or so. But that last part about time is a totally different subject. You observing or giving your attention to things/thoughts makes them react a certain way. And it just so happens to match up perfectly with what you've been thinking about and what you truly, deep down, expect to happen. 

Youtube: Double slit experiment

Mark 11:24


Mark 11:24- Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be. 

Wanting brings/manifest more wanting. Saying "soon", will bring more "soon". 

Think about it. If you say, "I will have my dream house soon", in order for the universe to mirror that, and make you think that thought again, it cannot give you the house. If it did, you wouldn't be saying that sentence again, thus throwing off the 3rd law of motion. Wording is critical. But thats because of our word association. Each thought is accompanied and strengthened by an emotion. Saying the word "soon" automatically gives the the thought a since of sourness cause whatever your referring to isn't here yet. Which makes it a "want". 

The Mental world:

So we know how to manifest our future, but I wanted to go further. I wanted to win at everything I do. And I was obsessed with coming up with a way. A universal way that would work for every person in every situation so i could help others. Once again, lots of time and meditation led me to this. 

The Thought Process


The brain is a muscle

The thought process. The brain is a muscle, and has muscle memory. 

The subconscious will throw the thoughts at you that it's use to. Usually drama for most. But like I said, the brain is a muscle, and it can be changed. 

To do this we have to get into the NOW. This is such a powerful and critical subject. Reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle was life changing for me. But I needed to go deeper. 

Your subconscious doesn't acknowledge the present. So it will continuously throw thoughts at you of the past and future. You are the watchman at the gate. The watchman who sometimes sleeps, and allows the thoughts to come in randomly and sometimes destructively. 

Your ego thinks you will die if you don't win every argument. The ego will fight, argue, and destroy every relationship or friendship you have if you let it. The ego will go off of what it knows. And if it knows a harsh world, which most do (some peoples more than others) it will react accordingly. We've all argued then realized it was a silly argument so we woke up, caught on, and ended it (that needs to happen more often).  

The Now is Everything


Have you ever noticed that at the end of every thought or daydream you're zipped back to "the now", this moment? 

Something will always pull you back. 

Unanimous things intrigue me, and need to be investigated. Especially this! So I meditated on the answers and it became so obvious. There are only 5 types of thoughts (take note in the number 5), and i'll break them down accordingly.

1. Potential happy futures:

Daydreaming about that Lamborghini will only last seconds before "how much would that cost you" comes into mind. Thats followed by something like "you can't afford that now". And then the daydream killer always eventually pops up at the end of every daydream thrusting you back to reality by saying "that isn't real, wake up". 

At first glance it seems like self destructive, or at least counter productive thinking. But it's normal. That thought, or dream, is not whats happening now, so the subconscious does it's job. Bring you back to the current moment. It does this by asking you questions and making mental statements that will guide you back to this moment. Bad or good, it doesn't matter. Sometimes it will just blurt out "That's not real!" to wake you up faster if need be.  

2. Happy past reminiscing:

Remember that trip to disney land? 

Soon after a few seconds of reminiscing you'll hear in your mind "good times! good times. But thats not where your at now". 

And you agree and say to yourself "Thats not real" thus zapping you back to reality or "the now"

3. Stressful potential futures:

Auto accidents, family traumas, etc. Your subconscious uses the same programming for these as well. But depending on the intensity of the thought, it works faster. Sometimes the phrase "But thats not real" comes to mind and your instantly back to this moment. A word of advise, when your pulled back, count at least one of your blessings. Even if the blessing is that that daydream you just had isn't real. 

4. Stressful past futures:

Reminiscing about a stressful past incident will have the same results as the rest. Quickly or slowly your subconscious will eventually pull you back to reality whether it be proving to you, through thought, that what your seeing isn't really happening right now or just hitting you with the phrase "Thats not whats happening now". In some way you will be brought back. You always have, and always will. 60,000 thoughts a day. 

5. The Present, or The Now:

"Thats why they call it the present. Cause it's a gift."

So why is the now so important?

1st take note to the duality in past/present and good/bad scenarios or memories. The opposite to the now, or this moment, would be the quantum field. Now is "what is existing now", as opposed to "not-existing".

