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Achieving Enlightenment

A lot of people think that enlightenment is a goal that needs to be achieved. Or an objective that can be passed like getting a black belt. It’s actually a state of mind that can be entered and exited as easily as a daydream. Enlightenment is when you are “still” (all of your senses quieted) and you are present (no past or future thoughts, just this moment). The second your mind starts to wonder off about dinner, or whatever, enlightenment is fading, but like a loved one leaving your arms, you can pull it back. Get back to this moment. Stay in this moment and stay in the zone. The enlightenment zone. 


A. Peace and prosperity. Do this for a total of 10 minutes a day for 3 days and watch things in your life start to go your way. Not just some things,all things. Health, relationships, finances, etc. I’m not saying that you’re going to beat cancer, get married, and win the lottery in 3 days (to whom much is given much is tested), But you have to start somewhere. 

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Body healing video

Mark 11:24. Whatever you ask for in prayer, see that it is already yours and it will be.

There's a few things to remember though, especially with Body healing

Body Healing

1. It's A LOT easier said then done. 

Why? I know how to get what I want. Simply put, I have to imagine that I already have it, and do that as often as possible to make it a reality. Everyone uses it every day (mostly for bad without knowing), but I've made it my life's work to master and I'm pretty good at it. So to cure physical pain all I have to do is imagine myself walking around with no pain. Pure perfection like I did before I got hurt. I know 100% that that's exactly how to get what I want. But as I'm typing this I cannot think of the last time I've actually done that. With life flying by at seemingly 100mph keeping me busy, the thought do that exercise hasn't crossed my mind. When I'm actually experiencing physical pain or even when I'm not, I'm just not thinking about it. When I'm in pain it's kinda hard for me think to myself "I feel great, thank you God". And when I'm not in pain, I'm not thinking about the pain that I am lacking. That's why I can't remember when is the last time I've done this exercise. Life goes on, and you forget that this particular exercise even exist. But I don't dare forget about my exercises for winning, or choosing my words carefully. Physical pain haunts me more than anything else in my life right now and I know how to fix it, yet I don't. These are the types of situations about life, and the systems design, that drive me to do my research and find ways to make things better, or make life easier. We first have to remember to remember what needs to be done to live the life we want. 

2. It takes time.
There is absolutely no better way to test someones dedication and faith then to make them wait. To whom much is given, much is tested (the test of time).
MANIFESTING THINGS TAKES TIME!!... SOMETIMES HOURS AND SOMETIMES YEARS WORTH OF WATERING THAT SEED (with positive thoughts)! I know that nobody wants to hear that but whether you like it or not that's the game your engaged in and will be for the rest of your life. So learn some patients. And learn to have faith no matter how long you have been waiting. Besides, you only have 2 choices. Know that you'll get it, or know what it will always be just a dream. The choice is yours.

3. It's a lot harder to stay positive when the you're in pain.
If you ever try to meditate when your in physical pain you'll notice that it's a pain. When you're in physical pain there seems to be a constant flow of negative thoughts running through your mind no matter how perfect your life is. The negative thoughts  just keep coming and there annoying as hell. I still haven't found a way around this one

4. Try not to mention the pain when doing this exercise. 
"The study of poverty breeds poverty." "Whether you focus on debt or not having debt, your focus is on debt and it will grow in life." So mentioning pain in this exercise would seem to be counter productive. And remember, stay away from words like can, will, soon, etc. Try saying something along the lines of "Thank you God for perfect health" or something as simple as "I feel great". Speaking things into existence works for any experiences you want to manifest into your life. Even the experience of walking around without pain. 

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Curing Writers Block Video

Curing Writers Block

This one is quite simple to me. Being a writer, I know it's important to be able to write whenever you want. And having "writers block" can be annoying and is counterproductive. So of course me and my claim to fame, "knowing how to solve any problem" I applied my same principals to this and found another winner. Knowing that the writing is coming, it's in abundance, and it's there whenever I need it wasn't enough. That is a completely necessary 50% of the equation but it wasn't enough to cure writers block forever. I had to look into where good ideas come from. 

All of us have either seen someone say or said ourselves "I got that out of nowhere", or "that came to me from nowhere". Science calls that source the Quantum Field, Everyone else calls it God. It's the source from which all things are created. At one point that brilliant idea you have did not exist, and now it does. Whatever you prefer to call it doesn't matter. What matters is that all your good ideas, all the great inventions came from there. And learning to tap into that source at any time was my obsession. Fortunately I had done a lot of research on the Quantum field, etc. which made this easy. Without getting into further detail about my research, I'm just going to tell you the steps to curing writers block or any other block for that matter.

1. Get to a very quiet very dark (preferably pitch black) location.
2. Thank God, out loud, for the great writings that he has given you so far. Really feel the appreciation for the great things you have come up with in the past. There all from him. 
3. Speak, out loud, about what you want to accomplish using Mark 11:24 format. ie. If your experiencing writers block and you want to write about fish you would say, out loud in the dark, "Thank you God for coming to me in the form of my great new writings about fish".
4. Stop everything. Stop thinking. If your mind is wondering, focus completely on feeling every breath as they come in and go out of your body. Clear your mind. Random thoughts will come and go, just clear your mind and go back to breathing. The first thought that comes to you, about your topic, run with it. Brainstorm immediately. I suggest having some sort of recorder with you to speak into. Freestyle whatever comes to mind, and keep and open mind about what your brainstorming about. Let one thing lead to another. Remember, you don't know everything, and something new is what your looking for anyway. So don't shut down ideas cause they might take you out of your comfort zone. Those are usually the best ones.  
5. Be proud of your results. You know they're good. Be proud and happy about your relationship with your creator, and how he gives you what you need when you need it. This step will only produce more of you getting what you want, strengthen your feelings about your relationship with God, and give you confidence that writers block is in your past.

*This comes very easily to me because I've developed an extreme confidence that I am free from writers block forever. I know that I know how to tap into the Quantum Field on command and produce great results. My confidence in my ability to do this is a major part of why I can do it so easily. You will develop this confidence over time. But I suggest you really focus on it, causing it to develop quicker. 

*If you plan on writing 24 hours a day every day I'm not to sure how this system will work for you but that sounds like a recipe for failure. I haven't done research or tried it myself. I write when I want to write. Never force things. Anything you chase will run from you, that's a part of the 3rd law of motion. The body needs balance. Trying to write all day every day for 3 days in a row only stopping to eat, use the bathroom, and sleep isn't healthy and I think would produce mediocre results at best. Be well rested, well fed, and inspired to write. If you don't have the inspiration, simply thank God for giving you the inspiration and it will come. It has to. That's something I do all the time and it works every time. Maybe not at that second, but in Gods time. 

*Once you are inspired and writing the way you want to be, would you be thinking to yourself "Dang, how can I shake this writers block"? NO! You would be thinking the opposite. "Yay, i'm back on my grind and creating art. Thank you God". You have to see it before you do it. I always say that if you want to smile when you think about your spouse, you have to first smile when you think about your spouse. Focusing on writers block will ONLY produce more writers block. The same goes for success!

*Enjoy it! Thats what produces the best results.

