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How do you feel about "Angels and Demons"?

Angles and demons

How can we have freedom of choice, if everything is supposedly pre written.?

freedom of Choice vs "that's how it was written"

What's the difference between "Counting your blessings" and Mark 11:24?

CYB vs Mark 11:24

Do you believe in the devil

El Diablo

How are people like Hitler blessed with life's riches?

Evil dictators

What is the difference between "Meditating? and  "Proactive Manifesting"?

Meditation vs Proactive manifesting

What do you mean when you say that what ever we ask for we'll be shown if not proven that we can't have it?

Shown if not proven

How can you explain the billions of prayers that don't get answered every day?

Unanswered prayers

What do you mean when you talk about "Watering seeds"?

"Watering seeds"

When trying to meditate and stay present, or when talking to God, why is our attention forced in other directions. Why do we lose focus so fast?

Why are we "forced" away

I know patience is important, but why do you say it's the key?

Patience is key

How can i manifest anything when my goals seem impossible?

When goals seem impossible

Explain a girl born with 1 arm?

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Angels and Demons


Simply put, I don't believe in actual demons. I actually love this part right here. When I say that to people, everyone instantly jumps out there seats and says, well how do you explain this, and how do you explain that. Their voice gets louder and some people take offense. Some share stories about how demons left there great uncle Henry's body right in front of their eyes as he dropped to the ground. Then after all of their stories I say "are you done?" Then I tell them a story. 

-I know a guy. He use to beat his wife. He was highly religious, and attended church sometimes twice a week. He blamed his domestic abuse on a demon that lived inside him. After his first wife, and some jail time, he went and got the demon exercised right out of his body. He was a changed man. After all the demon was the one making this fine christian man beat the hell out of his wife right? Well he met a girl and fell back into the same pattern but she married him anyway, just as his first wife did. He felt like he was cursed. He wanted to have that demon removed from him again so he could stop abusing his wife. He never took responsibility for his actions. You'd be SHOCKED at the percentage of domestic violence offenders, reported and unreported, think like this.

Now you can disagree with me all you want but this guy didn't have a demon in him that was making him beat his wife. He was simply an asshole. An asshole who seriously believed he could blame his issues on an outside source because his church told him he could. He never looked inside himself to change his problems because he was convinced, by his church, that it wasn't in any way shape or form his fault. His wife, his family, his whole life could have been totally different had he learned to be responsible and accountable for his actions in the first place. If he didn't have a demon as his scapegoat, who's left for him to blame. 

Now here's my question to you reading this. Especially if you've ever been in an abusive relationship. Was that man possessed, or was he an asshole? Who in their right mind would let someone beat your ass, then you accept their apology and give them a hug and feel sympathy because they said that they have a demon in them?...... Exactly, nobody! The Bible refers to inner demons. Being an asshole, being greedy, being too selfish, those are inner demons. Whipping someones ass every time you get pissed off is a personal choice. If having a bad temper is your inner demon and you go whip someones ass, own that shit! Pardon my french but own it! Man up and don't blame somebody or something else. You lost your temper, you put your hands on somebody, you need to fix you! Point blank. 

You can apply this to all other demons that people blame there problems on. Honestly that's annoying to me. Losing sucks. Have you ever noticed that when someone loses a game, weather they verbalize it or not, they can point out the reasons that they lost. And that finger is never pointed inward. But when they win they want to take some if not all the credit. People are always looking for something else to blame besides themselves. That's a nasty habit that we as a planet need to change. And it starts here. One person at a time. 

Usually by the end of that story people are second guessing everything they think they knew about demons but that's good. What you know now is not the end all to your knowledge. You're now thirstier than ever for knowledge and God will bring it to you through many unlimited sources. Except it, embrace it, and keep an open mind.

Like I said for the Devil....
I'm not saying that I know for a fact that there are no actual demons that exist. That would be asinine and put me in a the same category with the rest of the population that swears that they know for a "fact" that there are demons (smh). What I'm saying is that when you use a bit of common since and have an open mind that you don't know everything about everything, the conclusion is that their influence, and more than likely they, do not exist. Every biblical reference to the Devil or demons in my opinion is referring to inner demons and how we can torture ourselves internally (mentally) which will undoubtably manifest more poor situations and more mental torment over and over again.

You can't have both


How can we have freedom of choice, if everything is supposedly pre-written?

I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. But I also believe that, as people, we have free will to make our own choices. How can these coexist?

A lot of people claim to believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. But when tragedy strikes, their "faith" goes out the window. This happens a lot in my conversations with Preachers or older people.  This one older lady swore up and down that she believed that everything was prewritten. That God's plan for her was all laid out from start to finish. Then she proceeded to tell me that she also believed in freedom of choice. That she could make her own decisions and stray away from God's plan. And she had stuck by these principal her whole life. Then I asked her "How?" You just told me 2 totally different things. If your plan is laid out from start to finish, how can you stray away from it. At that point you would be starting on rewriting a new path and ending. As a matter of fact, every choice you made that didn't line up with "Gods plan" would continually rewrite new paths and new endings. She looked confused and said to me "there are things in my life that i've done that I'm not so proud of. I use to curse a lot when I was younger. Your not trying to tell me that God wanted me to curse, or cheat, or steal are you?" And I said "I'm trying to tell you that you're believing in 2 different things that contradict each other. Pick one. Either God wrote your story and your following it aka living in Gods dream. Or your sometimes living God's plan for you, and sometimes making choices that are straying from God's plan or whatever...smh... I can't even describe it cause it doesn't make since!"