They say "if you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plan". Because his plan for you is way bigger and better than yours. 

Obviously weather your thinking about good or bad potential futures, or good or bad past memories, your contributing and playing a part in manifesting your future aka "watering seeds". 

So how do you let Gods plan unfold? 

Well there is only 1 other option. The Now. The now is everything, thats why every thought gets pulled back to the present moment. Thats where your supposed to be. Everything you've ever done in your life and everything your going to do happened in the now. Think about it. 

You can say the word "NOW" and do a mental time stamp in your mind and acknowledge this moment. Then you can turn around and do that again. Both "NOWs" felt exactly the same yet they were in different times, facing different directions. As a matter of fact there is no physical proof that a past or a future even exist. Just "the now". Everything happens in the now. 

Table of contents

Everything's a Battle Video



I needed a way for everyone to win in every situation.

Everything is a battle, be it big or small. 

If your sitting on the couch and you decide you need a glass of water, the game has begun. They say if your body is thirsty you're already partly dehydrated, so you've already started this game. 

The goal, quench your thirst or hydrate yourself. 

Will you pass, or will you fail and say "I'm too lazy, i'll get it later". 

Thats a small meaningless example but none the less, it is an example and the game was on. 

Now lets use a bigger example. 

A bill is due and you don't currently have the funds. 

The game is on. Pass or fail. 

Will your relationship or marriage succeed? 

Will you win this argument? 

Will this situation work out? 

Will that situation work out? 

There all games that you'll either pass or fail. Win or lose. Thats what every situation has in common big or small. 

What you have to do is know you're in a battle that you've already won. Every single one of these little games you've already won. 

"I don't care what happens in between, I know the outcome"

Thats the mentality needed. The great ones have been saying to have this confidence over the years, but they didn't spell it out for you. Not like this. Thats why I'm here. 

Facebook post on battles

Being in a race that you've already won.

So how do you pretend your in a race that you've already won when your whole life you've been taught to believe that where one race ends, another begins and the chance of losing returns? 

The simple answer to that, is faith. But its hard to have much faith when your being served with foreclosure papers, or you just got laid off, etc. Those are your test. But we'll get into that later. 

The other answer to that is, you have 2 choices. Focus on the negative (losing), or the positive (winning). It's your choice! Your subconscious will keep throwing random thoughts at you about what your use to thinking about. But you can change that to. 

The brain is a muscle, and all muscles have muscle memory. Change what your use to thinking about. Be the watchman at the gate. When a negative thought comes in, play it out. Take control over it and win in the end. Keep doing that and you'll get use to winning in your mind. Then watch those thoughts become things. 

Retraining your mind: Part 1

"Thoughts Become Things"

If "thoughts become things" isn't real then at least you'll train you mind to stress less throughout your days on this planet. Isn't that more than worth the effort right there. Just listen. And I guarantee you'll have a totally different outlook on life. Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" was the flour. "The Secret" (the movie) was the water. When I was done I had a quadruple layered cake with all the bells and whistles. This is the first piece. 

Retraining Your Mind: Part 2

Now everything is going to start to come together in an amazing almost magical way. You are in the solution now and your life is about to change. Smile more today. As often as you can remember for at least 10 seconds just smile. For no specific reason, at a red light, during a commercial break,etc. That shifts your mental thought process dramatically which is what we're trying to do. The brain is a muscle and it has muscle memory. Lets train it to smile more so it can throw random good thoughts.

Retraining Your Mind: Part 3

By now you should be wondering exactly how to meditate. When I was in this phase I searched endlessly for a meditation tutorial. I couldn't find anything that I could relate to. Video's are all good but you have to find a speaker you can relate to. Since I didn't I created this video tutorial on how to meditate.

Retraining Your Mind: Part 4

Congratulations. I'm proud of you for making it this far. Trust me I know it's been tough blocking out as many negative thoughts as you can. Remembering to remember to do it is the hardest part. And I'm sorry to say it but it's only going to get harder. I'm just keeping it real.  

table of contents

Part 4 video

Everything is a battle. Every goal and every objective is win or lose, pass or fail. And once you've figured out the universal formula to winning "battles", you can win them all.  