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Daily Pre-Sleep Rituals Video

There are 3 easy steps to follow before going to sleep.
(keep in mind that when I refer to a thought, I'm talking about the feeling that is described by that thought)

Daily Pre-Sleep Rituals

1. Go over the days events in your mind (at least the major ones). 
If an event didn't turn out the way that you would have liked then play it out, in your mind, with your preferred ending. I always say that whenever you ask for something the universe will show you, if not prove to you (depending on the size of the wish), that you cannot have it. And it's how you respond emotionally to that proof, that determines whether your going to get it or not, and how fast. So if events didn't go as you wished, thats just a prerequisite to your success. Unless you give up on that dream. 
With every thought, a signal is sent out across the universe. One that will undoubtably come back and be thought again. Every thought is playing a small part in manifesting your future (which is you thinking that thought/feeling again). So if you recap a bad incident but give it a good ending it's not only manifesting good experiences for your future, but what you think about right before bed plays a major influence on what you dream about. And if you get 8 hours of sleep, would you rather have 8 hours of subconsciously focused success or 8 hours of subconsciously focused failure. They say that if you don't remember your dream, that's just one of your bodies defense mechanisms. Self preservation. In other words, the dream was so bad that your body won't let you remember it. How many dreams do you remember daily? That's not the case for all dreams though, just food for thought. 

2. Speaking things into existence.
Tell yourself in a demanding voice that you WILL have a great night's sleep tonight filled with wonderful dreams that you will remember. And in the interest of speaking things into existence, thank God (or the universe) for the beautiful night's sleep you got last night (even if you didn't). Regardless if you did or didn't get a great nights sleep last night, saying that will still send out the that specific emotion that feels like your thanking the man upstairs for a great night's sleep. Thus manifesting an experience that will cause you to say that again. Which is another great nights sleep. It's a cycle. You gotta see it before you do it.

3. Go over the next day's events in your mind. Play them out exactly the way you would like them to go. Send out positive signals across the universe and manifest your tomorrow. Remember while your laying in bed, that tomorrow your speaking aboutonly currently exist in one place. Your mind. Which you have complete Godly control over. So why would you play out any scenario in any other way than successfully.

These steps, in my opinion, yield results in accordance with how balanced you are as far as mind, body, and soul, accompanied with the level of that balance. In other words, you can't be shitty in all 3 and call it balance. A great deal of meditation and soul searching is required. With that will come the other 2. At least that's how it was with me and every other successful person i've studied and read about. 

So I challenge you. At least try step 2. Say it just one time right before you doze off. Even shorten it up a little if you want "I will have a great nights sleep tonight, and remember my dreams. And thank you for the perfect sleep I got last night" (the universe will do whatever it has to do to make you say that "thank you" part again. Which means giving you a great nights sleep tonight. I bet you'll remember at least one dream and it'll be a good one. O, and if you sleep with aches and pains, watch them fade away to. Then you'll be coming back to this page and making all 3 steps a part of your nightly ritual. Thus improving yourself and your overall life. Which will reflect on the people around you.

-YOU JUST HAVE TO REMEMBER TO REMEMBER TO DO THESE RITUALS: That seems to be the hardest part for some reason.

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The All Mental Diet Video

My obsession with being able to fix all problems lead me to this one. Weight control. For a lot of people this is their biggest problem. So I started analyzing and this is what I Came up with. The "Neo Diet" or "The All Mental Diet". A large percent of my questions I'll ask, then thank "God" (or "The Universe") for the answer (Mark 11:24). In doing that, this is what I was shown:

The All Mental Diet

Think about it, all actors, models, and the best looking people spend a lot of time in the mirror. Weather they're posing, or going over lines, or just fixing themselves up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, one of my favorite sayings "What you focus on will grow". I noticed that when you focus on something, an object, both positive and negative aspects of it will pop into your mind depending on your past experiences and future expectations. But like past and present, there is a middle,The Now. And while staring at and giving your focus and attention to an object you can either think about the negatives, the positives, or just focus on its existence. So I wanted to try that. Just giving focus to it's existence, and when the negative thoughts kick in, acknowledge them, then get back to just focusing. 

What do I mean by focusing? Picture an empty field of grass, like a large back yard. Now imagine putting a big house in the middle of that back yard and it feels different. Most skeptics will be like "yea cause theres a house there duh", but I'm asking you to go deeper. Of course there's a house there now but the dynamic of the yard has changed. It not only appears different, but it feels different. There is a huge large object there now that didn't exist there in a previous "now". Feel that presence! Be able to focus on the object in front of you, but only on its existence, not the good or bad qualities. 

Now the "Diet"
1st understand this, there is no food, drink, or anything that exist that can make a person overweight. Thats been proven scientifically. Every single overweight person I've said this to took offense to what I said and immediately defended themselves. When I first heard this I was overweight to and had the same reaction. But I knew that I had tried several different ways to diet and they didn't work so I had to keep an open mind. But it is true. The only thing that can make a person overweight, is when there eating, and there constantly thinking "this is gonna make me fatter" etc. Imagine what that statement is doing to your body (Water test). Manifesting fat on top of what you already consider to be fat. It's pure self destruction. 

side note: one way to get around this is to close your eyes while eating. I know it sounds, and feels silly while doing it, but that bite you take is getting your full 100% attention and will not only taste so much better, but if your completely focused on flavor (which brings on how happy you are the be tasting it) you cannot be focused on how fat your going to get. And the food taste so much better lol.

So at 254 lbs, I asked God and thanked him for showing me the way to the body I wanted, and this is what he had me do. 
    1. As often as possible I thanked God for being 235 lbs. I could have said 245 lbs but I wanted to dream bigger/go harder.
    2. I closed my eyes as often as possible when I ate. I know you can't do this for every bite on every meal. So just do it when you can. But the more, the better.
    3. I put a mirror I had laying around the house right next to the TV. Facing myself. On every commercial break I muted the TV, and stared at my existence on the sofa. Nothing more, just the fact that there is a body on the sofa that wasn't there before. And if that body wasn't there right now, the sofa would feel and look completely different (more open). Focus on center mass to. For some reason looking at the face and eyes brings up other thoughts, which can be counter productive. But when your eyes do drift to the face, smile. No matter how you feel about what your looking at, Smile, and hold it.  
    4. Every time I passed a mirror (i.e. going in and out of the bathroom) I took a solid 5 deep breaths to just acknowledge that same presence mentioned in #3. My bodies existence. Which is something to be thankful for. If you weren't here, none of this would apply to you.
Very soon after, I had another doctors appointment. Before the appointment I remember going into and coming out of the bathroom and doing my 5 breath ritual in the mirror. When I got to the doctors, they put me on the scale and it said 234 lbs. I immediately texted everyone in my inner circle and posted it on FB. I was a believer before, but this was another big time confirmation. For years I struggled at 225, most of my adult life. So I decided not to shoot for 225. I practiced the same rituals, but I lowered the number to 215 lbs. A little while passed and I found myself on a scale weighing 217 lbs. Thats exactly what I weighed when I graduated from the police academy. My next goal, was 205 lbs. That's what I weighed when I graduated high school. I don't keep a scale in my house, and I suggest you don't either, but the next time I got on a scale it said 204. I did not want to get skinnier than that but since then I've been fluctuating between 195 and 205 lbs and I'm perfectly fine with that. 