I always say that i'm living God's plan for me. If I cursed, then that's how it was written. I had sex before marriage, that's how it was written. Do I have freedom of choice, of course I do. But I knew what choices I was going to make when I first wrote this story. You can't straddle the line of what you believe. If you say that you believe, it cannot be only when it conveniently fits what you learned as a child and spent years "knowing". Could it be that your ready to learn something new? A truth with no loop holes. Something solid to hold onto. More solid than anything you've ever had to believe in. You don't know it all, and neither do I. But that just means that there's more to be learned. 

CYB vs Mark 11:14 Video

See reading below:

What's the difference between "Counting your blessings" (CYB) and Mark 11:24?

Regardless of your race, religion, or belief system we all can at least agree that staying positive is the best way to be.
During your normal day to day activities how often do you get a chance to really stop and appreciate the things you have. Your health, your kid's health, life, even the air around you. For most people it's not that often. And if they do remember to stop and "smell the roses" it's for an average of 2 to 4 seconds before something pulls their attention away or another seemingly random thought pops into their mind. The act of counting ones blessings randomly throughout the day is even harder for people who feel sad and trapped in their situations. A person with $20 to their name will almost never stop, throughout the day, and thank God (or whoever he/she prays to) for the little bit of money they do have. The same can be applied to anything else, house falling apart, health issues, etc. It's just not human nature to be thankful for something your not satisfied with. And it's also not in human nature to pull yourself out of your daily activities to "stop and smell the roses".  home

Recognizing this, and knowing that
1. Thoughts become things, and 
2. Counting your blessings will only produce more of those types of blessings
I became obsessed with using these tools as often as possible to better my days and overall life. Think about it, if you have the tools to make your life better dramatically, no matter who you are, you should be willing to put in the work to get that better life. Science and religion both agree that controlling ones thoughts is and will always be the hardest occupation known to man. So the work is tough and at times extremely annoying (when the negative thoughts just keep pouring in), but the payout is well worth it. Financial stability, life balance (mind, body, and soul), good health, etc. 

So in a normal day where one activity seems to just lead to another, including boredom and quiet times when your mind is just wondering, how are we to remember to remember to count our blessings. I call them "reminders" or "signs". For me personally I use the number 42. 42 has played a major role in my life. It was my Dad's football number in high school, which prompted it to be mine and my brother's football number. On a more popular note it's the apartment number on the legendary Comedy show "Martin", It's the major freeway that I have to drive on daily since I was 17, and more recently it's the name to the new movie honoring Jackie Robinson. And the list goes on. That number seems to follow me a lot. Earlier this year I noticed that every time I looked at my watch the minutes read "42". And the more I said that to people, the more it happened. So I took advantage of it. On the occasions that I looked at my watch and the minutes were on 42, I would choose a few blessings and thank God for them. But that wasn't enough. 

If thanking God for my financial situation provided me with more reasons to thank God for my financial situation then I absolutely need to do this as often as possible. So through some trial and error I currently have a preset text message being sent to myself every 2 hours that has a small list of blessings that I want to manifest into my future the most. And it has it's own ringtone so I don't need to open the phone to do my mental exercises. Trust me this works!!! Some people call me lucky. I don't believe in luck, so I show my appreciation to them, for this semi-compliment, by saying "Well that just means I'm good at getting lucky lol" (haters keep hating lol). COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGs WORKS!!!

But that wasn't enough! Seeing instant results and having 100% success ratio, I knew I had to do more. Who wouldn't? I wanted their to be a constant reminder, in my face, to count my blessings as often as possible. I'm not recommending that everyone do this but I got a tattoo. This is my second tattoo. My first was in May of 2004. I cannot put something on my body unless I let it marinate in my head for a few months. And It has to have a meaning.


Tattoo's meaning:
Since I started on this spiritual journey I've put special emphasis on the word "unlimited" (Click here to see why that word/thought process is so important). Well... whether you talk about having debt or not having debt you're giving your attention to debt and debt will grow in your life. And every time I said the word "unlimited" the word "limited" stuck out a little to much so I need a better word. So the word infinite became a major part of my life. And the symbol for Infinite looks like an 8 which is the answer to 4 x 2 ;-)   So I have a 3 dimensional infinite symbol, with energy waves on the sides, and the dollar sign ends on it. This pic is a rough draft of the finished product. And I threw in the number 42. 
-rough sketch up on iPad brushes app-

I have this tattoo directly to the left of where my watch is on my left hand. Every time I check my watch to see what time it is I will be reminded of my infinite power, infinite money, infinite energy, and also reminded to choose a few blessing to Thank God for real quick.

The Devil


This is how I see it. I believe in one God, thats it. 

God (or the Universe) is everything. He is the quantum field from which everything that exist is born from and dies to. The black on the left of the above picture represents the quantum field aka the non existence. The right side of the picture is things that do exist. And everything that exist has an opposite. Good has bad as its opposite. So if the devil does exist, he is on the existing side of the picture, the right. which means he was created from the same non existence that me and you were. So he can combat his opposition, which is good, all he wants. But he can't combat or overthrow the non existence side. In order for him to even get there he has to cease to exist. So it makes since that for anyone to say that the devil even has a chance to overthrow God one day is blasphemy. And think about it like this. Adapting this mentality means that no evil can effect you. The bad that you'll experience is the bad you bring into your life, which means you have control, and you wouldn't hurt you. Plus, take a good look at the picture. IT MAKES SENSE! All of our lives we've been told, believe that God is this, and believe that God is that. Now you have something a little more solid to hold onto. 

