Common sense and the basics:

Before we even get to the table of contents there is a video that you need to see. It's the most genius, common sense thing I've ever realized about life. 

"Understanding the grand creator"

Talking to God

Part 1 "The Watcher"

Connecting with God on a deeper level. A conscious level. Keeping it real, and acknowledging the watcher. 

Part 1

Part 2 "Thoughts become things"

This is where you the phrase "Thoughts become things" combines with God. Using this phrase alone can get you whatever you want out of life. Using is with God can only amplify things. And speed up the results.

part 2

Part 3 "The Conversation"

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

part 3

Part 4 "Poor connection"

Part 4 talks about ways to connect with "The Watcher". Whether it be the circumstances in your life, the negativity surrounding you (ie. news, social media) or whatever, connecting with "The Watcher" can be difficult. Some would even say impossible. I don't see anyone else tackling this problem, and it is a problem, so I'm on it.

part 4

Part 5 "Putting in the effort"

In Part 5 I get down to the meat and grits. The actual conversation between us and God. There are many distractions. Some are listed and explained in full detail so you know how to get past them. Just remember, each moment is special and deserves it's own effort.

part 5

Addressing God

How do you address God?
This is more of a personal subject. If you tell a lie or hurt someone and you feel deep deep down inside that you need to be punished, you will eventually be punished. The feeling "I need to be punished" no matter how deep it's berried in your mind, will manifest an experience where you're being punished. The universe will always say "your wish is my command". 

If you feel that your disrespecting God to talk to him in a certain way, then don't do it. Feeling disrespected is equal to feeling like you need to be punished. Our whole lives we've been taught that so they go hand in hand. I've know several millionaires, with great and some with piss poor personal lives, that use their normal street slang to talk to God. Profanity and all. So you draw your own conclusion. A man says to God several times a day "Thank you for the best fucking day of my life" with great gratitude, passion, and genuine enthusiasm in his heart, and he is constantly given the best day of his life till the day he died what does that tell you. This same man talked to God like he was his father and best friend. He cursed a lot but never at God. He used profanity to express how passionate he was about whatever idea he was speaking about. It was just a part of his every sentence.

When you personally know people like that it makes you wonder. When you tip toe around your office at work, or around your house as a teen at 2am, your in fear of getting caught or "making waves". Maybe not on the surface but they go hand in hand. You can't have "tip toeing around" without a fear of getting caught. And who wants to be scared when their talking to God. Fear and God cannot occupy the same space. 

When I talk to God I call him "Father" a lot. It just feels better. Like I'm actually talking to my creator in a one on one intimate conversation. Kind of like he took the time out from watching over everybody else just to talk to me. I'm that special! It gives me a since of importance that is unrivaled. Think about it, there's no one else in existence that I'd feel more honored to have a conversation with then my creator/the co-creator of my life. I dream it, he builds it. I'm constantly looking for ways to remind myself, as often as possible during the day, of how close my relationship with God is. I know that with the day to day activities, work, phone calls, etc. things like that can slip your mind. That is so important to me I have alerts set up on my phone to remind me periodically to count my blessings. And the results have been phenomenal! 

So speak to God however you feel comfortable doing it. This is an extremely personal choice, and is set by your standards. Not your pastor's, not your parents. Some religions think that the way we talk to God in America is Blasphemy. Yet their society is severely hurting. To me that says that we're doing something right. You are co-creating your life with God. He uses your thoughts to create your future experiences. What you think once, you will think again. So just speak with confidence, not fear. Use language that is exceptable by YOUR standards. And do what feels right. Try different things. It took me a while before I got it right. I study successful people and try what they did for myself. Some things just felt wrong so I discarded them. And the things that felt right have consistently proven to be productive to my happiness.

Table of contents

Alien Religions


Pay close attention to your thoughts during this. And DON’T DENY THEM. Your thoughts and opinions are who you are. They’re derived from everything you’ve ever experienced in your life.

On a journey to Mars you meet some friendly aliens. You learn a lot about them and exchange stories about your different cultures. When you ask about their religion they take you to a large empty guarded room. In the middle of this room, on a podium, is a book with a spotlight on it. As you approach the book the alien begins to tell you about a bunch of rules that the book tells them to follow. Some of them, in your opinion, don’t make a lot of since. When you look at life on Mars and compare it to what the book is saying you can’t help but ask the alien “Who wrote this”. He gives you a name of an alien that died long ago. So many generations ago that nobody can really account for him. The only piece of evidence that he really existed, is this book. 