There are a few things I wanted to mention about this story but save them till the end for a reason:
    1. Pardon my French, but I ate like shit. Cheese steaks, and cheeseburgers, anything with fries and cheese etc. I wanted to be able to lose weight and enjoy life. Not eat flavorless grilled chicken salads everyday. That gets old!
    2. No gym, no workouts. I was and still am nursing some serious injuries sustained in the line of duty. My shoulder and knee injuries alone keep me from "working out". And if I had worked out I would not be able to call it "The All Mental Diet". I knew I could do it without any outside influences, and I did. Or should I say "I still do". 
    3. I've kept the weight off since then with no problems. And I can guarantee I've had a burger and fries in the last 48 hours lol.
    4. All of this happened in less than 4 months. I saw cuts in my stomach by the summer time, in my mind, and I didn't let that vision go no matter what I was eating, or what people said. Outside influences are most of the time the worst influences And sadly enough family is usually the last to believe in you. This is your life, your thoughts can only be seen by you and they write your future. So control them. And be careful of what your thinking about/focusing on! (Water test)

side note: My mom says to me: "but those actresses and models hate the way they look". My response: "they know that before they leave that mirror they have to meet their own personal standard. And it's met daily, otherwise they wouldn't leave the mirror. In other words, there happy by the time they leave the mirror. And they know the public will notice. Deep down inside, a supermodel knows she's a supermodel, and that's the deep rooted thought as she focuses on herself in the mirror. Doing hair, makeup, etc. is a creative process. While in the creative process, your focus is on the current moment, not in the past or the future. Staying present, while focusing on your bodies presence/existence is the biggest part to this diet.

-I've seen several "It's all mental" type diets selling for hundreds and they don't even touch on half of what I do on this page and this site. Well here it is, from me to you. Along with my inventions, philosophy, etc.

Try it! I dare you. What have you got to lose? Better yet, what have you got to gain? Mental discipline is the key to it all.

100% success rate, Leave your comments here! I love to hear more success stories. 

FB Post about this diet:
-My diet requires that you believe that whatever it is you are doing, it's working! Thats it in a nutshell. If your eating fatty, your loosing weight, if your not working out, your loosing weight. Whatever it is your doing, ITS WORKING! And you are already perfection. And try your best to be happy with what you are now. That may be the hardest part, which makes since cause its the most effective. You are the exact size and weight that you are supposed to be right now. Which makes you perfect at this moment. If you have to use that then use it. It was the beginning to my 65lbs weight loss. Trying to smile and be happy while staring at the mirror at something you don't like is hard. So speak it into existence at first. It'll get easier. Expect it to get easier, and it will. 

How to Fall Asleep Video

How to Fall Asleep

I've never put much stock in counting sheep, but had sleep issues which led to me trying many different things. This is the most successful way I know to fall asleep and 100% of the people i've shared this with swear by it. It's simple and effective.

What your going to do while laying in bed is close your eyes and see the darkness. Then picture numbers fading in while moving towards you. Bold white numbers over a black background. I made this video as an example. iMovie would not let me make the numbers bigger or zoom in for some reason, so picture zooming into the numbers until there really big. Almost taking up the whole black background. Start your count on an inhale and really focus on the number and nothing else. That is very important. Other thoughts may come in especially if you have a lot on your mind or you have physical pain. Have the number start small and grow like it's moving toward you. By the end of your inhale the number should take up most of the black background. Watch the number fade away on the exhales. 

Most people with sleep problems don't make it to 20 without drifting away and loosing count. Thats when you notice your drifting. Naturally you'll get a little excited that it worked and you've found a way to fall asleep easily. Feel the appreciation every time you drift off and mix up the count. Love it because you know your going to be falling asleep soon. After messing up the count, I think it's important if you always start at the number you distinctly remember saying in the correct order before you drifted away. If the last number you remember before skipping to 20 is 17, go back and start at 17. Big bold white letters over the black endless background, think of nothing else. Sweet dreams.

How to Fall Asleep

This is what you should be seeing in you mind.

Fight the Subconscious

Once you've realized and excepted the way the brain works you'll recognize the ongoing struggle between you and your subconscious.

You know you have to see it before you do it, right! So lets say your sitting in your living room thinking about your dream (or next) vacation. You're really feeling it. The fun, the sun, and everything else you can imagine before your subconscious kicks in and tells you "you're not there, you're here". Or like when the average person tells themselves that they're a millionaire and you get a deep unwelcoming feeling like a knot that travels between your throat and your heart. Those are the 2 classic things that will happen. One because your subconscious sees you in a daydream and will do anything to wake you up. And the second comes from the deep rooted moral code that were all instilled with. That lying is wrong. And when we lie to ourselves, we feel it. So basically seeing it before you do it is easy for a few seconds. Extremely hard for a few more. 

In light of that fact I had to come up with ways to get around that. Ways to shut down the subconscious "bully" that will terrorize every thought you have about your dream spouse, house, life, etc. 

I love getting things for free. So all I have to do is appreciate getting things for free and i'll get more things for free. 100% proven time and time again. But when you haven't gotten anything for free in a while it's hard to imagine without the subconscious kicking in and making you feel like a liar. So I analyzed the reality of the situation and came up with this a while ago… When I go to the grocery store and get a basket full of items I literally don't have to give any of myself to get the items. Sure I have to give the cashier some green pieces of paper but that's the whole reason I got them in the first place. To exchange them for goods. Sometimes they let me go when I swipe a plastic card on a box but either way I didn't have to give any of myself to get what I wanted. Therefore it's free!

That was a good one but I needed better. The subconscious would still kick in ruining things so I kept coming up with new techniques. Regardless of what you do, If your subconscious thinks your lying about the current situation (ie. picturing yourself in your dream car while your sitting in your living room) it will shut it down. So I needed truth. Almost 2 years of trial and error on many different techniques. One was my section of this website "you can't lie about the future". That was a great one because you can't. Who knows what's going to happen. It's all just speculation that could come true but it's not a lie. 
But I knew I could do better.

I'm currently awaiting a phone call from Oprah Winfrey. The phone call that would kick start the spreading of this defined/explained new way of viewing positivity. So in the spirit of seeing it before you do it, I meditated on it. I imagined the phone calls I would make after I hung up with Oprah. One of them was to my little brother, who's off playing college football, and his twin (my little sister) on 3 way. In this phone call I went into detail about what was said between me and Oprah. Oprah was flying me out for a meeting at noon tomorrow. She said that she loved my work and that we had a bright future working together. Normally my subconscious would have stepped in immediately and denied the meeting tomorrow ending my daydream but it didn't. Something I did stopped the interruption that occurs on every daydream. 60,000 thoughts a day per person (on average) and the subconscious wakes you up from all of them. Not this time. I was in my ultimate creative mind frame and I had accomplished something major. I told a "Future truth, now".

What is that? "Future truth."
There are obviously 2 worlds we straddle. The physical world that we see and touch, and the imagination world that we do all of our thinking and visualizing in. They're both very real. We've all had thoughts that damn near stopped our hearts. The imagination world is the prerequisite to the real world. If you envision yourself failing all day every day. Eventually you'll fail in the physical world. The same goes for winning and all other experiences. 

So when I saw Oprah in the imagination world saying those things to me why didn't the subconscious see that as a problem and bring me back to the present? Because I had done something different. That Oprah I had a conversation with about tomorrow's meeting, that's the "Future Oprah". I gave her a title in the imagination world. She's the same Oprah but different. Just like my little brother and sister are the same twins I know and love, but they're different. One set will always exist in the physical world, and one set will not. The physical Oprah that I'm going to see tomorrow, is impossible for me to see right now. It hasn't happened yet. So it doesn't exist. 

The Future Oprah that exist in my imagination and the Future Oprah that I would be meeting with tomorrow at noon are in fact the same. Right now neither one of them physically exist. 