And if he does exist, obviously we are cut from the same cloth, are we not. We're both born from the realm of non existence (or the quantum field) into existence. That just makes him a worthy opponent. I manifest my future. I control the next steps. And if I choose not to let him be a part of that, then thats what I'm going to do. And I suggest you do the same. To give the Devil life, and to give him a hold over a part of your life is just plain stupid, counter productive, and pointless. Just saying or thinking that he has some control over you, gives this false deity control. Don't give him that power. God gives us life. God gives us attention to spend on whatever we want to give our attention to, and you're going to spend it on the Devil?! I can think of a million better things to spend it on. You manifest your own future. And if you choose to manifest some deity messing up your life then go ahead. You'll get tired of it then return to this page with an open mind and learn something. Then your life, without that anchor, will forever be changed. And when you notice the world and circumstances around you begin to shift according to what you've been thinking about, you'll know the power you possess. 

Now I'm not saying that I know for a fact that there is no Devil. That would be asinine and put me in the same category with the rest of the population that swears that they know for a "fact" that there is one (smh). What I'm saying is that when you use a bit of common since and have an open mind that you don't know everything about everything, the conclusion is that his influence, and more than likely he, does not exist. Every bible reference to the Devil or demons, in my opinion, is referring to inner demons and how we can torture ourselves internally (mentally) which undoubtably manifest more poor situations and more mental torment over and over again.

How was Hitler blessed


This is perhaps one of the most common questions people ask me. Most don't like the answer initially, but it's simultaneously the most solid answer they've ever had to hold onto.

If you look at this picture below you will see the source of all creation, God (or the Universe) on the left. The black represents the non-existance from which all things that exist are created from and die to. 

Everything that exist, even good and evil only exist on the right side of the picture. If it were on the left, it wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be talking about it. A man like Hitler plants a seed in his mind and the universe to do something evil. He then waters the seed with his confidence that he is not only in the perfect position to execute his plan, but that he is absolutely positive that it will happen. Hitler has just followed the rules that apply to us all like gravity. Plant the seed, water it with emotion/confident thoughts, and watch it grow into existence. Plain and simple. Manifesting is the power to bring any situation into existence. Good and evil are perceptions. Judgement calls that we make AFTER things are already put into place. 

True story:
A man named Hitler knows he's a leader and will move up through the ranks. And he does using the collective energy of himself and the people around him. As he moves through the ranks, him and his success is on the minds of all that know of him. Not only does he have his confidence level working for him, he as all his followers thinking about his success as well. Thats a lot of thoughts from more and more people being sent out to the universe about this mans success. After he finally gets the high ranking position the words spreads about how evil he is and what he could do. Thousands of people are now worried about this monster. 60,000 thoughts a day per person all about this man making peoples lives a living hell. Whether it be his future victims, or allies, there all thinking the same thing. "He's gonna cause havoc". His army, plus the rest of the world watching.... Thats a lot of freaking energy. And everyone is manifesting the same thing. This man causing havoc. Whether you focus on having debt or not having debt, your focus is on debt, and it will grow in your life. The same applies to everything. Add collective energy to that and you got a crazy combination that could be used for good or evil. 

It is pretty obvious that the current world leaders are pretty evil people. They're trillionaires that only care about the next dollar and taking it by any means necessary while holding all the cards. How are they getting away with this? How many millionaire assholes do you know about. Assholes that don't give a shit about anything but themselves. Yet there awarded with life's riches, while you know good people who are living pay check to paycheck and probably will be till they die. I've done extensive studies and I have groups of people researching the answers to questions like this and the only answer out there is centered around my philosophy but no one's gone this deep. 

The point is.... There's no moral code in manifesting obviously. At one point manifesting a slave into your life was considered not only right, but a trend in the United States. You weren't cool unless you had one (smh). And is now thought to be wrong. Only God can judge? That's funny cause you and I do it every day. If what you think your doing is wrong, you'll be treated accordingly with your manifestations. But if you feel like it's right, you'll be rewarded with more. 

Meditation vs Manifesting


To me meditation is everything. By now we all should be under the understanding that thoughts become things. Every invention out there has one thing in common. They all began as a thought. So whether your thinking about a future expectation, or reliving a past event your definitely contributing to your future. Literally shaping your future outcomes. But God's plan is bigger and better than yours. And if your manifesting whether your thinking about the past or the future, then the only way to let his plan unfold is to stay present. That's why every single thought you have ends by something pulling you back to this moment. This is where your supposed to be. 

If you try to meditate right now it will only last seconds. Then a seemingly random thought will creep in. Play it out the way you want it to end. Enjoy it and feel it. Then clear your mind. Get back to your breathing or whatever it is you use to stay present. I'm not knocking manifesting. The thoughts are going to come in. Some more frequent than others depending on whats going on in your life. So keep the drama limited if not non existent. But the thoughts are going to come in. Except them. That's just how it is. I actually have more fun manifesting than meditating. I'm real good at it and so are you. Look around you and you'll see exactly what you've been manifesting into your life. And if you got mad at that last sentence then change what your focusing on. *Remember, whether your focusing on debt or not having debt, your still giving debt your attention and it will grow. Mother Teresa would never attend an anti-war rally. She was more than willing to attend a peace rally, but nothing with war in the name. 