Retraining Your Mind: Part 5


The self defense mechanisms we have built in our minds (and the ego) will automatically scream to you "I don't complain. I don't complain". But if the overall message of your sentence is "Why's it gotta be this" or "Why's is it happening like that" or "I don't like the way...." then you're complaining and you need to stop for a bunch of important reasons.  1. Everything that has and is happening to you is happening for a reason. God's reason. To argue or complain about that would be to literally argue and/or complain to God about God. 2. Thoughts become things. People generally think that events happen and then they react to those events. The 3rd Law of motion (every action has an opposite and equal reaction) proves that  isn't the case. "Why is he (or she) acting like this" only creates future situations that make you want to say "Why is he (or she) acting like this" AGAIN. Then of course you saying it again is creating it again. This is a nasty cycle that we get caught up in and it's the sole reason for anything and everything you have to complain about in your life. So stop complaining! 3. You started this program to better yourself and the lives of everyone around you. IF YOU'RE GOING TO KEEP COMPLAINING, STOP NOW CAUSE YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME. Come back to the program when you've REALLY had enough with the way you think and or your life's situations, and you want to get better and be a better person. 

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Part 5 video

Make a vow to stop complaining and to choose your words carefully.

Retraining Your Mind: Part 6

Every single experience in life follows a formula. I put that formula into a diagram to give a visual perception of whats happening around us every second of every day of our lives. Now that you've seen how the world and life really works this should provide even more clarity. 

Retraining Your Mind: Part 7

As people we have to constantly communicate and deal with other people. They can make your life miserable (your boss, your spouse, your kids, etc.) or they can make you laugh and smile (your boss, your spouse, your kids, etc.). You literally have no control over what the people around you do so you just have to take the good with the bad. WRONG!This one will probably seem a little far fetched at first, but try it. It speaks for itself and works every time. Just try it!

Retraining Your Mind: Part 8

As humans time management is extremely important. Outside of being on time for appointments and things of that nature, how we spend our time should be our priority. I like to think of every second as energy dollars.Energy Dollars: In order for God to give us life he must give us energy. His energy. And each second is like a dollar that we can choose to spend on anything we want aka focus or think about anything we want. And like a package in the mail, whatever you spend the majority of your energy dollars on will come knocking on your door. 

So regardless of what you are doing there are 2 things we as people do all day every day. Breathe and think. We all know how important breathing is and by now we all know how important you thoughts are to. Spending a whole 20 minute conversation discussing something negative and finishing it up with the sentence "but it'll be alright though" is the opposite of what you want to do. That's 1,196 energy dollars spend on negative and 4 dollars spent on positive. that's a 299:1 ratio. And you wonder why you're still in the same spot as last year (some people 10 years). 
You want and need to spend as much time as possible focusing on appreciation things as often as possible. 

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Part 8 video

Retraining Your Mind: Part 9

It has been in my experience that right about now people who are using "Mark 11:24" and "Counting your blessings" to their advantage are having trouble using them at the same time and trying to decide which is more powerful or beneficial between the 2. So I always get asked, what's the real difference. 

Retraining Your Mind: Part 10

The All Mental Diet

Retraining Your Mind: Part 10

My obsession with being able to fix all problems lead me to this one. Weight control. For a lot of people this is their biggest problem. So I started analyzing and this is what I Came up with. The "Neo Diet" or "The All Mental Diet". A large percent of my questions I'll ask, then thank "God" (or "The Universe") for the answer (Mark 11:24). In doing that, this is what I was shown:

Think about it, all actors, models, and the best looking people spend a lot of time in the mirror. Weather they're posing, or going over lines, or just fixing themselves up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, one of my favorite sayings "What you focus on will grow". I noticed that when you focus on something, an object, both positive and negative aspects of it will pop into your mind depending on your past experiences and future expectations. But like past and present, there is a middle,The Now. And while staring at and giving your focus and attention to an object you can either think about the negatives, the positives, or just focus on its existence. So I wanted to try that. Just giving focus to it's existence, and when the negative thoughts kick in, acknowledge them, then get back to just focusing. 