The subconscious is right when shutting that dream down. Since it hasn't happened yet and isn't happening untill tomorrow at noon it doesn't exist. So the Oprah that I'm seeing in the imagination world is (currently) 100% more real than the one I would be seeing tomorrow. Because out of the two very real worlds that I know and create as I go… the Oprah I can "see" right now counts for more. And I call her "Future Oprah" because right now our 12:00 meeting is in the future. That phone call with my little sister and brother, is with my future sister and brother. Not my current ones. There asleep right now. And if you ask them or Oprah to put a name on the person they'll be tomorrow or a year from now they'll say "the future me". 

The techniques I've used to manifest meetings etc. in the past was to just visualize it. And when the subconscious kicked in to bring me back to reality (or the moment), I would just go back to visualizing repeatedly until it was my reality. This one actually keep the subconscious out. At first you'll have to keep reminding yourself that "Future Oprah", as a part of my imagination world, does exist. The subconscious is not use to this new behavior. But since it's true (over there, she does exist and we did have that conversation already) you'll win every time. And the subconscious will interrupt less frequently if at all. 

As for now, this is the best I have. I'll update you as I go. I love you for listening.

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How to Get a Better Car

If your working on getting a better car, click here!

If your working on getting a car just read over the philosophy page. The same rules apply. It may seem silly but it yields spectacular results. Proactive manifesting coupled with meditation is the only way to get what you want in this world. Whether you believe it or not, or whether you think so or not, you spend time thinking about what you want before you get it. You think about a car all day, then you see the one you want. You think about driving it, next think you know you're test driving it. After thinking it over and deciding whether it's the best decision or not, you're driving it home. Everything begins with thought. So lets skip all the footwork and How about I show you how to cheat a little lol.

Proactive manifesting: There are several techniques to proactive manifesting. But the main point is to see it as if it's already yours (Mark 11:24). Enjoy it! And feel that emotion leaving your body (3rd Law of Motion). Thinking "I appreciate my new car" or "I love my new car" will shift and twist the universe/God to do whatever he has to to make you say that same thing again. Which is give you a new car.    

REMEMBER: stay away from words like can, will, soon, etc. If you say "I'll have that new car soon" or "I will have that new car one day" in order for God to make you say that again does he give you the car? NO, you'd be saying "Thank you for the new car". The car has to stay just out of reach in order for you to repeat "I'll have a new car soon". So chose your words carefully.

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How to Get a Better Job

How do you get a better Job? Simply put, you have to appreciate the one you have. No matter how sucky it is, you have to do it. In order to think to yourself, in the future, "I love my job" you have to first think it now. Think it, love it, live it. Hating only brings more hate, and love only brings more love. If you don't have a job or your trying to get a promotion, see yourself in that position. Spend as much time during the day as you can imagining it. To the common eye it may seem foolish, but trust me this method works. I live by it and it's never let me down. Imagining yourself in the position you want to be in brings out a specific feeling. The same feeling you would have if you had that position and that's the key to it all. The more time you spend thinking and feeling that feeling, the quicker it will come to you. You have to water that seed to get what you want. All seeds have to be watered to grow. Plants, children, ideas, etc. 

Do a little proactive manifesting as often as you can. Find a nice quiet spot, preferably pitch black, and just experience the work day as if you had the exact position you want. Really get into it and feel it. Enjoy it! And it's very important that you don't worry about the middle man. That's not your job. Focus on the end result and leave the footwork to God or The Universe. When you try to map out a path on how your going to reach your goal you'll start to subconsciously throw in obstacles and that will definitely throw off your thought process. See the position as if you already have it. Nothing more needs to be done. No bridges need to be crossed, you're already there. And most importantly don't give up hope. Keep watering that seed until it's here. You've already seen it in your future. Now your just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. If it's one of those dreams that will eventually fade away, then don't waist your time. Have a dream and be willing to die for it. Not die for it today, but know that you would still hold on to that dream and think about it daily till your 100 years old and kicking the bucket. Because only then, when God is convinced that you're in it for the long haul, will you be rewarded with your exact dream without having to wait all those years. 

So appreciate your job. Appreciate your position. If you don't have one, meditate on it. Water that seed. You won't be without a job forever. And remember, to whom much is given much is tested. Sometimes you'll be shown, if not proven, that you cannot have your dream. It's how you respond to that that determines when and if you win or lose.

What have you got to lose. Lets say you try this. You spend a total of 1 hour a day imagining that you have the position you want. And you don't get the results you want in a month (a lot of times it takes longer than 30 days). What did you lose? You spent 1 hour a day feeling good about yourself when you would have normally felt like a failure. That in itself makes it worth while. And FYI, when your ready to give up on a dream, thats when your closest to it. The ultimate test for God to give you is to tell you "no" flat out. How will you respond. Crying, kicking, and screaming, or refusing to believe that it's not already yours. You decide. Normally this is the part where I would say "you let me know". But me and everyone around you will know your decision by looking at your circumstances. 

*True faith in your ability to manifest whatever you want into your life yields faster results.

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How to get a man / women

I'm going to try to keep this one as simple as possible. A saying just came to me one night and it's been so effective to my listeners that I use it almost every day. "If you want to smile when you think about your spouse, you must first smile when you think about your spouse".

Manifesting actions from someone is just as easy as manifesting a car, or even a cheeseburger into your life. Mark 11:24 See it as if its yours and it will be. I have friends that come to me constantly listing the bad things that their spouses do and I can tell that they're really passionate by their facial expressions and emotions. And I say the same thing to them all. "Damn, it seems like you've been thinking about this a lot lately". And they say "yea, it's all I can think about". Then I give them my "Seriously" look and they realize what they've just done. Manifested their tomorrow's experiences. 

Weather you focus on debt or not having debt your focus is on debt and thats what you'll attract into your life. Understand that you cannot attract an object into your life. What you attract is your experience with that object. So for debt, whether your focussing on having it or not having it, your focus is on it, and that's what you'll experience. The same applies to all other experiences including the experience of feeling broke, and the horrible experience of feeling a failing relationship. You have to be careful what your focusing on and especially what your saying when you're venting to a friend. You are literally writing tomorrow's story. Yes you can feel a since of relief when you vent, but to vent to 5 different people each day about the same problem... come on now! Now your looking for attention. 

Back to the subject. If your spouse is acting like a butthole there is only one thing you can do to make things truly better. See the positive in them. I know it seems hard in the heat of the moment but are you willing to proactively change your thought process, after an argument, to save your relationship? Because if you're pissed off about an experience you've had with your spouse and you shift your thought process to something positive about them you'll not only notice a change (maybe not that day lol smh), but you're also saving yourself some heartache. Fighting and arguing not only doesn't feel good, but it's technically considered pain that your experiencing. Find something positive about your spouse and hold on to it, if not for manifesting a better tomorrow, do it for yourself. Save yourself some heartache and in doing so you're practicing staying calm in hectic situations. Its literally a win, win, win. 

-If your a guy and you want your wife to cook for you like she use to, do yourself a favor, reminisce about that home cooked meal and how it made you feel every day and watch the magic happen. 

-Ladies, if your mad doesn't seem as romantic as he use to be, take a few moments out of your day (every day - trust me its worth it) to think back and feel what it was like when he was pulling out all the stops to impress you. And when you finally get what you want, think of this website and how it could improve other situations in your life.