Manifesting can get tricky though. Picturing yourself in and owning the car of your dreams will only last seconds before your subconscious kicks in and picks that dream apart with questions like "how much does that cost", and statements like "you don't really have that car right now." Don't get mad. Your subconscious is just doing it's job. It's waking you up from your daydream to return you to this moment. You're going to rotate between meditating and manifesting your whole life. You have to control it and let go at the same time and never obsess. If you spent barely any of your time today meditating, then thats just how it was meant to me. And to argue with that is to argue with Gods plan. O, and never make meditation a chore. Boredom is not natural. It was developed over time when man got so spoiled with things to do that he didn't know what to do with himself when he had free time. Me personally, I cannot get bored anymore. I enjoy my free time because I already know what im going to do. Meditate and manifest. And I suggest you adapt, and do the same.

Shown if not proven


What do you mean when you say that what ever we ask for we'll be shown if not proven that we can't have it?


I always say that you will be proven if not shown that you cannot have your wish. And how you react to that will determine if you get it, and how fast you get it. Will you cry about it and give up, or will you stand up an say NO!?

I'll use an extreme example and let you apply it to your life's circumstances. You get a lottery ticket from the store. Your goal, win the lottery. The numbers come up, and they don't match your ticket. Your first thought, "I'll get it next time". Depending on how big your wish, you'll either be shown or proven that you cannot have it. And what better proof do you have that you didn't win then a losing lottery ticket. The universe and God just showed you that you cannot have your wish. But wait.... Your objective is to win the lottery, and don't you still have a chance? The game isn't over is it? What would happen if you said "NO". I've won already so this can't be true. I refuse to believe that i've lost. I am a lottery winner. For one you'd be sending out a totally different signal to the universe than the normal "I'll get it next time". Because "I'll get it next time" only manifest more situations where you end up saying "I'll get it next time" which is losing. Mark 11:24 Whatever you wish for, believe that you have it, and it will be yours. It'll take time, and a huge amount of faith but like I always say, your asking God for the assistance. And this is cake work for him :-)

Now think about a time in your life where you were shown in one way shape or form that you couldn't have something that you wanted whether it be an experience or object. What did you do? Did you give up? And what about the times that you said "No" and refused to take no for an answer. It worked out didn't it. It'll always work out for you until you give up. You have to be willing to die for it. Me personally I get excited when I hit a road block in an objective. This means that I am being tested and I am closer than I've ever been to getting that specific experience. And since I know how to pass this test with ease, it's cake work for me now. It could take you a while to get to this comfortability level depending on your mental discipline. But that's why I create these pages. So you don't have to meditate for years to get the answers like I did. This way of thinking installs an uncanny level of confidence, and a smile when you get bad news. Honestly you can't beat that. I promote all positivity all day every day, as much as humanly possible. Why would you have it any other way. 

Unanswered prayers



How can you explain the billions of prayers that don't go answered every day?

Facebook live stream answer


Point blank you have to be ready to die for it and don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. Not your wife, your kids, and most importantly yourself. You have to know that it's going to work out and that your willing to die trying. And God (or the Universe) doesn't want you to actually die for it. He just wants to know that you are willing to, and that you believe in your success that much. Once you've convinced him of that, your dream will come swiftly and painlessly. You can tell the person next to you that you are completely confident that your plan will work out or your business will succeed and still have doubt. But you can't fool God. No matter how good of an actor you are you cannot trick God. Some people can even trick themselves into believing something but not God. God is the universe and everything in it. He knows every single thought you've ever had inside and out. All of your assessments about every situation and every person you've ever thought about. He knows. So when your trying to convince yourself, God, and the people around you that your confident in your success, God knows the truth. God has his own formulated opinion about how far you will go for that dream. And your not getting your dream until he is fully convinced that you're willing to die for it. Your in it for the long haul. Not that your going to give up on it like most dreams people have. Or shut down shop to cut your losses. Cause lets face it, thats what usually happens. People concentrate on back up plans and closing down shop for weeks before they actually close their business. Then when they have to actually close their business, there mad and wondering why. You weren't ready to fight for this till your death. Obviously! You've already given up on that dream. So like I said, you can't trick God by saying i'll die for this.

A thought is just the words we use to describe our emotions. So in actuality, the emotion is what is being sent out to the universe every time we have a thought. And emotions are complex. There full of good and bad vibes that are based on, not some, but all of our past experiences. God speaks emotions. When someone ask you how you feel about a specific person and you say "I like them", there are literally millions of levels of what you like and dislike about that person. Experiences you've shared with them both good and bad make you draw conclusions about them and assumptions about possible future experiences involving them. Your true full thoughts on this person cannot be properly summed up with words but easily summed up with emotion which is a language that can only be fully received by God. He knows, in full detail, every emotion you've ever thought about this person and how strong each good and bad emotion you've had was. The same goes for a failed business. 