What do I mean by focusing? Picture an empty field of grass, like a large back yard. Now imagine putting a big house in the middle of that back yard and it feels different. Most skeptics will be like "yea cause theres a house there duh", but I'm asking you to go deeper. Of course there's a house there now but the dynamic of the yard has changed. It not only appears different, but it feels different. There is a huge large object there now that didn't exist there in a previous "now". Feel that presence! Be able to focus on the object in front of you, but only on its existence, not the good or bad qualities. 

Now the "Diet"
1st understand this, there is no food, drink, or anything that exist that can make a person overweight. Thats been proven scientifically. Every single overweight person I've said this to took offense to what I said and immediately defended themselves. When I first heard this I was overweight to and had the same reaction. But I knew that I had tried several different ways to diet and they didn't work so I had to keep an open mind. But it is true. The only thing that can make a person overweight, is when there eating, and there constantly thinking "this is gonna make me fatter" etc. Imagine what that statement is doing to your body (Water test). Manifesting fat on top of what you already consider to be fat. It's pure self destruction. 

side note: one way to get around this is to close your eyes while eating. I know it sounds, and feels silly while doing it, but that bite you take is getting your full 100% attention and will not only taste so much better, but if your completely focused on flavor (which brings on how happy you are the be tasting it) you cannot be focused on how fat your going to get. And the food taste so much better lol.

So at 254 lbs, I asked God and thanked him for showing me the way to the body I wanted, and this is what he had me do. 
    1. As often as possible I thanked God for being 235 lbs. I could have said 245 lbs but I wanted to dream bigger/go harder.
    2. I closed my eyes as often as possible when I ate. I know you can't do this for every bite on every meal. So just do it when you can. But the more, the better.
    3. I put a mirror I had laying around the house right next to the TV. Facing myself. On every commercial break I muted the TV, and stared at my existence on the sofa. Nothing more, just the fact that there is a body on the sofa that wasn't there before. And if that body wasn't there right now, the sofa would feel and look completely different (more open). Focus on center mass to. For some reason looking at the face and eyes brings up other thoughts, which can be counter productive. But when your eyes do drift to the face, smile. No matter how you feel about what your looking at, Smile, and hold it.  
    4. Every time I passed a mirror (i.e. going in and out of the bathroom) I took a solid 5 deep breaths to just acknowledge that same presence mentioned in #3. My bodies existence. Which is something to be thankful for. If you weren't here, none of this would apply to you.

Very soon after, I had another doctors appointment. Before the appointment I remember going into and coming out of the bathroom and doing my 5 breath ritual in the mirror. When I got to the doctors, they put me on the scale and it said 234 lbs. I immediately texted everyone in my inner circle and posted it on FB. I was a believer before, but this was another big time confirmation. For years I struggled at 225, most of my adult life. So I decided not to shoot for 225. I practiced the same rituals, but I lowered the number to 215 lbs. A little while passed and I found myself on a scale weighing 217 lbs. Thats exactly what I weighed when I graduated from the police academy. My next goal, was 205 lbs. That's what I weighed when I graduated high school. I don't keep a scale in my house, and I suggest you don't either, but the next time I got on a scale it said 204. I did not want to get skinnier than that but since then I've been fluctuating between 195 and 205 lbs and I'm perfectly fine with that. 

There are a few things I wanted to mention about this story but save them till the end for a reason:
    1. Pardon my French, but I ate like shit. Cheese steaks, and cheeseburgers, anything with fries and cheese etc. I wanted to be able to lose weight and enjoy life. Not eat flavorless grilled chicken salads everyday. That gets old!
    2. No gym, no workouts. I was and still am nursing some serious injuries sustained in the line of duty. My shoulder and knee injuries alone keep me from "working out". And if I had worked out I would not be able to call it "The All Mental Diet". I knew I could do it without any outside influences, and I did. Or should I say "I still do". 
    3. I've kept the weight off since then with no problems. And I can guarantee I've had a burger and fries in the last 48 hours lol.
    4. All of this happened in less than 4 months. I saw cuts in my stomach by the summer time, in my mind, and I didn't let that vision go no matter what I was eating, or what people said. Outside influences are most of the time the worst influences And sadly enough family is usually the last to believe in you. This is your life, your thoughts can only be seen by you and they write your future. So control them. And be careful of what your thinking about/focusing on! (Water test)