Now you’re peaked. The entire populous of the planet Mars follows rules in a book that was written by an ancient alien that for all they know could have been made up. 

So you tell him about Mao Zedong the Chinese dictator that created his own religion. He made it punishable by death to even speak against it. He killed over 80 million people just for speaking their minds. 45 million of those deaths were in just 4 years. 

That situation is extreme but anyone could make up a book and with the right push, from the right leaders, it will stand the test of time. So you ask him “how can you be sure”. He says “I just know”, the alien guarding the book says “faith” proudly. You smile cause it was cute how quickly they answered. But you never got an answer. Faith is hope with extreme confidence. “I just know” is what both teams would say before a football game. Neither one speaks for the outcome. We’ve all lost faith in something at one point in our lives, and both teams cannot win a football game. So like I said, you never got an answer. 

You later found out that the next village over has a similar book that was written by the village leader who decided to tweek and change some things around for the benefit of his people (according to him). 
At this point you throw your hands up and say “wait wait wait wait wait. You got another book, one village over, that’s been changed by their chief and they just follow it whole heartedly without question?” 
Like Moa Zedong without the killing
So what’s this guys name?
-Cheif James the 3rd
O hell no!!! I gotta go. Y’all crazy around here!


An alien visits earth and asks about our religion. We show him the bible and he says “If this was thousands of years ago, how do you know it to be true? Jesus didn’t even write it!” One person says “My pastor told me....” another person says “I was raised to believe”, and another person says “because I just know it to be true.” 

The alien then puts his hands up and say “wait wait wait wait wait....” etc.


*Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of the bible. The "original bible"! The one that most of the pages were torn from, burned, and replaced by politicians and kings over the years. We as people have a small percentage of the "original bible". But the small percentage that we do have is so powerful and informative that we can decipher the meaning to life and how to play and win at this game. Imagine what the rest of the "original bible" said.

The Dream

Coming soon

God Speaks Emotion

Why do you say that God doesn't speak words, he speaks emotion?

Please understand that i'm not saying that God doesn't speak english lol smh. Words are too slow. You can think about your car right now for one second and everything you've ever thought about your car from the 1st time you thought of it till now gets calculated with everything you've ever felt about your car, then draws a conclusion that is felt by you. Then you sum it up with words for yourself, not God. Think about that. If you could spell out every single emotion and thought you've ever had about that car with words, that would be a whole lot of words. Every story about that car, the break downs, the destinations traveled, the things that happened while traveling, etc. Imagine if you could add up the words of all those stories and all those feelings. You would have millions of words. So to us it would take a few seconds to say "I like my car". But like I said before, you can't fool God. Those millions of words you have put together to formulate your opinion about that car can all be summed up very easily with one second's worth of emotions. Emotion is everything. God gives you certain feelings (gut feelings, instincts, etc.). What you do with them is up to you. 

Table of contents

Impress Me

I've found it 100 times easier figure things out by breaking it down to the very basics of it's existence. Not the basics you're thinking about, they're to specific. Go deeper!

For example, transportation. If you were a cave man you walked. Cowboys road horses, and we use cars and planes now. The future will be something else. But how get around as a subject is as general as it gets. No matter what year it is, we all have to get around and it's called transportation. 
Another example is shelter. The cave men lived in caves, I live in a house. A homeless person in a winter rain storm my choose to sleep under the bridge like the do in Camden. Many different names shapes sizes and preferences but they're all shelter. 

As people we want things. Food, water, air, toys. And we feel a certain way when we get them as opposed to when we don't get them. Lack of food makes you upset. Lack of air makes you very upset to say the least. New toys can make you very happy. And by toys I mean houses, cars, etc. the stuff we can't take with us when we go.

Now lets talk about God (or whoever you believe created you and is creating the world around you as you go). Whether you believe this or not doesn't matter. Let's just say that God says to us "ok, I've given you this precious gift called life. What are you going to do with it. Are you going to make me proud, or are you going to make me feel sorry for you.

