Thank you for showing interest in being a part of the Neo Positivity group. I created this group back in September when I got a gig hosting a talkshow on RVN TV interviewing other Coaches. The group's purpose was to display a list of "Life's coaches" alphabetized by their niche, for ease of use. This way my fans/clients truly are getting the best these coaches have to offer. 

Everyone knows how I am about money so to be a member was free. But as the group grew so did the cost to maintain it. I'm going to keep it as low as feasible so the membership currently cost $1 a week. As we grow, you grow.

The rules are real simple. 

Don't leave your clients on hold for days at a time. 

Stay professional. 

I reserve the right to terminate membership with no explanation.

If you unsubscribe, give us 14 days to remove you from the list. 

No refunds

I'm an old school "hand shake" kind of guy? If we do right by each other we'll always be friends. And when I move to OWN, this list is coming with me. I take care of my people. Always!

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Thank you for being a part of the Neo Positivity Group


Please send us the following information the way you'd like it to appear.



An inviting photo

Contact information


Phone: 856-818-4242

Email: Neopositivity42@gmail.com

Website: www.neopositivity.com

Your Niche

Think hard about this one!

People will come here with a type of coach in mind. Be specific. Myself and others have struggled trying to narrow it down to one word cause we handle all aspects of life.

Just remember, whatever phrase you choose, this list is in alphabetical order. So the first word is the most important.

Please send your information to campneo42@gmail.com