Think of it like this: As God or The Universe you could see and feel John Doe's every thought and feeling about his business adventure since he first said I'm going to have my own business when he was 8 years old up until now. And the only way you will approve his success is if you are completely satisfied overall that he wants this so bad that he won't ever give up. He'd die first. Then once your convinced that he's that dedicated, you push the "approve" button and it's done. However, until that point, you cannot hit the approve button. No matter how much he tells you, his family, business partners, himself, and friends that he is 100% convinced it'll work out, you cannot push that approve button until your convinced. Especially since 99.9% of dreams are given up on. Even dreams of getting a pony, as a child, have at least a little weight in our life's failure category. True it's way in the back of our minds but your subconscious factors in every single experience you've ever had and how it made you feel. 

All of the thoughts, and "watering the seed" that you do before getting your dream will either bring that dream closer to you, or push it further away. Patience is one of the biggest test. Negative thoughts or "I'm going to have" thoughts will delay your dream pushing it further away. Circumstances will not stand still. You are either attracting your dream toward you or pushing it away (doubt), no in between. When time is passing you by and your wondering "why is this not working yet? Am I doing something wrong?" your dream seems more and more unobtainable. And that right there is the test. How much can you put yourself through and still hold faith that your going to be successful. Don't ever use the words, "I'm going to", or "I will". Those are failure phrases. If your thinking "I love my success", then God will give you more success so that you will think "I love my success" again. It's the 3rd law of motion (Science), mixed with Mark 11:24 (Biblical). A friend of mine was describing an experience of hers that lasted years. She said "I wanted that to end so bad, every day". Instantly I thought to myself, "thats the key". If all you can think about is "I want that to end", in order for the universe to use the 3rd law of motion you will think that same thought again. And in order for you to think "I want that to end", the pain must still exist. The Universe/God has to keep that pain in your life in order to complete the 3rd law of motion. That is why I do not like the phrases "I'm going to", or "I will". Think about it like this, if your job is to make history repeat itself, and someone says "I'm going to have that Lamborghini one day", you cannot give them that car. If you did, they would not repeat "I'm going to have that Lamborghini one day" would they? They'd be saying "Thank you for the Lamborghini" and that's not history repeating itself. That's a violation of a law as solid as the law of gravity. 

Here's an easy way to see things. When you have a dream you can see it as clear as a picture. Then it's broken up into millions of little puzzle pieces as it's sent out across the universe. Every positive confident thought you have brings a puzzle piece back into its place. Every negative thought takes a puzzle piece away. Add 10 pieces, take away 10 pieces. You could be at this for years at this rate smh. And the bigger the dream, the bigger the puzzle. Once all the pieces are in place, God will know your ready, and you will live that pretty picture. So it's completely up to you. Having a dream (which is a thought) is like planting a seed. Water it with positive thoughts.

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"Watering Seeds"



What do you mean when you say "Watering the seed"?

Facebook live stream answer


Everything in life starts with a seed. Babies, plants, ideas, etc. When I talk about "watering the seed" I'm referring to the seed planted when you first have a new thought or idea. Careers for example. The first time you think to yourself "I want to be a ________", a seed has been planted. You can either water that seed with positivity, or negativity. There is no in between. Each thought you have about that seed/career is clouded with everything you know about that career and how others, who have attempted to get that, have done. Every statistic about that career, and everything you've ever done that has anything to do with that career literally shapes the emotions that accompany that thoughts about it. Those thoughts get sent out throughout the universe and "water the seed" that was initially planted. What you water the seed with will always undoubtably determine the outcome.

Advertising for example: A burger commercial comes on TV. I look at that cheeseburger and say "I want that cheeseburger". I know that I currently can afford that cheeseburger. I know with all my might that it wouldn't be that big of a struggle to obtain it. In fact, I'm so confident that I can say that the cheeseburger is already mine. I've gotten so many of them in the past that this one is nothing. Then it comes to me easily, and I'm not surprised. I have uncanny confidence about this point and that's why it comes to me so easy. 

Now, if I was to see a doctor on TV and say "I want to become a doctor", that would not at all be the same. My judgement about that is completely clouded. Time, effort, school work, "ain't nobody got time for that (lol)". Studying, memorizing, test scores, am I up for that? I'm no spring chicken either! All those hours studying, then after graduation working long hours, I'd rather be with my family..... All those things and more instantly pop into my mind. So no matter how confident I sound when I sit here and say "I'm gonna become a doctor", the thoughts I'm sending out (the watering of the seed) is clouded with doubt. So what am I really watering the seed with. Negativity. Only the strong survive. Those who knew they could do it, and were ready to die for it, are the ones who made it. 60,000 thoughts a day for however many years it takes to become a doctor is a lot of watering of that seed. Some of them might not seem that confident, but deep down inside they knew it all along. And they made it. 

Every single thought you have is either planting a seed or watering one. Mostly watering. What seeds will you water today?

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Why are we forced away?


When trying to meditate and stay present, or when talking to God, why is our attention forced in other directions. Why do we lose focus so fast?


The other day while doing my mental work I noticed an uncanny commonality between to very important topics. 

1. When you attempt to meditate and clear your mind of all thoughts it's not long before a "seemingly" random thought pops into your head. If you're not discipline enough you'll actually allow it to play out for a few seconds before you catch it, realize that that's the total opposite of what you're attempting to do (meditate), and clear your mind/restart again. 
    *I say seemingly because it's a proven fact that the "random" thoughts that pop into your head aren't random at all. The brain is a muscle. It has muscle memory and it will throw at you whatever thoughts it's use to throwing at you. 