There are 2 sides to the scale. You're either very happy, very sad or somewhere in between. Every situation you've every been in, your first kiss, a car accident, it doesn't matter you're either very happy, vary sad, or somewhere in between. Forget about individual experiences, they all have this in common so lets examine it. 

One of these feelings feels really good to everyone on the planet. And one of them feels like literal pain in your chest. This goes for everyone. We know which on is good for us because it feels good. And we know which one we'd like to avoid. 

Most religions say, in one way or another, that we are God children. All the parents reading this know how painful it is to see your child failing or in pain. And the joy that can be brought from a job well done. Something to be proud of. 

And If you don't believe in God, we are the universes creation. I don't think the universe would create us so we can experience pain all day every day. It hurts for a reason. Heartache hurts like burning yourself cause it's something that we should naturally avoid.

So God or not, it's natural to avoid pain. God/the universe created us to be happy. But in the end it's our choice. So much like us parents, we created our children however we can't do anything but hope they're experiencing the better of the two choices. So we watch. Like a movie. And we're happy when they are, and where sad when they are.​

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"Lets Get Biblical" Video

Lets Get Biblical

**** When I first created this page I kept it a secret. It was hidden deep in my website where only I could find and update it. After all, this subject will bring the most heat and controversy. I was being spoon fed information from Rome about the original pages from the bible to help with my writings. I was then told that the Pope himself was a fan of my writings as of recently. I found that hard to believe but I still smiled because to me that's a huge accomplishment. Less than a week later the Pope made a series of speeches addressing and agreeing with several controversial things I have on this website and a lot from this specific page. I don't believe in coincidence. These are things that "Bible pushers" would form a picket line for. Things he's bing ridiculed for. He and I have stepped out of our comfort zones to keep it real, and bring you the obvious, no matter how badly you try to avoid the truths that are put in front of you. Squeeze your eyes closed for as long as you want. Eventually you'll open them. And I'll be there waiting. 
This is how the page originally started:

Everything I'm about to say is real and can be thoroughly researched on the same internet you used to access this website. Do your due diligence. A Lot of you won't like what you're about to read, but everything happens for a reason. Including you being lead to reading this page. Being close minded leads to failure in whatever subject you close yourself to. I only offer this information because I felt that I had to. Not to sway your judgement or anything like that. I'm not selling anything!
See disclosure at bottom of page

Did you know less than 50% of the content in the Bibles we use today are accurate? Countless books were not only kept out of the bible but burned then thrown into sea by legal order. The powers to be not only made it a crime but it was punishable by torture and sometimes death to attempt to preserve these hidden pages. Doesn't that seem a little "over the top" to you? Watch this video.

The Council of Nicea


The original writings had to be translated to the "powers to be". But neither side spoke each others language. So the "powers to be" had to teach them their language. But how can you teach someone your language without knowing theirs. Sure nouns, verbs, and adjectives might be easy but what about the rest. Theres no way they got it all right.

-The original writings were so open to interpretation that the world leaders would sit in rooms for countless hours deciding what goes in and what gets deleted from the Bibles you know and follow so blindly today. These meetings were very well documented. They have a LONG list of what changes were made and when, but most people don't know this. They think it's myth. 
    -A large percentage of the changes made were not documented. 
    -They're are several documented cases where a leader with less influence, but a better idea, was immediately overruled by a leader with a higher political status (and a piss poor agenda). A lot of times embarrassingly!
    -Numerous verses, etc. were just simply added by these same people to fit their own agendas.
-These world leaders kept women down "beneath" men (by society's standards) in every aspect they could successfully for centuries. 

Did you know that Mary Magdalene wrote a book that was meant to be part of the bible but was discarded? She mentioned that Jesus confided in her and gave her secrets before telling others. The 12 top dogs in his circle were not happy with this especially Peter. Mention of this has actually made it into the bible's we read today. But the thought of Jesus entrusting a woman with such powerful information over his top 12 men would have sent the wrong message to the world and had to be discarded. To me that sounds like a man running some things by his woman before taking it to the office the next day. And some "extreme" ideas just don't make it to the office at all. Sound familiar? People do that every day.