Now to address the single people out there looking for love....
To avoid sounding crazy and making suggestions that may seem crazy I'm just going to leave you with this self explanatory scripture and let you drawl your own conclusion of what your willing to do for love.

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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How to get things for free

Getting things for free

Here's one of my favorites and it goes right along with everything else. When you're preying or proactively manifesting using Mark 11:24 format (See it as though you already have it and it will be yours) all you have to do is envision the exact experience of having the object you want but image if you had gotten if for free. Getting things for free comes with a certain feeling. Like the Gods of luck are shining down on you lol. 

Start off small. Use a free meal, or something under $10.00. Imaging getting it for free then, being thankful for getting it for free. Hold on to that feeling for as long as possible as often as possible. Soon something will come to you and you'll know it's a gift from God. All you have to do then is appreciate the free object some more thus manifesting more free stuff into your life. Remember to choose your words carefully, and see it as thought it's yours. There's no wanting involved if its already in your hands. 

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How to Get Money Video

How to Get Money

Money is a tricky subject. First you have to understand why you want to money. It's cause its worth something solid in the exchange of goods. One thing for another. If we didn't use green pieces of paper to pay for things it would just be something else with a different name. So it's not the money that's important. It's not the money that we want. If the dollar lost ALL of its value today nobody would want it anymore. We'd want the next popular exchange item so we could get groceries and gas. So what we really want is whatever form of equity necessary to acquire the things/experiences we want in life. The freedom to say "I want that, and I have the means to get it right here right now!"

To ask God (or the universe) for money literally makes no since, that's why it doesn't work. Science has proven that if you look at money, or anything for that matter, with a powerful enough microscope all you'll see is energy waves vibrating at different frequencies, in and out of existence, seemingly randomly. Which means that science can prove that money, nor any other object, even really physically exist. Now I know that may sound radical to those that are hearing this for the first time but it's true. You may be thinking to yourself "I exist, this computer in front of me exist, so that last statement Neo made makes no sense". Food for thought: Did you know that you'll never really be able to touch something. When you put your hand on a wall and push your not touching the wall. Your experiencing an magnetic resistance in front of you like your hand and the wall are both positively charged. A pillow vibrates at a frequency that is felt as less resistant (more cushiony) than an object like a wall. Science has already proven all of this, it's just not very well known. But now you know! There is no wall. Just magnetic resistance put there literally by your expectations of how it should feel (see double slit test). 

When you close your eyes and reach out and touch a door knob in front of you several things are happening. Your senses register, infront of what you know and feel to be your body, that there are two positive (or negative) charges pushing on each other providing resistance. Your brain recognizes that that feeling is coming through your right hand (as opposed to your left hand or your other extremities). Because of the situation you believe yourself to be in, you expect it to be a door knob you are feeling and that it will act as expected. That is where manifesting is strongest. What you truly expect to happen will happen. When a poor person says to themselves that they are going to win the lottery tomorrow, they don't truly expect to win therefore it cannot happen. But back to having your eyes closed and feeling the magnetic push of the doorknob against your hand. Science has already proven that what you're feeling is a magnetic push (or resistance) against a specific part of your body. However there is no door knob and in actuality there is no hand. Just energy waves acting in accordance with what your expectations are. 

Wrap your head around that, it's not a theory, it's been proven already. So to ask God (or the universe) for a door knob or any other object like money cannot work and that's why it doesn't work cause there is no money. Only experiences. You can't ask for something that doesn't exist. That's why I always say to ask for the experience you have with the object as opposed to the actual object. 

If you want to go on a cruise- Mark 11:24- picture yourself on a cruise feel the feeling you would have as often as possible and watch the magic happen. If you just want to have money, feel the experience of having an abundance of money that you can spend on what you want and feel how you would feel if that were true. Picturing yourself holding money does nothing unless you can emotionally feel what that experience would feel like. Then your manifesting the experience of holding money. Hold on to that feeling. Water that seed with thought and emotions! Any plant you water will grow in your life.
So all in all stay away from asking for money. Think about it, how has that worked out for you so far?

Side notes:

-People get money from confidence. Your paycheck might have your bosses name on it but that money clearly came from God. You went to work all week and every single part of you knows and expects to get paid. That is an uncanny confidence level that is hard to achieve without all the evidence backing up why you KNOW your going to get paid. What you truly expect to happen will happen. If you don't go to work, you don't get paid right? WRONG! For 1, people do it ever day, and 2, mental work is the hardest occupation known to man according to religion and science so let that work suffice. The brain is a muscle and works on muscle memory. If you can condition yourself to truly EXPECT that payday to come without physically working for it, it will come. Understand that this is one of the toughest challenges known to man. Mental work is the hardest occupation and financial stability is the one thing everyone wants. What did you expect it to be easy lol. Just know that God is unlimited and has the ability to send you unlimited money from unlimited sources. So don't worry about how the money gets to you. Just know that it's coming, it's coming regularly, and it is unlimited.

-Grab a dollar, everyone can get their hands on a dollar. If not grab a penny. Hold it in your hand an focus on it. Just it's existence. Like an empty garage. Take that garage and put a car in it and it changes. There is now something in the room that is huge and changes the dynamic and the whole feel of the room. You have to be more careful, you can't walk over there anymore, etc. The room literally feels different. That's the feeling I'm looking for. If you have to drop the dollar and see how your hand feels without it a few times that's perfectly normal. But when you do learn how to feel the existence of that dollar then do it. As often as possible just feel it. People always say "one dollar ain't shit Neo!", then I say, "well give it to me!" And they all say "NO!" Don't take things for granted. Appreciate that dollar. Simply appreciate having it. I use to do this with stacks of 50 ones but I found that one dollar is better. A stack of money thorws you off. To many variables involved that throw off your thought process. When your truely acknowledging an item your thinking of nothing else. Your just staying in this moment. While acknowledging this dollar's existence it will only be a few seconds before your mind starts to wonder. It's either going to go positive and say "I'm happy I have this dollar (I could be without it)" or negative and say "This money isn't enough (this ain't shit)" at this point I don't have to tell you what your manifesting into your future by saying either one of those phrases, but I will anyway lol. "I'm happy I have this dollar" will cause you to say, in the future, "I'm happy I have this dollar" again (3rd Law of Motion). Saying "this money is not enough" will cause you, in the future, to be saying "I don't have enough money" or "the amount of money I have in my hand is not enough." you choose!

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Manifesting Actions Video

Manifesting Actions

I struggled with this one for a while. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Simply apply the same principals to obtaining toys to getting a desired action out of people. My inbox is full of people who complain about their significant others. They run down a long list of things that they don't like and I say "Wow, it seems like you've been thinking about this a lot". Then they usually say, "yea, it's all I can think about these days". Then I remind them that what they focus on the most, will grow. Including the things they hate about their significant others. Then I test them. As often as possible, especially before bed and when first waking up, I have them think about something their spouse does right. If there isn't anything, make something up. If you want your wife to cook a good home cooked meal, look up to God and thank him for the delicious home cooked meal that your lovely wife cooked for you last night. Even if she didn't, (Mark 11:24) you have to see it before you do it. See it and feel it! Just like you did with that car you're driving. See the experience in your mind first. The outside world is just a manifestations of your inside world.