2. If you talk to God (or whoever you believe created you and is creating the world around you as you go) that conversation will last the same amount of time as attempting to clear your mind during meditation. You'll either get ashamed for some reason, you'll feel like you're being disrespectful for speaking directly to him, or you'll think something that you feel guilty for thinking while conversating directly to him, etc the list goes on. But the fact of the matter is that as soon as you begin to think about the disrespect, or guilt, etc. you're no longer in a conversation with God. You are now debating with yourself. 
Try it! 

Right now look up at God, block everything else out of you life and mind, and say "Hi". Most people on the planet do not spend a lot of time speaking directly with God (only when they need something or are preying for something) so this new practice of just "catching up" seems foreign. Most people will feel immediately like a peasant in medieval times would feel talking to a king. You almost want to look at the ground in shame as if you're not good enough to be speaking directly to God and you instinctively want to say as little as possible. Part of that is because God is such a mystery to humans and we don't want to do or say something wrong. Everyone knows that no matter how religious you are if you were to be put into a room with God you wouldn't know what to say and how to act because you're religion could have gotten the whole thing wrong. As long as that's a possibility, its a fear no matter how deep rooted it is. Most people are born into a religion and just stay there cause people naturally hate change. Especially in a core/life long belief. Nobody wants to find out that they've been wrong their whole life. People will avoid that shock to the system at all cost. More people have died on this planet over religion than any other subject. 

Because of all these reasons (and many more) talking directly to God stirs up so many different types of emotions that within a few seconds you're no longer talking to him. You're over analyzing yourself. Once you've realized that you've totally abandoned the conversation you can easily jump back in but the same thing will happen repeatedly after a few seconds.

My thing is this.... Thoughts become things. This has already been proven scientifically. You can argue that science isn't everything, but the things that science has proven to exist like gravity, the 3rd law of motion, etc. you'd be stupid to deny. Jump in the air and you'll come back down in the right gravity ie. Earth's gravity. And what you focus on the most in your life will grow in your life. 

Everything in life has 2 sides. Opposites. The future has the past, tall has short, male has female. Even an atom has a top and a bottom. Everything has duality except time. The future's opposite is the past but the present is something of its own. It has no opposite. So when you're thinking about future events, you're manifesting like events into your future. When you're thinking about past events, you're manifesting like event's into your future. But when you're present, that's when you're letting God's plan unfold. And God's plan for you is way bigger than you could ever imagine. That's one of the few things that all religions have in common. To be present is to let God's plan unfold.

So staying present is a direct connection with God. And talking directly to God like he/she (whichever you prefer) is actually standing on the other side of your roof listening is obviously a direct connection with God. And in doing both you are forced/pulled away within seconds and lead elsewhere. Now there are some monks who can hold the meditation connection for longer periods of time. The brain is a muscle, as I mentioned earlier, and it can be conditioned to do things for longer periods of time with practice. And it will grow weaker without practice. Like the old saying goes "a body in motion stays in motion". That's referring to muscle memory. So those monks are conditioned to hold the "stillness" for longer but rest assure the the "random" thoughts popping into their heads are still coming they're just less frequent. And they're just being identified and shooed away like an annoying bug quicker and with more ease due directly to the monk's practice and discipline.

I don't believe in coincidence. I never did even as a child. And these 2 being linked together in so many different ways is simply too much for me to ignore. And you shouldn't either. 
I'll be investigating further. And you know I'll keep you posted. ​

Table of contents

Patience is key!



I know patience is important, but why do you say it's the key?


Why do you put so much emphasis on patients? Why would waiting be the key to anything?

In my journey to find the answers to life's mysteries I choose the things every human has in common and dissect that. A perfect example of this is when I was obsessed with finding a blueprint to solving any problem. With patience, I decided to look further into "waiting". No matter who you are when you ask the universe for something there is at least a small amount of waiting. If you're sitting at the dinner table and you want a bite of food you first have to wait until your hand can bring it to your mouth. If you're at a restaurant and you order food, you have to wait for it to get to you. Same goes for ordering a package that needs to be shipped. Anything you ask God/The Universe for, your going to have to wait at least a little bit no matter who you are. Larger orders (by the orderers standards) seem to take longer. Thus the quote "to whom much is given, much is tested" (tested = time + experiences). This unanimousness sparked my interest. What better way for God to test someones faith than to make them wait. As people, when we want something we want it right now. We may be comfortable with waiting for it but the essence of wanting involves a certain degree of haste. 

I was counseling a child who was very impatient and mentally punished himself for not getting what he wanted that day. There were several items of interest, but for this story i'll just use the cell phone. Every day that he didn't get a cell phone he would say phrases like "I'm never going to get a cell phone" and "I never do anything right" repeatedly. You know me! As soon as I hear this I had to introduce him to the whole "thoughts become things" part of my philosophy. I explained to him that if he says "i'm never going to get a cell phone" then the Universe or God will do whatever it/he has to to make him say that exact sentence again. Which means it/he cannot give the boy a cell phone. If it/he did, then the boy wouldn't be saying "I'm never going to get a cell phone" again, which would be in violation of the 3rd law of motion. After seeing the look on his face I decided to break it down further in a simpler format. 