Did you know that there is a female God mentioned numerous times in the bible? She is said to come together with a male God to be the one perfect God that we pray to. Most of those mentions were discarded, burned, and cast away with the other forbidden writings. Once again the thought of females being anywheres near as important as a man was too horrific for the world leaders. However, she is still mentioned 44 times in 9 different books of the New Testament. 

*We all have seen how the attempts to keep women down turned out. They couldn't even vote till the 20th century. 

Did you know that Jesus, very often, spoke of himself as "just like one of us"? He repeatedly preached that we all have the same exact abilities as him to tap into the divine information as he did. We just had to learn how. But once again the world leaders thought that information was to important so they burned all that they could, made it illegal to preserve, and wrote exactly what they wanted in it's place. 

Did you know that there were more than 21 documented Books of Revelations and they were all pushed aside because they seemed crazy? The were just tossed aside and burned because some guys in a room didn't like them. 

Did you know that the Book of Revelations, that people memorize and swear by today, was originally thrown out with the other discarded books of revelations? They literally just picked the least weirdest one and "threw it in" there. Once again, this is all documented and public knowledge! 
** "Pick the least weirdest one and we'll keep that in there. Now lets move along to the next subject." I know it has to sting to find out that that's how these people hand picked what we've worshipped our whole lives but it is what it is. Denial will only hold you back. Absorb it and try to get past it as easily as possible. It wouldn't be the first time we were lied to on a global scale. Everybody knows that politicians are habitual liars. And these people were the biggest politicians of their time.**

Did you know that Christopher Columbus's father in law was a high ranking official in the Nights Templar. That's what the world leaders called themselves at that time. They were driven underground and Columbus was sent to America to establish a new world order where they could rule unopposed. 

Did you know that your social security number, that is mandatorily given to you at birth, makes you born into debt. During the great depression the US Government needed money. A privately owned bank called the Federal Reserve loaned the Government money in exchange for tagging each American citizen with a number (a social security number) in which they will pay America's debt for as long as they are in America or deal with America. Who ever heard of a loan where there's no pay off date, and everyone on the land has to pay. Every generation with no end in sight. That's the worst deal ever. Unless the 2 parties are "in bed" together. And yes for those who don't know, the Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned bank. ALL of that power in that company, controlled by a small group of people in a room with their own selfish set of agendas. Sound familiar?!

*American's put billions of dollars in these peoples pockets each month. You'd think they might want to keep their meal tickets happy. Nope! But greed causes collapse! 

And finally understand this. The people/organizations that ripped everything out of the bible that didn't follow their agenda, and added in exactly what they wanted to to satisfy that same agenda, are still large and in charge today. They've sucked the life out of this planet physically and emotionally (through morale). There is more than enough to go around yet a man hordes billions unwilling to release a penny. Their messed up ways have this world twisted upside down and in the palm of their hands just like their ancestors did in those rooms when they were writing their bibles. They go by many names and I don't really care to mention all of them. Every person who has stood against them has had their life threatened if not taken away. But our species will fail if it continues on this path and they know it. We will all be gone and their will be a horrible legacy left behind. Infinite beautiful moments covered by the worst kind of blanket a human can withstand. Nasa has discovered 16 new "Super Earths". But even if they mess this planet up with chem trails, pollution, etc. and they decide to head to a new one, the cancer is still there. The problem is them. They know this very well. And they know that change must happen. The BS has been going on for long enough. The world needs to know how to save itself. People need to know how to save themselves. 


*Disclosure: I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DISSING GOD, JESUS, NOR THE BIBLE!!! That was pretty clear but there are a few elderly haters out there that are stuck in their ways and don't like learning new information from people younger than them. So I repeat " I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DISSING GOD, JESUS, NOR THE BIBLE!!! I am NOT a "bible basher" smh. We all know that things have been taken out and put in the bibles. What we've been spoon fed and blindly followed for our whole lives is just bits and pieces of what was really intended to be the one true bible. You were lead to these words for a reason. And I can assure you that that reason was not to ruin your day :-)

Keep your eyes closed for as long as you want. But when you do decide to open them, you're going to see me standing there


P.S. Do you mean to tell me that only one of these groups got it right and the rest are going to burn in hell? 