So when you want an object and when you want a person to act a certain way, apply the same exact principals. 100% of the decision is yours. Thats where we as people go wrong so often. Most people think that If you want your spouse to do something,  50% of the manifesting is from your thoughts, and 50% of the manifesting is from their thoughts. You know what you want, but have no clue what there really thinking about. For example: A woman who wants her man to take the next step. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you only hold half of the cards. This is your life. You own all the cards. 100% of your decisions are yours. For you to mentally give 50% of your decisions to another person, who's motives might not match up with yours, is pointless, and corrupts how confident you are that things will work out in your favor. 

Try it on your boss, try it on someone else, try it on everyone else! You'll begin to notice that getting and eating a cheeseburger is just as easy as getting any other experience in life ie. a committed boyfriend, or getting an asshole boss to act right. You have to see it before you do it. It's going to take some time. To whom much is given much is tested and if you see your goal as hard to accomplish, or impossible, then it will take longer to manifest. It'll take more time, more patients, and more small test in between now and when you experience your goal. So I suggest you see it as an easy task. How? Good question. Remember, you're asking God for the help with this. And when you think about it like that, it should be easy work for him right? If you know that obtaining your goal is an easily accessible task, like getting a cheeseburger is, then it's going to come to you easily. Trust me. If you know that getting a million dollars is that easy then it will be. But you have to really know! Physical proof can really hurt or help your thought process. Knowing that it's going to be a struggle, produces a struggle. Bill Gates wakes up 4 million dollars richer every day. He knows it, he expects it with full confidence. And it just so happens to keep coming. 

Im not saying that you can, through your thoughts, make someone jump off of a bridge smh. What I'm saying is, if you want to smile when you think of your spouse, you must first smile when you think of your spouse!

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Measuring Spirituality

How do you measure one's spirituality?


It seemed hard trying to come up with a formula to measuring a person's spirituality because it's so personal and it involves so many different variables (including every event that the person has ever experienced). I just assumed that it was too complicated to be answered with a simple formula. But I kept being asked how it could be measured so I asked God, meditating right after as I normally do. The answer came to me out of nowhere and it was as clear as day. 

How long someone can sit in a quiet room with nothing but their thoughts 

How often, throughout the day, they are willing to do it
“How spiritual a person is”  or “Their spirituality level”

Lets face facts. Most people on this planet cannot be left alone with their thoughts for more than 2 to 4 minutes without getting antsy and getting up due to what psychology calls “mental torture”.

But this is a controversial subject. These people will argue that they are spiritual the same exact way somebody would if they were trying to convince you that they’re a good person. But the only reason they’re arguing and trying to prove a point is because being a spiritual person is viewed as a good quality and that’s how they want to be seen. Most people don’t even really know what it means to be a spiritual person. So their not arguing about spirituality at all. They're arguing about being "good people".

I was so confident about this formula that I took a poll. I love the number 42 and I use it as often as possible, especially when it comes to my philosophy. 42 out of the 42 spiritual people I asked loved the formula and have since used it on their social medias, etc. 20 out of the 20 non spiritual people I asked got offended and disagreed. smh. It’s the same reason I enjoy counseling millionaires. Broke people don’t like to be told it’s their fault their broke. I had the same reaction as them when I was broke myself and I first saw “The Secret”. Fight it and stay broke. Or except it and move up in life. Your call!

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How to Meditate

Mental Makeover

When I first started on this spiritual journey I found myself getting upset at the fact that my mind just kept running scenarios that were counter productive to my success in life. To me it's pretty simple. If thoughts become things, then any and every negative thought is obviously manifesting my future the same way positive thoughts would. So any negative thoughts are counter productive to a better life. My goal in the beginning was to spend at least 51% of the day thinking positively. With an average of 60,000 thoughts a day per person, it's impractical to try to keep track of bad vs good. So the only way to be sure is to be as positive as possible at all times. But if you try to meditate right now within the first couple of seconds a thought will pop into your head. If your new to meditation or you're in physical pain that thought will probably be a negative thought. More than likely a "what if" thought. I wondered why the mind would constantly throw negative thoughts at you. That sounds, at a glance, like self destructive behavior (I eventually figured out the answer to that, click here). So I would actually get upset. I'm meditating, trying to manifest a great life for me and my kids, but these stupid negative thoughts keep coming up. Stupid thoughts! I saw a movie where a guy had to fight his way out of a sticky situation, then hours later I'm tactically figuring out how I would handle it, simultaneously, sending out thoughts/emotions/energy waves throughout the universe about me having to fight my way out of a sticky situation. I'm not trying to manifest that kind of stuff in to my life smh. I'm trying to manifest my kids never having to work a day in their lives. 

Anyway, I'm sure we've all been there, it's human nature. I remember for days I kept saying this is so hard. The bible says that controlling ones thoughts is the hardest occupation a man can have. But then it hit me. I manifest my future. What I say goes. So I literally said out loud "this is easy. Controlling my thoughts is easy", and I thanked God for making it easy for me to constantly bring in positive thoughts. That phrase, and that day changed my life forever. The art of staying positive had literally become easy. Now I try to use that all the time. When I find myself saying "man that's hard", I correct my self and say "Thats easy, thank you for making that easy and effortless". Sometimes I forget to do it, and thats the hardest part. Remembering to remember. There are a whole bunch of different techniques that will change your life for the positive. But you have to remember to remember to practice them. So all in all, no matter what, whether it's controlling your thoughts, your relationships, your work, etc. when the thought "man this is hard" pops into your head cast it away as quickly as possible and replace it with "Thank you for making this easy". Just try it, I dare you ;-) what have you got to lose?

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Parenting 101

As a parent I look around and see so many other parents out there doing what they believe to be the right thing. And a lot of the time their wrong. After all, people are a product of their upbringing. So for whoever wants to see what I have to say about parenting, here goes:

1. NEVER damn your children: i.e. "You're going to hell!"

2. Do not be an enabler. You're child should not be sleeping in your bed. I'm sorry but single women are the biggest offender of this. 

3. Put yourself in their shoes. In ever situation try to see it from where they're eyes/perspective. This will help you come up with a solution that sticks. Not "painted over rust"


Table of contents


Here is are 2 links to a Facebook Live Stream I did on relationships. 
Part 1: Strengthening your relationship...

Part 2: Is it the end?

How to strengthen, improve, and maintain a good relationship:

Here are just some tips i've come up with over the years to help with relationships. 

-Celebrate Christmas once a month. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, it's not really Christmas anyway. 
    -Once a month (i.e. the 25th of every month) you and your spouse buy each other a present. You could even go shopping together and pick out the present you want to ensure a good gift. $20 isn't really anything these days. That's like 2 packs of cigarettes. Going to a store like Burlington Coat Factory or Marshals you could walk out with a nice shirt or pants for $20 bucks. If you're financially better off then up the number. But that's not important. It's the gesture that counts. And since both parties are receiving, there should be no hesitation or laziness involved lol. 

-Plain and simple always be willing to "hug it out". Always!

-This one takes a lot of self discipline and focus on making things better: Even if it's in your mind say something nice about your spouse after every "not so nice" thing you might say out loud.

-Devils Advocate: This one's a doozie but probably the best one i've ever heard of or seen in my life.

    -Both parties have to be discipline and have major self control, which is rare. Here's how it would go in the perfect scenario:
        -During the heat of an argument where two parties are not seeing eye to eye on a subject one parties stops a calls out the words "Devils Advocate". Both parties have to then switch sides of the argument (like a debate team) and argue the other persons point. But they would have to really get into it. Putting themselves in the other persons shoes will not only cause them to see the other persons point more clearly, but there creative side will come up with more reasons supporting the other persons point of view. And only when one side runs out of points is the opposer aloud to make suggestions. This gives both parties a thorough knowledge of being on both sides and one person will see that their in the wrong, stopping the argument and 2 people closer together.