side note: My mom says to me: "but those actresses and models hate the way they look". My response: "they know that before they leave that mirror they have to meet their own personal standard. And it's met daily, otherwise they wouldn't leave the mirror. In other words, there happy by the time they leave the mirror. And they know the public will notice. Deep down inside, a supermodel knows she's a supermodel, and that's the deep rooted thought as she focuses on herself in the mirror. Doing hair, makeup, etc. is a creative process. While in the creative process, your focus is on the current moment, not in the past or the future. Staying present, while focusing on your bodies presence/existence is the biggest part to this diet.

-I've seen several "It's all mental" type diets selling for hundreds and they don't even touch on half of what I do on this page and this site. Well here it is, from me to you. Along with my inventions, philosophy, etc.

Try it! I dare you. What have you got to lose? Better yet, what have you got to gain? Mental discipline is the key to it all.

100% success rate, Leave your comments here! I love to hear more success stories. 

FB Post about this diet:
-My diet requires that you believe that whatever it is you are doing, it's working! Thats it in a nutshell. If your eating fatty, your loosing weight, if your not working out, your loosing weight. Whatever it is your doing, ITS WORKING! And you are already perfection. And try your best to be happy with what you are now. That may be the hardest part, which makes since cause its the most effective. You are the exact size and weight that you are supposed to be right now. Which makes you perfect at this moment. If you have to use that then use it. It was the beginning to my 65lbs weight loss. Trying to smile and be happy while staring at the mirror at something you don't like is hard. So speak it into existence at first. It'll get easier. Expect it to get easier, and it will. 

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Retraining Your Mind: Part 11

Continuing to focus on the body more we're going to explore some body healing techniques that I use religiously and have received great reviews. 

Retraining Your Mind: Part 12

How to get money.

Retraining Your Mind: Part 12

Money is a tricky subject. First you have to understand why you want to money. It's cause its worth something solid in the exchange of goods. One thing for another. If we didn't use green pieces of paper to pay for things it would just be something else with a different name. So it's not the money that's important. It's not the money that we want. If the dollar lost ALL of its value today nobody would want it anymore. We'd want the next popular exchange item so we could get groceries and gas. So what we really want is whatever form of equity necessary to acquire the things/experiences we want in life. The freedom to say "I want that, and I have the means to get it right here right now!"

To ask God (or the universe) for money literally makes no since, that's why it doesn't work. Science has proven that if you look at money, or anything for that matter, with a powerful enough microscope all you'll see is energy waves vibrating at different frequencies, in and out of existence, seemingly randomly. Which means that science can prove that money, nor any other object, even really physically exist. Now I know that may sound radical to those that are hearing this for the first time but it's true. You may be thinking to yourself "I exist, this computer in front of me exist, so that last statement Neo made makes no sense". Food for thought: Did you know that you'll never really be able to touch something. When you put your hand on a wall and push your not touching the wall. Your experiencing an magnetic resistance in front of you like your hand and the wall are both positively charged. A pillow vibrates at a frequency that is felt as less resistant (more cushiony) than an object like a wall. Science has already proven all of this, it's just not very well known. But now you know! There is no wall. Just magnetic resistance put there literally by your expectations of how it should feel (see double slit test). 

When you close your eyes and reach out and touch a door knob in front of you several things are happening. Your senses register, infront of what you know and feel to be your body, that there are two positive (or negative) charges pushing on each other providing resistance. Your brain recognizes that that feeling is coming through your right hand (as opposed to your left hand or your other extremities). Because of the situation you believe yourself to be in, you expect it to be a door knob you are feeling and that it will act as expected. That is where manifesting is strongest. What you truly expect to happen will happen. When a poor person says to themselves that they are going to win the lottery tomorrow, they don't truly expect to win therefore it cannot happen. But back to having your eyes closed and feeling the magnetic push of the doorknob against your hand. Science has already proven that what you're feeling is a magnetic push (or resistance) against a specific part of your body. However there is no door knob and in actuality there is no hand. Just energy waves acting in accordance with what your expectations are. 