I asked the boy if at the end of every day he felt like God had let him down that day by not giving him his phone. He shamingly shook his head saying yes. He said it felt like God was saying to him "you can't have that today". I explained to him that as adults, we do the same thing. Nobody is going to say it out loud but it happens to the best of us. That thought process just needs to be recognized immediately and discarded. Then I told him a true story about a pair of glasses I wanted. In October of 2012 I fell in love with a pair of glasses on sight but I refused to pay the outrageous price tag on them. Plus I was still testing out how to manifest things for free. Anyway, I told him that on October 1st when I went to sleep a small part of me felt like God was saying "you can't have those today". And in all actuality he was. That's obvious cause I didn't have the glasses yet. Anyway, I followed all the steps. I placed my order with the universe, I used Mark 11:24 format while meditating on the glasses, etc. but I still was not receiving them. October 2nd, the same thing "you can't have those today". October 3rd, same thing. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years passed, "you can't have those today". At the end of every single day from October till March (over 150 days) a small part of me heard God say "you can't have those today". I felt like I was doing something wrong. But I kept my faith and knew that no matter what, I would have those glasses. Sure enough, in March 2013, there were mine without a penny out of pocket. Now those days of feeling let down are gone. Now every day God is obviously saying to me "you can have those today" cause there here. 150+ days of "you can't have those today" in exchange for the rest of my life hearing "you can have those today". Faith is key, but patients is the ultimate test of faith. I mention this on my other pages, some people dream of a house, some people dream of having a pony. And at one point that dream fades away and is no longer important to you anymore. You no longer water that seed with thought. Thats called giving up over time. We all do it. Time passes, we tell ourselves "if it hasn't happened by now, then it never will" and we move on to another goal or dream. Had we just held on, and been willing to hold onto that dream forever, we would be given it immediately without having to wait forever. *And to the person reading this, if you gave up on something, you cant say that you were in it, completely full of faith, and committed to it for life no matter what. You obviously weren't cause something caused you to gave up. 

*Patients is the only control vessel when it comes to wanting something obsessively. 

I recently completed an experiment. And when I have a 100% success ratio I'll post it online. This experiment I call "Waiting for the mail"
I order online a lot and I noticed a pattern. When I obsessed over a package's arrival it would take twice as long to get to me. I always say "whatever you chase will run from you" (it's the opposite and equal reaction). So I chose to keep tabs on my next 20 items purchased, that need to be shipped. Unanimously when I let the package just come to me it came quicker and pleasantly unexpectedly. For example, package #19 was ordered from China recently. I knew from my previous experiences that it would take at least 10 days to get to me. So I put it out of my mind and tried to kinda forget about it. It arrived at my house 4 days after I ordered. Package #20 was ordered from the same location and company. On day 4 I sat there like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for my package. Every day since, except Sundays, I've met the mailman outside cause this package is important. I'm now on day 13. The tracking number says it's in a processing center in NY somewhere. This theory was 100% accurate for all 20 packages. The ones I obsessed over took the longest, some not even making it, being returned to sender accidentally, etc. The ones I let slip out of my mind came seemingly overnight. Package #19 was a miracle. I've never ordered from China and had it arrive anywhere close to 4 days. My ladybird took 14 days. It can get difficult to get it out of your head depending on the importance and anticipation of the package. But you gotta try. Nobody likes waiting for something they really want, especially when you know it's on it's way. And being let down by the mailman daily STINKS!!!! lol smh

Defeating your mind



A lot of times when I try to think a certain way, it seems hard if not impossible because I've been let down so much in life and I've learned to just expect less. And without being able to believe in certain ideas, I cannot manifest a better future. Any suggestion on how to combat this?


First, don't try to combat anything that the body is doing naturally. Your subconscious is doing what it does because that is what it is programmed to do. But as far as using the word impossible, stop it! All day long I talk to people who want better and when I explain to them that they have to have faith that it will get better, they say it's impossible. I try to get someone to see their spouse being a better person and they say "That ain't gonna happen". The same goes for people with jerk off supervisors. I try to get them on a positive note to produce more positive and they say "you can forget that". A lot of time, when someone is that far gone, I have to say "well then what are you talking to me for. You're already convinced that it will never get better, and what I say isn't going to change your negative opinion so what are we doing here." It's a shame that I have to but sometimes it takes me saying that to get through to them. 

My whole thing is that I'm trying to connect people with God in a way that they've never known before. I mean beyond best friends. God to me is like my older twin brother who lives inside of me. My life has dramatically changed for the better since I first began to see it this way and I win at practically everything I do. I lead by example and will never go back to any old ways of thinking. Oprah refers to God like a parrot on her shoulder. Every decision she makes is with him. No activity is done alone. I want you to see God this way so that when you go to him for help, you think to yourself that he can move mountains. And he wants to move them for you. You just gotta know how to ask. When you adapt this mentality anything is possible. Things like getting your spouse to be more of a spouse and getting your supervisor to end his personal vendetta against you seem like less than child's play and well within the realm of reach. So the next time myself or someone suggest you have faith in things changing for the better don't lead off with "o that will never happen" or "you can forget about that happening". Your only other option is to stay negative about it. Let me know how that works out for you. You have the ultimate power at your side. God wants you to have everything you've ever wanted more than you do. Have faith and let him give them to you. Stay present.

And by the way, why are most supervisors assholes? If you're a supervisor, or you know one, check yourselves. Don't get a little bit of power and become assholes. Of course, do your job, by all means. But personal vendetta's, racism, etc. leave that stuff at home. If you made a pass at female, and she refused, be happy you still got your job. Don't treat her like dirt from now on. That's just not cool.