Table of contents

Misplaced Guilt

In the interest of making manifesting easier I had to take a look at what exactly happens when you "see it before it happens" or "order your wish in Mark 11:24 format". If you were to look at your current car and want to manifest a better one you would literally have to imagine and feel what you would feel in your dream car. So if your dream car is a Challenger, you would find yourself saying (sometimes out loud) "I love my Challenger", and/or "Thank you for this wonderful gift", etc. The issue with that is your subconscious will automatically make you feel a degree of guilt because the statement and feeling are false (a lie). You know 100% that the car you're looking at is not a Challenger so you feel guilt. Taking it a step further, you are speaking directly to God (or whoever you believe created you). You are thanking God for something that's not really there. So in essence, you're lying to him. That brings on even more guilt. Most people can lie to themselves and mask the guilt so well that it feels nonexistent. But I think we all would feel the guilt of lying to our creator for fear of punishment. From birth we're taught that lying is bad. It's embedded into our minds. And though a large percentage of people don't mind lying to each other, lying to the being that created you and is currently creating your life as you go makes people feel guilty. From there it's only natural for people to think that not only are they not going to get their wish, but there will be some form of additional punishment as well. All of this happens in a fraction of a second and is barely noticed other then the slight knot in our chest that we know as guilt. It's hard to manifest owning your dream car, or any other experience for that matter, when you feel like your lying to God every time you think about it. 

So I had to come up with a way around it. Not just words of encouragement that will mask the guilt like painted over rust. But a way to truly feel the pleasure of having my wish minus any guilt (thus making my "watering of the seed" 10x + more powerful). There's a few things we can do to get past this natural but seemingly counter productive experience:

First: Everything that exist is made of energy. You, me, cars, thoughts, air, everything. On the level of things existing vs not existing we both know which side God falls on. So it makes since that the biblical description of God matches the scientific description of energy. "It is in everything". So remember that God is here. He is, in essence, the car you have AND the car you dream about in your mind. And he's fully aware that your physical car isn't the Challenger. He also gave you the free will to think whatever thoughts you choose. He knows the truth and he also knows that your dreams and ambitions shape your future. And since the only thing constant is change, you have to see yourself in new and different scenarios in order to progress in life. So in other words, it's not only ok and perfectly normal to "stretch the truth" when proactively manifesting, but its absolutely necessary in life. Good or bad, you're going to see yourself walking through that door. And eventually you're going to walk through it which is a change from the place you're sitting at now. 

And that brings me to my next point…
The real truth is that "your Challenger" does exist. And when I say that I mean that the Challenger you currently own does exist. It only exist in the imagination realm for now. That experience has not yet manifested into the physical realm. So your literally not lying at all to yourself or him when you say "thank you God for my fast, beautiful, new Challenger". Because in at least one of the only 2 realms we know about, you ARE telling the truth.

*Once again, the guilt portion of this happens in the blink of an eye and most of us don't give it a second thought. We just try to hold on to our vision and enjoy it thus bringing it closer to being realized. This guilt is one of the only things standing in your way of utilizing all of your energy positively toward obtaining your goals/dreams. And this is a definite way to get around it because it's not just painted over rust. It's the truth. It's a different better way to look at things. Keep in mind that you're going to have to remind yourself a few times why you shouldn't feel that guilt. But if life was too easy we'd all get bored ;-)

*Mental discipline is the key...

Table of contents

1,000,000 Prize


You will be partnered with a computer programer to create a planet with functioning societies. The programmer has final say on all decisions because he knows what will work and what will not. When he enters data into the computer it will calculate whether the people on your plant live a month or for generations. For example giving people the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes could cut down the average life expectancy of each being and their race’s existence. 

Day 1:
You’ve heard that your programmer is kinda stubborn. To get a feel for your programmer you ask him if he has any ideas yet. He replies:

-1st off I want the people of this world to have to hurt themselves regularly in order to stay healthy.

-And I want them to take everything for granted no matter what. Let them enjoy their accomplishments for a few moments, but then bring the thirst for “more” back into play shortly after. Make the thirst so strong that they start to resent what they once fought to obtain. 

-O, and the 1st 18 years of their lives make them yearn to be over 18. Then when they finally do turn 18, we’ll make them want to be kids again for the rest of their lives. Even though they'll spend more time as an adult it kinda evens out cause the “being a kid” phase of life get to go first.