Wrap your head around that, it's not a theory, it's been proven already. So to ask God (or the universe) for a door knob or any other object like money cannot work and that's why it doesn't work cause there is no money. Only experiences. You can't ask for something that doesn't exist. That's why I always say to ask for the experience you have with the object as opposed to the actual object. 
If you want to go on a cruise- Mark 11:24- picture yourself on a cruise feel the feeling you would have as often as possible and watch the magic happen. If you just want to have money, feel the experience of having an abundance of money that you can spend on what you want and feel how you would feel if that were true. Picturing yourself holding money does nothing unless you can emotionally feel what that experience would feel like. Then your manifesting the experience of holding money. Hold on to that feeling. Water that seed with thought and emotions! Any plant you water will grow in your life.
So all in all stay away from asking for money. Think about it, how has that worked out for you so far?

Side notes:

-People get money from confidence. Your paycheck might have your bosses name on it but that money clearly came from God. You went to work all week and every single part of you knows and expects to get paid. That is an uncanny confidence level that is hard to achieve without all the evidence backing up why you KNOW your going to get paid. What you truly expect to happen will happen. If you don't go to work, you don't get paid right? WRONG! For 1, people do it ever day, and 2, mental work is the hardest occupation known to man according to religion and science so let that work suffice. The brain is a muscle and works on muscle memory. If you can condition yourself to truly EXPECT that payday to come without physically working for it, it will come. Understand that this is one of the toughest challenges known to man. Mental work is the hardest occupation and financial stability is the one thing everyone wants. What did you expect it to be easy lol. Just know that God is unlimited and has the ability to send you unlimited money from unlimited sources. So don't worry about how the money gets to you. Just know that it's coming, it's coming regularly, and it is unlimited.

-Grab a dollar, everyone can get their hands on a dollar. If not grab a penny. Hold it in your hand an focus on it. Just it's existence. Like an empty garage. Take that garage and put a car in it and it changes. There is now something in the room that is huge and changes the dynamic and the whole feel of the room. You have to be more careful, you can't walk over there anymore, etc. The room literally feels different. That's the feeling I'm looking for. If you have to drop the dollar and see how your hand feels without it a few times that's perfectly normal. But when you do learn how to feel the existence of that dollar then do it. As often as possible just feel it. People always say "one dollar ain't shit Neo!", then I say, "well give it to me!" And they all say "NO!" Don't take things for granted. Appreciate that dollar. Simply appreciate having it. I use to do this with stacks of 50 ones but I found that one dollar is better. A stack of money thorws you off. To many variables involved that throw off your thought process. When your truely acknowledging an item your thinking of nothing else. Your just staying in this moment. While acknowledging this dollar's existence it will only be a few seconds before your mind starts to wonder. It's either going to go positive and say "I'm happy I have this dollar (I could be without it)" or negative and say "This money isn't enough (this ain't shit)" at this point I don't have to tell you what your manifesting into your future by saying either one of those phrases, but I will anyway lol. "I'm happy I have this dollar" will cause you to say, in the future, "I'm happy I have this dollar" again (3rd Law of Motion). Saying "this money is not enough" will cause you, in the future, to be saying "I don't have enough money" or "the amount of money I have in my hand is not enough." you choose!

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Retraining Your Mind: Part 13

With the day to day life hitting you at 100 mph it's seemingly impossible to remember to remember to stop and smell the roses. Just look around at your life or the world around you and appreciate. As humans we are programmed to take things for granted after a while. It's our natural tendency to grow, improve, etc. The car or house you have was probably the greatest thing in the universe the day you got it and now it's just a stepping stone till you get your next house or car. That's just the way it is. But appreciation is sooooo much more important that you know. 