Birth defects, etc.



A friend once asked me "From a mothers stand point, how do you explain a little girl thats' born with 1 arm? How did she manifest that in the womb before she even knew what an arm was? And why would she do such a thing?"


Some of life's questions i do not know the answer to. Not yet ;-) but just like i always say, she wrote that story. Way before she was even born, she wrote that story. Why, we may never know. Everything experience in life exist to be learned from. Maybe it was to make the people in her life stronger, maybe to prepare them for something big, i don't know (Same applies to an infant dying). Maybe the people in her life needed a hard lesson in learning to except things, or appreciate things, like i said, i don't know. but i can tell you this... i know it was meant to be this way. How do i know that, why am i so sure? Because thats how it is. Plain and simple. The reason for it is something we might not ever know so why dwell on it. The little girl is alive and breathing and instead of focusing on that your spending your time asking a pointless question, "Why is she like that?". There's a reason for everything and i can guarantee God didn't send that little girl to us with one arm so her parents can focus on the negative ("Why she gotta be this, and why she gotta do that"). God works in mysterious ways but we as people don't. The only way to get people to learn a lesson is through pain. It could be through watching someone else's pain and learning, or experiencing the pain personally. That's the whole reason you put your kids in time out, and the whole reason prisons exist. Punishment to learn a lesson. Shit happens for a reason... to learn from it. Either learn, or get leaned on harder and harder until you learn. Kanye West said in a song that he got arrested until he got the message. Oprah says that God will whisper in your ear. And if you don't listen he'll hit you over the head with a brick. And if you still don't listen he'll bring the whole brick wall crashing down on you. The greats talk about it and live by it and they are heavily rewarded for it with the thing we all want the most in this life. Financial security. You could be happily married with 2 kids, but if you live in a cardboard box in Jersey during the winter time, life is gonna suck. Keep it real! And i say that because a lot of skeptics will say, after that last sentence, "money isn't everything, you don't need money to be happy". There not being real. If someone starts on that BS tell them to give all there money away. Every penny, and see If they're happy when their wife's looking at them like they're crazy and their kids want to know why they have to eat at a homeless shelter. But back to the question that was asked. Manifesting a cheeseburger into you life effects mostly just you (for example). So lets call that a "one part manifestation". Manifesting a child into your life would effect hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of people between their birth and their death. But lets just focus on the close family members. I would love to see the mother face when I ask her how many times in her life did she worry about something being wrong with her child. From the time she even knew she wanted to have a baby until the child was born, what percentage of her thoughts about this child were positive vs negative. Of course she'll get pissed off and want to curse me out almost instantly but lets have another "real" moment. Thoughts become things. Weather you focus on debt, or not having debt, your giving you attention to debt thus creating more debt. Floyd Mayweather -weather you come to see me win, or come to see me lose, your coming to see me. 50 Cent -I need you to hate me, so i can use you for your energy. Mayweather and 50 Cent know that your focus on them, win or lose, will cause them to grow. They know that and use it extensively. The Government says "The study of poverty brings poverty". Now lets switch gears a little, stay with me lol. How many of us watch a movie or TV show and find ourselves running those same scenarios later that night but with us in them. All of us, it's human nature. Some of these scenarios, while being ran, seem so real they raise your body temperature and blood pressure. And some we keep running over and over again. What signal are you sending out to the universe. What are you manifesting into your future. And remember, thoughts are just words that you put together to describe your emotions. So your not sending the thought of a robot alien eating your children, for example, out to the universe to be manifested into your future. Your sending the feeling of hopelessness and failure out to the universe to be returned (3rd law of motion) and felt again. So back to the Mom. The years leading up to the pregnancy where you thinking, why can't I get pregnant, I hate my body, I hate myself, what if somethings wrong with my baby? What movies did you watch. Every single thought you've ever had about this baby plays into the equation. And the same applies to the baby's father, grandparents, siblings, etc. That little girl is not just her mothers manifestation. Her grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. manifested her into their lives as well. Collective energy is real. Science can prove that already, I don't need to get into things that can be proven already. I already know that most people won't own up to or entertain anything I just said if they were in that scenario. And thats cool. But anyone who can read, and has read my philosophy page, knows that this stuff is good, and it's true. And the reason it's so good is because it applies to all situations. Not all situations except for newborn babies, ALL SITUATIONS period. Every single thing that has ever happened to you in your life you learned a little something from it. And even if you don't believe that thoughts become things, you have to believe that God put that little girl here with one arm for a reason. Learn from it. There's only 2 ways to go, positive or negative. Learn something positive, or don't...*Note to this fictional Mom: And by the way, out of all my teachings, and everything my writings has done for you, me, and everyone else it helps daily thats your question? "Why it gotta be like that" (in my nagging complaining voice). Instead of embracing this new way to greatly reduce your stress level and change your life and the lives of everyone around you and your future generations, the only thing you have to say is "why it gotta be like that". If you've been a pessimist like this your whole life, which you probably have, then there's no wonder the negative has grown to this extent in your life. Thats the seed you've been watering for years. Switch it up! If not for you, do it for your family. Thats what I love about my philosophy, either agree with it and be positive, or stay negative. Let me know how that works out for you. Remember, you cannot except half of this philosophy. It all connects in perfect harmony.​