-Lets fill their lives with things that they can look at but can’t touch. And other things that they can touch but don’t taste. 

Speaking of taste, lets make all the good for you foods nasty/an acquired taste, and the lets make the food that’s delicious kill them over time.

-Let’s make them all liars and hypocrites. Not habitual liars, just make them lie in the interest of self preservation. Like getting pulled over by the cops and lying to get out of a ticket.

-Speaking of cops, there has to be a chain of command/structure. Lets get the most selfish, arrogant, money/power hungry people on the planet and give them full control over everything. Food, shelter, entertainment, everything! But it has to be people that will never ever truly care about the interest of anyone except themselves. No softies that will see the world crumbling on the news and try to help. We need the people with ice running through their veins. People that deserve it the least, and have done nothing to have earned it. 

-How long before you say to yourself “This guy’s an asshole”?

Jerk and other words just don’t fit perfectly like asshole. He is truly setting up an asshole system and we all know it.

By now you’ve probably already figured out that i’m talking about the system that us humans live in. And I’ll just leave it at this. Everyone reading this (INCLUDING you haters) know that if they had partnered up with a programmer to win $1,000,000 by building the “perfect” world, in your mind you’d be nicknaming his system “The Asshole System”. Deny it all you want, we both know the truth. 

I just wish some people would just except this and move on. We’re in the middle of a game that has rules. Learn them and move on. You’ll be much better off. You’ve never seen Michael Jordan cry and moan, everyday sometimes for hours, mad at the line that marks the “out of bounds”. He recognizes the rules and plays accordingly knowing he’s a winner.

I really do hope this helps some people come to terms with things. I know so many people that just love to complain. Poring their negativity onto their listeners like a waterfall. Selfishly polluting other people’s lives so they can “get it off their chest”. More often than not they end up with more anxiety then when they started talking. But don’t worry, they’ll keep pushing that extra gained negativity onto everyone else in their lives. They got enough hot air to go around SMH. 

I really hope this helps open some eyes!

Oneness with separation?

Q. How can you and the bible preach oneness with God, but still call to praise him as if there is separation? 
*(No one i've ever talked to has ever gotten a solid answer to this question)

Think of it like this. Right now in your mind make up a planet similar to earth. On this planet create little people similar to humans. Give them the power to manifest whatever they think about the most as long as it's what they truly expect to happen. 

Now, 1st question: Aren't those people in the little planet you created still you? Yes, yet somehow they're separate. 

2nd question: If one of those little people looked up at you and said "Thank you so much, creator, for the things and experiences you've given me" wouldn't you be a little flattered? Of course. Wouldn't you want to give him more? Definitely! 

We keep referring to him as a separate person when in actuality he's not. He is still very much a part of you and in fact was never separated. As people we've all come up to believe that two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time when in actuality they can and do all around us every day. Did you know that radio stations occupy the same exact space at the same time just on different frequencies? There are countless other examples of this, but above is a very clear explanation of how we can be one with God but still be, in a way, separate. 

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"Thank you God"

Q. How do you show your appreciation to God? 

With all these books, like Command that suggest you command your wishes to God, and all these religions putting their spin on it, it seems like finding the right verbiage and mannerism is important. 

What I do with my work is try different things untill I find what yields the best results and feels right. Then I stick with that and post it on this site for you to do the same. 

I surround myself with millionaires as often as possible so I can study them. Sure we have a great time but I take advantage of the information they provide with their body language and what they say. After all, we all strive to be financially stable in life. When people tell me "money isn't everything" I tell them to give away every penny they have and then come say that to me. Anyway, I haven't had the opportunity to speak to many billionaires about how they address "their God/creator/etc." but here are some of the examples i've gotten:
-One woman referred to God like a parrot on her shoulder with whom she would speak with openly like a friend. She said that she was confident in every decision that she makes because she knew he was there with her making those decisions with her. 
-One man said that he would look up as if he were looking to the second floor of a building and speak to God in his mind. And God would be standing there, appearing identical to him, looking over the railing back at him.
-One man siad that he would talk to God as if he were his twin brother who lived in his mind. But he stressed that he would literally talk to him like a brother, but gave him the respect an older brother would deserve. 