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Part 13 video

Retraining Your Mind: Part 14

By now you should be getting what you want out of life. If you've followed the directions and worked hard, soon after your nourished seed will grow into reality. Between knowing that you're in control of creating your whole future and knowing that just thinking about things (actually  the experiences with those things) will bring them into your life, you should be walking around with your head high feeling like a million bucks. While on this great ride called "The Good Life" you're going to want to order specific things from the "universal catalog". Here is a great Ritual I like to do before bed and in the morning. I don't always remember to do it. Remembering to remember is the hardest part. But when I do it feels great, and I'm attracting those things into my life. Here is my pre sleep rituals.

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Part 14 video

Retraining Your Mind: Part 15

The Ego! The silent killer. That's the voice that says that you don't have enough, or you're not good enough. It will combat anything you say or think good or bad. And it's also what makes a person think "I'm not where I should be at this point in my life" or "Why don't I have this (or be here) by now. Nothing is good enough for the ego.That is the total contradiction for what you want to be thinking all day. That's the easy way out. The test. To see if we can stay positive and appreciative throughout our days. Whether is be Pre-Sleep Rituals, or "Proactive Manifesting" exercises it's sometimes hard to find the silver lining in situations. But I think that when you see how important it is, then you see how easy it is, you'll find yourself using this technique every day for the rest of your life. By nature it causes a lighter heart, happier days, and a better outlook on your future. Which is why we're all here. A better outlook on your future produces a better future.

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Part 15 video

Retraining your Mind: Part 16

The best way to solve any problem is to break it down to the root. I mean the bare root. The reason I'm so good at giving relationship advise is because I break it down to the raw essence of man. Getting people on the same page equals more understanding, etc. What I've come to realize is that everything comes down to pass or fail, win or lose. From getting a glass of water from the fridge to climbing the highest mountain they're all goals that once set (thought of), the game is one. Will I pass or fail, win or lose. So if I figure out a way to tackle "battles" itself, I can win in anything.  That thought right there birthed this video called "How to Win"

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Part 16 video

Talking to God - PART 1

This is extremely personal so please keep an open mind. No one knows everything. So learn something new each day. Over 130 pages on my website and they're each missing a second half. God. I've always been curious about the brain and how it works. And when I asked God to let me sit at home and learn more without having to worry about bills, etc. He said to me "Ok, but what I give you, you have to share. No matter what it is, or how silly you may feel, you have to share it." I of course said "Hell yea! I was going to do that anyways". Shortly after I retired and my journey began. But since then I've avoided the whole "God" talk subject because it's a heavy subject. And can be taken extremely offensive to not just defensive people but to everyone.  But I made a deal with God. And we've both held up on our ends of the bargain. Except for this. It's time for me to hold up on my end.

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God - Part 1 video

Talking to God - PART 2

Part 2 involves the "Thoughts become things" aspect of talking to God and how it can greatly assist you in keeping you mind right during the actual conversation.

Talking to God - PART 3

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

Talking to God - PART 4

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

Talking to God - PART 5

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

Quotes from the Quantum


Here are a few quotes I've come up with to keep my mind on task. And a few that I didn't.

I am an ordained Quoteologist

-Marcus Aurelius: "The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it."

-Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

-If you want to smile when you think about your ____________, you must first smile when you think about your  _____________.

-Today is a precious gift. That's why they call it the present.

-The universe is always working with you, never against you. It's up to you to determine what it's working on. i.e. "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." In order for the universe to get you to mirror (3rd law of motion) the thought "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." it has to keep that wish from you, right? The universe is always working with you, for you. So watch what your focusing on. Chose your thoughts and how you word them wisely. 

-Accept and expect. Accept your current situation and expect for it to improve.

-That problem exist only in the mental world right now. how much money, power, and influence do you have in that world?

-Don't think of the things you didn't get after praying, think of the countless blessings God gave you without asking. 

-A future heaven, makes a current hell. Don’t make this moment just a means to an end. Disregard the fruit of your labor, focus only on the labor.

-Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

-Write your story, with your pen, on your paper, in Gods time! 

-Impatience is counter productive to you future.