    -Keep in mind that most people cannot do this method no matter how hard they try. Most people don't have the self control level to stop themselves like that during an argument. When you're arguing your subconscious thinks you're going to die (literally) if you lose. That's why some people go so hard. We all just let the subconscious take over to start. Some of us just pull it back quicker than others. So this method is not recommended for those who are "out of control".

-Keep in mind that in order for one of you to win, one of you must lose. And you don't want your spouse to lose at anything in life. Even if it's to you. Sometimes your better off just saying that. This method doesn't work when dealing with major issues that absolutely need to be discussed.

-Never withhold sex! I've never seen a relationship work out when sex is getting withheld as a punishment. That's a recipe for disaster.

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Think Inside the Box

Since we were in our mothers womb we've been restricted by limitations. We could only move so much and when we got out we could only reach so far. Another one of those restrictions is where we can see. And this subject gets deep so read with an open mind. You don't know it all and neither do I. But I stand by facts, not what i've been spoon fed to believe and follow blindly without real reason. 

To understand the rest of this page you have to open your mind and understand that if you're in a room with no windows, there is literally nothing on the other side of those walls except possibilities. You might say "I know exactly whats on the other side of that wall" and when you open the door you'll be proven right. Your literally "shining your light on it". But until you open the door it's just possibilities. A dark blank slate ready to be written upon. The best part about this "radical idea" is that science has already proven this to be 100% correct. As a matter of fact the walls you're looking at aren't real either. When you push against them what you're feeling is a magnetic push opposing your hand with the exact resistance you would expect the wall to give you (from years of previous experiences with walls). Brick provides more resistance than sheet rock. And science has already proven that to. When you look at your hand, or anything that exist, with a powerful enough microscope you'll just see vibrating energy waves moving in and out of existence. 

So every room you enter there are walls that you can't see through. What's on the other side? Just possibilities. The next question I get is "What about when you're outside?" Take away the words "being outside" and you're just in a really big box with a pretty blue top/sky (or black at night time). Regardless of anything the sky is just the next barrier blocking you from seeing past it like the walls in a room. The ground/floor is the same thing. There has to be a barrier stopping you from seeing everything. Otherwise there would be no "unknown". 

Just like there's night and day, and male and female, there is the physical world in which we touch and see with our eyes open. And a non-physical world (aka the mental world) in which we see with our eyes closed, and feel with our emotions. Both can seem just as real. The study of the "2 worlds" can be found here. But I want to talk about how we're designed. From our eyesight we can see everything in front of us but not behind us. Sure you can look at the back of your legs and arms but we'll never see our back or the back of our head first hand. Not without some device like a mirror to help us. And when we reach back there to feel the back of our heads we're shining our "light" on it (giving it our energy/attention) and we'll always feel exactly what we expect to feel when we reach back there. The back of our heads. Just like when you open the door to leave a room. You whole heartedly know the hallway is going to be there. You expect it to be there with every fiber in your being. Just like losers fear their next loss cause they KNOW it's coming. Just like broke people expect bad times. Truly confident people (sometimes arrogant) seem to predict their outcomes, and most middle class workers KNOW their stuck and that they can't go further. 

I kinda fell of the subject a little lol but the point is that manifesting poverty, a win, or whatever into your life follows the same principals as everything else. Whatever you shine your light on will grow. Whatever you give your attention to will grow in your life and the more confidence you have in it, or the more your subconscious expects it to be real, it will be. A car could take years to manifest in to your life. But what's on the other side of the door can't take years, it has to be here when you open the door. So it makes perfect since that your expectations of the hallway being there when you open the door is significantly higher than your expectations to get a new Lexus as a free gift from the universe (like a prize or a gift from a dead uncle). 

*Side note: if anyone ever tells you that they know what they truly expect deep down inside or that they know exactly what their subconscious wants, just know that they have no clue what the subconscious is or how it works. It's one of the only things about ourselves that we are and will forever be disconnected from. We have to be disconnected from it. I can flash you a paragraph on a business card for less than a second and you won't know what it says. But your subconscious registered every word, made since of it and stored it where it needs to be. Your subconscious has perfect record of everything you've ever experienced in your life (seen, touched, felt, tasted, etc.). It has everything cross referenced and categorized in such a perfect way that we can access our opinion of any subject instantly. Years and years of incidents each involving people, places, and things, all put together so when you say John Smith you know exactly how you feel about him. Or maybe someone mentions a business venture that you heard bad things about 15 years ago. You don't remember exactly why it's bad, but you know it's bad. 

Because our subconscious is literally writing our future (rich get richer and poor gets poorer both based on their inner expectations) we can never directly access it. All we can do is use the muscle memory in our brains and fill our day up with as much positivity as possible. If the subconscious is like a memory vault filled with blue drops and red drops each changing the overall color slightly, i'd vote to always try to add as many blue drops (positive thoughts) as possible. Cause changing the overall color of this vault is equal to changing the overall outlook of your subconscious's view on things. Which is changing it's expectation, which is writing your future. 

Unfortunately the same goes for the red drops. 

Now for the meat and grits of this page:
I had a dream which inspired this page. I was in my computer room looking at the ceiling. On the other side of the ceiling was pure darkness. Nothing but infinite possibility. The darkness from which all things are born from and die to. Religion calls it God, science calls it the Quantum Field. But in the darkness I could feel a set of eyes about 4 feet across looking at me and a mouth that was smiling proudly. And without moving, God said to me 2 things at the same time:

1. "Ok, so what are we going to do next?" 
and 2. "What have we done?"

I was confused at first. I could feel my shoulder was in pain (from an injury years ago). I grabbed my shoulder and thought to myself "damn my shoulder hurts". Then God said the 2 things again "Ok… So what are we going to do next" and at the same time "What have we done". I quickly realized that in the spirit of "placing my order with the universe", or "Mark 11:24", or "The 3rd Law of motion", etc. God/The Universe will do whatever he/it has to to make me think those words again at a later time. In other words I just ordered a shoulder ache for sometime in my future. That's not what I wanted to do. I never want to do that! So I quickly looked up and said out loud "Today is the best day ever". God then said to me again "Ok… So what are we going to do next" and "What have we done?" It was like he was waiting for my next order from the "catalog of the universe". Like he was anxiously waiting for his next thing to create for me to experience, like it was his only purpose and he was glad to do it because he knew I was enjoying what I was ordering. I realized that after each thought/order he would only say the same things again. Asking me to show him with my thoughts what we would create together next while having me envision it in a way where it was already done. "What are we going to do next" and " What have we done". At that moment I felt relieved because I knew exactly how to shape my future. And I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Now I knew the shoulder pain would come sooner than later because it's a daily part of my life and I truly expect it to rear it's ugly head into my every day (I know I got to stop that and I'm working on it). But the "Today is the best day ever" was just a happy thought. I've lived such a beautiful life and done so much that gaining the title of "the best day ever" is some big shoes to fill. Let alone the fact that you never really know what tomorrow will bring. So my expectation level was nowhere near as high as the level of the expected shoulder pain. And because of that, the "best day ever" seed that I planted needs to be watered (with more thought). 