I've tried all of these methods plus at least a dozen more i've thought of or picked up during my motivational speaking in New York. Some felt like I was being disrespectful and some felt like I was being silly. I grew tired of searching for the right way so I did what I always do to get the answers I need. I thanked God for giving me the answer (Mark 11:24). Shortly after God answered my prayers. I was entering my meditation room, after a great set of events had unfolded throughout the day, and I stopped and said "Thank you God for the best day ever!" And for a second there I felt kind of silly. I'm literally talking to an invisible man in the sky somewhere that i'll never see until I die. An invisible man that I don't even know what he is. I know how to manifest my future with precision, and I know how this world he created works, but I know nothing about him and i'm talking to him. Then I stopped myself and out of nowhere I said out loud "NO". Then I thought to myself, God is in no way shape or form a man. Look what he can do. Every single piece of grass grows in perfect harmony with everything around it, everything is so perfectly calculated. No man can do all of that. I know that God is, literally every object that I see and don't see. Everything that exist is made of the same thing. Energy. Some energy will vibrate at a specific frequency that is experienced as brown and solid like wood, and some energy vibrates at a frequency that is experienced as soft and solid like flesh. But either way, everything that exist is made of energy. God is energy. So I know that God is everything around me including my skin. This desk, the air, my car, everything! When I open my eyes and shine my light on things, the things that I see are God. So I do see him. Every day all around me. Then it just hit me like a ton of bricks. If God is everything around me, every object, then I can literally look at my sports car and say "Thank you God for coming to me in this form." I'm always looking for the most powerful ways to say something because when we talk, in our heads or out loud, we're provoking emotions that will be sent out throughout the universe to be returned to us (3rd law of motion). Saying "Thank you God" is one thing and gets the job done. But it's not good enough. You/I can do better. 

Thanking God for an object creates separation between God and the object when there literally is no separation. God is energy, the car and every part of it is made entirely of energy. Thanking God for coming to you, in the form of an object is a whole other ball park. There's not some gift that God sent to you in the mail in front of you. God is in front of you! And you can feel it in your chest. An uplifting feeling of importance and self confidence in your relationship with your creator. He has come to you in the form that you asked him to. He has answered your prayers. 

Memorize this phrase and say it as often as possible about everything your thankful for throughout every day. 

    Thank you God for coming to me in this form.
ie.     Thank you God for coming to me in the form of this check.
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of this experience.
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of perfect health (Mark 11:24).
    Thank you God for coming to me in the form of the best day ever (manifesting tomorrow being the best day ever).
I implore you to try any or all of these just a few times a day and watch your would change around you for the better.

Table of contents

Talking to God - PART 1

This is extremely personal so please keep an open mind. No one knows everything. So learn something new each day. Over 130 pages on my website and they're each missing a second half. God. I've always been curious about the brain and how it works. And when I asked God to let me sit at home and learn more without having to worry about bills, etc. He said to me "Ok, but what I give you, you have to share. No matter what it is, or how silly you may feel, you have to share it." I of course said "Hell yea! I was going to do that anyways". Shortly after I retired and my journey began. But since then I've avoided the whole "God" talk subject because it's a heavy subject. And can be taken extremely offensive to not just defensive people but to everyone.  But I made a deal with God. And we've both held up on our ends of the bargain. Except for this. It's time for me to hold up on my end.

God - Part 1 Video

God - Part 2 Video

Part 2 involves the "Thoughts become things" aspect of talking to God and how it can greatly assist you in keeping you mind right during the actual conversation.

Talking to God - PART 3

Part 3 involves invoking an actual 1 on 1 conversation with God the same way you would a real person sitting across from you looking back at you. And a few complications that will occur because of how our minds are wired.

Talking to God - PART 4

Part 4 talks about ways to connect with "The Watcher". Whether it be the circumstances in your life, the negativity surrounding you (ie. news, social media) or whatever, connecting with "The Watcher" can be difficult. Some would even say impossible. I don't see anyone else tackling this problem, and it is a problem, so I'm on it.

Talking to God - PART 5

In Part 5 I get down to the meat and grits. The actual conversation between us and God. There are many distractions. Some are listed and explained in full detail so you know how to get past them. Just remember, each moment is special and deserves it's own effort.