Two things I want to mention about God (or whoever it is you believe created you) in this dream.
1. The word "We" stood out to me. I understand my role, it's been my life's work to figure it out. It's just becoming clearer to me how to bring it to my followers. God gives me energy/attention. I give my attention to something or (think a thought), God puts me in a position to think that thought again in the future, good or bad. It doesn't matter. There's a partnership there. We both play a crucial roles. We're both needed to complete this process. And he acknowledged it every time he spoke.
2. He was smiling. No teeth like for a picture, but a proud smile like I give my son. I honestly think he was/is proud of me because I am proud of me. And I'm 100% convinced that those people out there who are doing good but beat themselves up aren't getting smiles. The facial expression will reflect how you feel about yourself. Kinda like looking in a mirror. 
People who behave poorly and truly feel bad about it expect for judgement to come down on them and it does. Whether it be a disappointed look in the mirror or jail time how you truly feel will determine your tomorrow. Confidence breeds reasons to feel confident tomorrow. The same goes for arrogance. The same goes for feeling targeted, picked on, abused, etc. 

Some people don't like to hear it but you can't say that positivity breeds positive outcomes and not think the same about negativity. It's common since. 

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How to Win Video

How to Win

I was going over my nightly rituals, and my proactive meditation exercises daily and I kept coming up with the same problem. Too many variables. Variables make the mind wonder which is not good when your looking for peace and stillness in your mind. So it just dawned on me one night that I should try to simplify things. Go back to my roots and break everything down to it's most basic core

I'm always saying to get to the basic root of all things. Once you find the answer to the roots, you have the answer to anything that follows that format.

Battles. People have money problems, relationship problems, issue with their kids or co-workers, etc. but the thing about it is that they all have a common denominator. There is a goal in mind, and it can either be successfully reached or failed to be reached. No matter the issue big or small once you set a goal, it can be passed or failed. 
    -You want to go to the store and get some food and make it home and eat it. Game on! Thats an easy goal but a goal none the less
    -You want to have a successful relationship with your spouse. Game on! Will you pass or fail?
    -I'm gonna work out today!!! No more procrastinating. Game on! Will you pass or put it off till tomorrow again?
    -Worried about paying a bill on time? Game on! Pass or fail?
    -You want to win that game, argument, prize, debate, race, competition, etc. The game is on and you now have the possibility of passing or failing. You might not even really care about failing but that doesn't change the fact that the goal has been set and at the end of it all your subconscious will either store a pass or a fail in your memory bank (which, by the way, weights in on your decision to do certain things in the future).
Breaking it down to the root... they're all battles!

How do you defeat all battles?
Answer: Just know that you've already won

And the next question: How am I to believe that i'm in a race that i've already won when my whole life i've been trained to believe that where one race ends another begins where the possibility of losing returns?
Answer: Faith!

but we already know that. Thats just an example of how I break things down to the root so it can be applied to any situation. Now to the good stuff!

Lets say you want a job, car, or promotion... In order to manifest this experience you'd first have to see and feel what it would feel like to have that experience. Lets use a car for example. In the spirit of thoughts becoming things, the 3rd Law of Motion, and Mark 11:24 in order to get the car you'd have to see yourself (in first person point of view) driving that car and experiencing the feeling that you would have if you had the car. *side note: if you had the car you wouldn't want it as badly as you do now... food for thought* Anyway, so we know how to manifest a car. Simply see yourself in the experience of driving "your" car and feel that wonderful feeling that you would have if you were driving "your car" and, like the magnet that you are, bring that experience closer to you until it's here (watering the seed). But there's a problem with that. A big problem. Your subconscious wants you present at all times. It will shoot down all of your beautiful daydreams one at a time by proving to you, that "that's not what's really happening right now", thus bringing you back to this moment. Remember, that's your subconscious just doing it's job. But by it doing it's job it's simultaneously ruining the proactive manifesting that you were trying to accomplish. Even worse, for most people, the subconscious will begin shooting down your vision within 2 or 3 seconds smh. 

"So how do you get around that?" is what people have been asking me for years. And I actually couldn't answer that for a while.

You could start off a proactive manifesting session by seeing yourself in your dream car. Seconds later you'll be fighting the subconscious when it started to say "you don't have that, that's not real". Then after you get a few minutes with that subject you could move onto your dream cruise. Seeing yourself there, feeling the experience. Then begin to battle your subconscious again. Then you could move onto another subject and repeat. In the spirit of proactive manifesting I encourage you to do this as often as possible because it actually does work. But theres a faster less grueling way. What does gaining all those experiences have in common? 
What's their root?

They're all WINS!    They're all you setting a goal and accomplishing them. Wanting to do something, then successfully manifesting that experience into your life. If you want to go on a cruise and you see it until you do it, that's a win baby!!!

So instead of focusing on that cruise, that you've never been on, and being interrupted constantly by your subconscious saying "That's not whats really happening right now" (in a nagging annoying voice lol). Focus on the wins. And that's the Key

Focus on the wins in your life and manifest more wins in your life. It could take all day for you to sit back, focus on, and imagine yourself doing and feeling all the things you want to experience in life one at a time. Make no mistake... that will work!!! But an easier way to touch on them all at once would be to just appreciate your wins, thus manifesting more wins. God/The Universe knows what you want. And you appreciating a win will manifest more wins, more confidence in your ability to win, and more bigger wins.

People take most things in their life for granted. I don't care if its going to the bathroom successfully or making it to the grocery store and back safely, they're both goals and we pass/win them easily every day and show no thanks. Beause we just expect it. Some people wake up in the morning and thank God for the wake up. That's because they appreciate that there are people that weren't as fortunate that day as them. Now i'm not say that you should say a prayer every time you go to the bathroom, but how could it hurt to see it as a task completed, a job well done, and a win. How many old people do you know that have bathroom issues. Most of the ones I know do. And they wish and look forward to the opportunities where they can thank God for a normal bathroom experience. It's human nature to take things for granted until their gone. And thats the test. 

Can we as people continue to show appreciation for the things that we've grown bored of? Things that we'd miss dearly if they were gone, but we don't think about it until they are.
Answer: It's obviously not in our nature to do so, but if it were, life would be too easy/uninteresting.

So acknowledge your wins. I don't care if you have a dry mouth and your getting a drink of water. If it pops into your head to thank God then do so. But throw the word win in there because it is a win. You had an objective and you successfully completed it no matter how easy it is. Some people can run a 4.3 second 40 yard dash and not think nothing of it cause there inching their way towards a 4.2 second time. Meanwhile a 4.3 time is something most men would kill for at at least one point in their lives. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Some people don't have access to clean refreshing water like you do. So appreciate it, and consider it a win. Putting yourself in a life situation to where fresh clean water is easily accessible to you is a definite solid goal for any person on this planet. And you've completed that goal. You've won! So be thankful as often as possible!

**If you had the car, financial status, marital status, etc. that you want you wouldn't want it the way you do now. Instead you'd be living and loving the dream and thankful for it. That feeling is what you have to feel now. Thats what you have an imagination for. That's it's purpose. There isn't anything you have that's just there for no reason. This is your imagination's purpose. To write your future mirroring the emotions you give off. "I wish I had" bring more "I wish I had", and "thank you for this win", breeds more "thank you for this win".

Have you ever wondered why you have an imagination. Why you have the ability to dream these dreams, that can seem so real, with no limitations. Everything in your life has had limitations: How much you could move in the whom, how far you can reach now that your out, how high you can jump, how much you can spend, what lines not to cross, etc. Your whole life has been consumed with limitations with the exception of your imagination. Over there there's no limits. 

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